Abbott Elementary – Season 2 Episode 2 “Wrong Delivery” Recap & Review

Wrong Delivery

In Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 2, Abbott receives a delivery of new books meant for the neighboring charter school, Addington Elementary. As all the teachers have been curious about seeing Addington for a while, they decide to pay a visit together to return the books.

It’s pretty astounding to them what they find. At Addington, they have so many resources; everything is up-to-date. The kids even have a computer lab. And… Melissa’s hated sister works there?

The Abbott teachers are jealous, but Janine insists the Abbott is just as good as Addington. Still, she wants to make the students feel just as special. So she proposes they redirect their limited grant funds away from basic necessities like cleaning supplies and toward a computer for the library.

Ava can tell that the faculty all disagree on how to allot the funds, so she organizes a panel of “sharks” to listen to their presentations and decide how the money should be spent.

Meanwhile, Gregory is avoiding Barbara like the plague. He wants to break up with her daughter, Taylor, but doesn’t want Barbara to be angry with him. Jacob convinces him to “peter out” in his relationship with Taylor so things can resolve themselves.

Janine rehearses her presentation for the shark tank in front of Gregory. He advises her to limit the theatrics, and she thanks him. She says that’s why she came to him–he’s honest. Gregory realizes she’s right. He is honest. And why should he change that?

Finally, he decides to talk to Barbara and tell her the truth about his relationship with her daughter. However, Barbara lets it slip first that Taylor is planning on breaking up with him. All along, she’s been the one to “peter out” in their relationship.

The faculty give their presentations to Ava and her panel. The cafeteria workers want a better kitchen. The coach wants better gym equipment. But Janine gives the flashiest presentation and ends up winning the grant money.

But as she celebrates, she’s interrupted by students causing a scene in the cafeteria. All the teachers rush in to find the place overrun by mice. It looks like the grant money is going to have to pay for an exterminator.

Janine is heartbroken. She just wanted to make the kids feel like they were special, like the Addington kids get to feel like every day. This gives Ava an idea.

Abbott won’t have much money left over after taking care of the infestation, but they will have enough to get the kids something they’ll really enjoy. So, with the leftover money, they rent a water-ice truck. The kids love it.

While everyone enjoys the treat, Jacob tells Janine about Gregory and Taylor’s breakup. Janine grabs Gregory some water ice. He thanks her and tells her he’s going to be okay.

The Episode Review

Already Abbott is getting back into the flow of regular school days (at least, as much as is possible with a principal like Ava). As such, this episode conveys too-saccharine feel–but doesn’t at all lose the comedy mockumentary’s characteristic charm.

Janine’s journey to accepting what makes Abbott different from Addington (as well as the challenges that status poses) challenges the real state of school systems–even if her arc ultimately ends somewhere warm and comforting.

In the end, Abbott Elementary is still a comfort watch. As for myself, I’ll be most comforted when Gregory and Janine finally wake up and realize what’s right in front of them.

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