9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 1 “Let The Games Begin” Recap & Review

Let The Games Begin

Episode 1 of 9-1-1 Season 6 starts with a time jump of four months. Maddie is back at work and looks much better than when we last saw her. She receives a call from a blimp going down and heading for a stadium and it is all hands on deck to save the day. Athena rushes to save a young lady with an artificial heart and get her safely to her mother.

Bobby is considering Lucy as a possible interim captain as he and Athena go on a cruise. Unfortunately, Lucy is unable to step in and take over the captain’s duties after she suffers an ankle injury off duty. Buck is surprised that Bobby considered Lucy for the job as she is new to the team. 

The rest of 118, couldn’t care less and Eddie doesn’t understand why Buck feels so strongly about this. He is however concerned that Buck is yet to get a couch after Taylor moved out four months ago. The couch belonged to Taylor and back never got to buying one. Buck argues he doesn’t want to pick the wrong couch again. This implies he is afraid of starting a new relationship again. 

Maddie needs a place to stay as her apartment has a leaking kitchen and Chimney offers for her to stay at his place instead of staying at a hotel. Josh (her colleague) thinks that they should get back together because they love each other. Maddie says it is not like that, she is not sure if Chimney wants her back. “I know that he loves me, I just don’t know if he wants to be with me,” Maddie says. Josh suggests that she tells him what she wants.

Maddie is hesitant and when she gets home they watch a movie and tiptoe around the issue. As they discuss the movie one thing leads to another and they spend the night together. Chimney feels he is not ready for the awkward after-talk so he reports to work two hours early to avoid it. Bobby is confused about why Chimney is at work early and Chimney tells him what happened. He doesn’t know what the rules are and Bobby suggests he finds out.

Later, when he gets home, Maddie is waiting for him and she assures him she is not leaving the family. She wants the three of them together and wants to work on their relationship. Chimney feels the same way and Maddie moves in back. Alas! our beloved couple is finding their way back to each other. It took them long enough if you ask me.

Bobby is excited about his vacation with Athena. Seriously, he is so cute when he is in husband mode. He is carefully planning for everything and anything. Athena is just going with the flow and supporting him. She understands why he is doing this. Talk about being couple goals.

Throughout the episode, Buck is trying to prove himself to Bobby but he oversteps with Hen and she can’t take it anymore. She asks Bobby to announce who will be the interim captain and Bobby tells her she was his first pick but he is worried that would be putting too much on her plate. Hen has her work and upcoming exams and Bobby doesn’t want to overburden her. Hen says she will be okay, after all, it will be only for three shifts. Bobby talks with Buck and tells him he is making Hen the interim captain.

He explains to Buck that he needs more life experiences but he will make a great captain someday. Buck thinks it is because he doesn’t have a couch and opens up to Bobby. Bobby, in his infinite wisdom, advises him to take inventory of his life and admit shortcomings so that one day, he can be at peace.

The episode ends with Athena on a video call with her parents. Her dad leaves to run some errands but something happens and he drives into the house instead. The phone is immediately disconnected. What a dramatic cliffhanger, guess they won’t be going on the cruise.

The Episode Review

Our favorite fictional first responders in Los Angeles are back on our screens again and we are loving it! The episode was a great introduction to the new season and I am beyond excited to see what is in store for the 118 team. I was hoping that the Buck-Lucy situation would have been clarified but we didn’t get to see that in this week’s episode.

Bobby made the right choice by putting Hen in charge though, as he and Athena go on a cruise. It is a shame their plans changed but hopefully Athena’s parents are okay. I am happy that Chimney and Maddie are figuring things out, while Eddie also looks better than when we left him in season 5. I hope life will be kinder to him this season. For now though, there’s plenty to be excited for moving into next week’s episode.

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