9-1-1 – Season 7 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

All Fall Down 

Episode 10 of 9-1-1 season 7  picks up where we left off, with Bobby fainting right after saving Athena from their burning home. He is rushed to the hospital, and we learn he suffered a cardiac arrest and is in critical condition. The doctors are uncertain how long it will take for Bobby to wake up and the extent of the damage to his brain. The doctor is hopeful but warns Athena that she might want to prepare for the worse. 

Elsewhere, Eddie calls Buck to try and straighten things out between him and Christopher. Christopher is extremely disappointed after walking in on his dad kissing a woman who looks exactly like his dead mom. 

What happens between Eddie and Christopher?

Christopher locks himself in the room and refuses to talk to his dad. It is understandable that his dad hurts him and is processing everything that went down. He calls his grandparents and asks to live with them. Eddie is against this but decides it is best to allow Christopher to have a break from him. He asks Buck to try and convince Christopher to stay but the boy is set on moving out.

Ultimately, Eddie says a heartbreaking goodbye to a distant and angry Christopher and promises to be there for him. He also makes sure that Christopher knows he is sorry and that he loves him.

Do Hen & Karen get custody of Mara?

Unfortunately, Hen and Karen are unable to get custody of Mara. The councilwoman is using her power to make the couple’s life a living hell, and sadly, Mara is caught in the crosswire. She blames Hen for her son’s death even though the fire department already cleared Hen of any wrongdoing. Thankfully, Chimney and Maddie get temporary custody of Mara. 

Who burned down Bobby and Athena’s house?

Athena is sure that Amir is to blame and calls Maddie under the pretence of working and asks for Amir’s home address. Athena

confronts him at gunpoint in his house. However, Amir admits he thought about killing Bobby but never acted on it. As they talk, a group of cartel members arrive, and Amir voluntarily gives himself. It dawns on both of them that the cartel is responsible for the arson. On the other hand, the team learns of Bobby’s situation and runs to the hospital. They are shocked to find Athena gone, and after a phone call from Maddie, they worry she is on a revenge path.

Meanwhile, Athena follows the cartel and calls for backup. It turns out that it was not the cartel that came for Amir and Bobby. It was Herman since he blames the two for the death of his grandson. Herman has gone rogue and is acting on his own with a few gang members of the cartel. With back-up 40 minutes out, Athena is forced to take matters into her own hands. 

She secretly gets into the warehouse and sets fire right before Amir is killed. In the confusion, Herman and his men try to escape while Athena saves Amir. The police arrive in time to arrest Herman and take over the case. Amir is grateful that Athena saved him. 

What happens to Bobby?

Bobby makes a full recovery, and everyone is overjoyed to have him back. Amir has a heart-to-heart talk with him and admits that he might never forgive him. However, he is impressed by Bobby’s life mantra of doing better and saving people. He admires that Bobby learns from his mistakes and asks him to reconsider his resignation. 

How does 9-1-1 Season 7 end?

Bobby returns to the fire station and is warmly welcomed by the team. However, the team is shocked to discover that Bobby resigned two weeks ago and that Gerald is their new captain. 

The Episode Review

ABC Studios’ decision to save this show was a great one. Season 7 has given us some of the best storylines, and we can’t wait to see what season 8 has to offer. 

Sadly, Amir lost his wife in that fire, and that is something that Bobby will carry for the rest of his life. Amir is still grieving, but he is no murderer. In fact, he is a better human than all of us because he listened to Bobby’s side and helped pull him from the dark side. Hopefully, Amir can find happiness and heal the emotional wounds he still carries around. He deserves a second shot at love, don’t you agree?

As for Eddie, we can understand where he is coming from. Christopher’s mom was the love of his life, and seeing her doppelganger couldn’t have been easy. We don’t condone what he did, but we get his motives. Unfortunately, he not only hurt Christopher but also broke Marisol’s heart. That gorgeous, kind woman deserves better. It will also take some time for Christopher to calm down. The situation must have triggered a lot of painful memories for him. 

We also have Hen and Karen; once again, the fate of their family hangs in a precarious balance. The councilwoman needs to be publicly called out for abuse of power. We get she is mourning her son and looking for someone to blame but she is taking it too far. She is messing with Mara’s life. That girl has been through hell and back at such a tender age. She finally got some stability and was on the healing path. To rip her away from the family she has come to love is cruel.

Lastly, we can’t wait to see how the team will survive the new captain. They better be ready for the menace Gerald will be!

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