9-1-1 Season 7 Episode 5 Spoilers – How does Buck & Tommy’s date go?

9-1-1 Season 7 is finally here, and the season picked up where we left off in season 6, and the first three episodes of season 7 take us through the life-altering cruise that Athena and Bobby took. Be warned, this article contains spoilers!

9-1-1 Season 7 Episode Episode 4 [Spoilers]

We are still reeling from that Buck and Tommy storyline that came out of nowhere, but we are not complaining. It seems ABC is ready to accommodate our humble request, and we are grateful. Episode 4 started with the team responding to a call at the Bachelor’s mansion and ended with Tommy kissing Buck and setting a date. 

In this episode, Buck seemed hot and bothered about Eddie’s new bestie, Tommy. Initially, we thought he was just jealous and territorial, but we were wrong. It turned out to be more than that; Buck wanted to get Tommy’s attention, but Eddie was outdoing him. By the end of the episode, Buck comes clean, and Tommy takes this chance to kiss him. If you are wondering, we screamed in excitement too ! 

On the other hand, Athena’s son returns home, and it is a sweet reunion until Bobby discovers the real reason for the impromptu visit. Harry was hiding out in Los Angeles to avoid getting arrested for physically assaulting a convenience store manager. Upon investigation, it is revealed that Harry acted out in self-defence, but he is still punished and required to do 100 hours of community service while living under Athena’s care. This means we will be seeing more of him in the upcoming episodes. 

What to expect in episode 5?

According to the teaser for the next episode, Buck and Tommy have their first date. As expected, Buck is nervous and says a couple of wrong things. However, we are more curious about what happens when Marisol and Eddie accidentally gatecrash the date. At least, we hope it was accidental.

How do you think Buck will react? Will he tell Eddie the truth or ruin his date with Tommy? Our bet is that he will “Buck ” the whole thing up and make a mess like always!

At the same time, 118 responds to a strange call about a man who can’t stop slapping himself. The man claims his hand has a mind of its own. 


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Have you seen the preview for episode 5? What are your predictions for this one? Let us know in the comments below!

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