Abbott Elementary – Season 2 Episode 18 “Teacher Appreciation” Recap & Review

Teacher Appreciation

In Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 18, it’s teacher appreciation week at Abbott Elementary. The teachers are upset they have never received anything from the district–until this year. 

The district provides Abbott courtside seats to the Philadelphia 76ers. The downside? There are only two tickets.

Ava decides to hand out ballots for teachers to vote on whom they think should get the tickets. They all end up attacking each other and fighting over who deserves them. In the end, they all vote for Mr. Johnson, having all assumed he wouldn’t win.

Janine’s sister Ayesha visits, so Janine plans things for them to do together. Ayesha made her own plans for the first night however, and she leaves Janine for her other friends.

The next day, Janine plans a game night for Ayesha. But during the games, she vents to her about how she abandons people, and Ayesha leaves. Janine goes after her to continue the fight and accuse her of leaving when things get hard.

Ayesha tells her she doesn’t know how hard it was for her growing up. She never had it together  like Janine was, and their mom was disappointed in her. She left because she couldn’t handle it. Janine finally understands why Ayesha left their mom. But she admits it felt like Ayesha abandoned her too.

Eventually, they return to the game night. And later, Ayesha stops by Abbott to see Janine’s classroom. They haven’t totally resolved their differences, but it looks like they are willing to move forward.

The teachers are too, and they apologize to each other for going after each other instead of helping each other.

When Barbara gets a late teacher’s appreciation gift from one of her students, she stops and reminds herself why she’s still here; the wonderful teachers and students at Abbott.

But all the wonderful things about Abbott could soon change. The episode ends with Ava receiving a notice that a petition to change Abbott into a Legendary Charter School will be coming before the school board.

The Episode Review

Finally we get to see the strained dynamic between Janine and her sister play out in person. As expected, Ayo Edebiri is perfect as Ayesha. The game night scene did strong work laying a foundation for their relationship to recover. 

That was a nice juxtaposition at the end of the episode between all the teachers realizing what makes Abbott special and Ava getting the notice that Legendary Charter Schools seek to threaten all of it. I’m looking forward to the real drama between Abbott and Legendary beginning.

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