9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 2 ” Crash & Learn” Recap & Review

Crash & Learn

Episode 2 of 9-1-1 Season 6 starts with Athena and Bobby driving to Florida. In the last episode, her parents had an accident. Athena’s dad is in a medically induced coma but luckily her mom is well. Athena tries to step in and be there for both of her parents but her mom makes it difficult. In the end, Bobby is caught in the middle of their heated arguments as he tries to de-escalate the situation. 

It is a bit tricky when two people are hurting and expressing it in different ways.  For Athena’s mom, she is dealing with the reality of her husband’s condition by  wanting to keep everything the same. Athena,  is dealing with the situation head-on and making the changes needed to adjust to the new reality. It is no wonder that they collide but Bobby’s experience as a firefighter and calming people down comes in handy.

Back in California, Hen is the interim captain and her first case is leading the team to save a man who was having an affair with his neighbor’s wife. The husband found out and exploded in more ways than one. Hen is also doing her best to make time to study for her finals, Chimney wonders why she agreed to be captain when she already has a lot on her plate. Hen argues she has everything figured out but it is clear that she is overwhelmed. 

It is not exactly a walk in the park being captain of a firehouse, attending classes, and studying for finals that determines whether she can proceed to the next year. She is also a wife and a mom, Hen is a strong woman but we all have our limits. She is obviously tired and she even falls asleep while driving and nearly gets into an accident.

In tandem with all these, a new emergency calls for the 118 intervention after a structural collapse at the Happiness Convention. Buck has been on a self-reflection journey after his talk with Bobby about taking personal inventory and regrets. His talk with a victim (Lev) at the happiness convention, continues to make him think deeper about the meaning of life and the pursuit of happiness. 

Hen is forced to make a hard decision as the team deals with two complicated rescues and team 133 is 12 minutes away. She has to decide who they can save based on their injuries and likelihood to survive. Chimney points out that Lev is unlikely to survive because he will die once they lift the concrete off him. This must be the hardest part of the job, losing someone during these calls. 

In his last moments, Lev says, “he gets it now ”. He is implying to the secret of life and happiness. He sadly passes before he can share his newfound understanding with Buck. The talk with Lev about finding happiness and gaining clarity on what is important in life leads Buck to question the purpose of life. 

After the call, Hen goes home and it turns out she forgot she was to help their son with a school project. Hen starts crying, she is upset that she failed her final exams. Karen is concerned and tells her she needs to choose between being a doctor and a paramedic because doing both is taking a heavy toll on her.

The episode ends with Athena coming home from the hospital and the police are at her parents’ home. Bobby and the contractor found a child’s body while digging up the foundation.

The Episode Review

I think we can all understand Athena’s mom, she is scared to lose her husband and who wouldn’t be in that situation? I am glad that by the end of the episode she confides her fears to Athena. 

Hen having to choose between being a paramedic and a doctor is heartbreaking. She worked so hard to be both and she was so close. I hope this is not the end of the road for her.

Buck’s self-reflection is a good thing – but only up to a point. Hopefully, as the season progresses he will get some clarity because I doubt anyone has found the key to happiness. 

The cliffhanger in the closing scene is an indicator that Athena will be dealing with an even harder reality in the next episode. We are all curious to know whether her dad had anything to do with the disappearance of her childhood friend 45 years ago. 

Next Episode

Next Episode

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