A Bloody Lucky Day – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

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Episode 5 of A Bloody Lucky Day starts with a quick look into Hyuk-soo choosing to take Oh Taxi. It seems like it was not a coincidence, but he deliberately chose to ride this taxi and ignored taking another one. Back to where we left off, with Hyuk-soo calling Oh Taek and asking him to meet up, Oh Taek decides to delay the police by sending the search party, including Joong-min and his partner, to a different location. Oh Taek calls his wife and learns that their daughter is missing. She has reported it to the police, but they say it is too early to start searching. Mi-Rim tells Oh Taek that Seung-mi had bought a taser and the package was just delivered to her house, and she wonders if she is in danger. 

While Oh Taek tries to find a way out of the police station, Soon-kyu arrives accompanied by other police officers. When she introduces herself to Oh Taek, he remembers Hyuk-soo telling him about his role in Yoon-ho’s death. Soon-kyu breaks down since her assumptions have been confirmed that her son did not kill himself, but Hyuk-soo is responsible for his death. Oh Taek finds a chance and slips out of the police station. Soon-kyu notices that something is wrong and goes after him. Meanwhile, Hyuk-soo got a call and had to be at the port at 5 am. 

Soon, Kyu catches up to Oh Taek, and he tells her about his predicament. She tries to make him not go after Hyuk-soo alone and not trust him, but Oh Taek thinks he might have a chance to save his daughter. Hyuk-soo took Oh Taek’s taxi on purpose, and he already had abducted his daughter to blackmail him. Since Oh Taek refuses to let the police in, Soon-kyu asks him to let her join, but he soon ditches her and drives away with her phone and truck. 

The lady who helped Oh Taek with his phone had told him that his son was a police officer. The officer arrives home and is spooked by the dead dog outside. Inside the house, he finds his mother lying on the floor dead and knows that there is an intruder in the house. The police officer is more skilled than Hyuk-soo, and he almost kills him, but Oh Taek arrives begging for his life. Oh Taek stands by and lets Hyuk-soo kill the police officer. 

Hyuk-soo tells Oh Taek that he kidnapped Seung-mi and was to kill her the morning before he boarded his taxi, but she told him that her father would find her. She believed that her father would do anything for her and her brother, which gave Hyuk-soo an intriguing thought to bet with Seung-mi. He decides to board Oh Taek’s taxi to Mokpo, and after arriving, he plans to tell Oh Taek about his daughter. If he agrees to die for her sake, Hyuk-soo will call the police and tell them Seung-mi’s location. Oh Taek dares Hyuk-soo to shoot him if it means that Seung-mi will be safe. 

Hyuk-soo gives Oh Taek 88 minutes to smuggle him out, and he will tell him where to find his daughter. There are police checks all over the island, and Hyuk-soo is on the hot list, so Oh Taek disguises himself as the dead police car and drives off in the patrol car. Coincidentally, Soon-kyu arrives at the location just as Oh Taek is driving out of the homestead and notices Hyuk-soo seated at the back. She takes note of the vehicle’s registration number and follows them. Hyuk-soo has to get his suitcase, and Oh Taek takes a diversion. Mi-rim frantically looks for Seung-mi elsewhere by calling all her friends, schoolmates, and colleagues. She learns that Seung-mi had a boyfriend whose last name resembles Hyuk-soo’s, Geum. 

Oh Taek asks Hyuk-soo why he chose to abduct his daughter. Hyuk-soo starts telling the story, and in a flashback, Hyuk-soo first sees Seung-mi at the funeral of Yoon-ho. He started following her, and Seung-mi thought that it was destiny that she had run into him several times. He started dating Seung-mi to break her kindness, but the more they spent time together, the more he changed his mind and wanted to toy with her forever. However, his murder instincts would not dissipate, so he had to kill other people instead of Seung-mi. That is how he started the fire at the restaurant in Goshiwon. However, Yi-deun appeared out of nowhere, and he had to kill him. 

Seung-mi has noticed something about Hyuk-soo because he finds his book with all the pictures misplaced when he returns home. She had told Yi-deun about it, and he had followed him. Seung-mi tried to destroy him, but luck was on his side, and he killed Yi-deun at the hospital. Meanwhile, the police continued to track down Hyuk-soo. They noticed he had walked from the hospital for over a kilometre and stood around at the intersection for over 30 minutes like he was waiting for something. They theorise that Hyuk-soo took the taxi on purpose. Joong-min learns that Oh Taek has left the precinct and heads back to the station. Ji-eun calls Mi-rim about Oh Taek, but she asks if they found her daughter. Ji-eum is holding a picture of Seung-mi they found at Hyuk-soo’s house. 

Joong-min comes across Oh Taek and the police car on the road and asks them to move it since he thinks it is a police officer. Soon-kyu arrives at a police checkpoint and tells them about Hyuk-so escaping in a police car. Joon-min remembers the number plate of the police car they just saw and asks the officers to look for it. A chase ensues, and Oh Taek manages to dodge the police. 

Soon-kyu calls Joong-min and tells him that Oh Taek has her phone. The police cannot track the phone, but Joong-min texts Oh Taek, asking him to hand over Hyuk-soo and they will make sure Seung-mi returns home safely. They know that Hyuk-soo kidnapped her daughter and is using her to blackmail Oh Taek. Meanwhile, Oh Taek steals another car, and while moving the heavy suitcase into the new car, a thought crosses his mind when his friend tells him about a killer transporting bodies in suitcases. He thinks Seung-mi might be in the suitcase and insists that Hyuk-soo opens it or he will not help him get to Mokpo. Hyuk-soo gives him the combination, and the episode ends after Oh Taek opens it, and a look of horror is seen on his face. 

The Episode Review

The fact that Hyuk-soo deliberately chose Oh Taek’s taxi adds a twist to the story since Oh Taek now has a more complicated choice with his daughter’s life at stake. However, it is so frustrating seeing him helpless, especially when he lets Hyuk-soo kill the police officer. Oh Taek is proving resourceful and is a character to root for in the series. Soon-kyu continues to play her informant role since she is always one step ahead of the police.

Oh Taek’s wife is becoming another interesting character since she managed to crack the connection between her daughter and Hyuk-soo before the audience, even though there could be any relationship. Seung-min’s life is still on the line, and in this episode, we see that he is willing to watch Hyuk-soo kill someone else, escape from the police, and steal cars to save her life. Will he be able to save his daughter? What do you think he found in the suitcase? Let us find out in the next episode of A Bloody Lucky Day. 

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