9 Upcoming K-dramas to Watch This October

October is looking up for K-drama lovers as new and interesting shows are slated to debut this month. Whether you are into thrillers, historical dramas, or romantic comedies, you are bound to find something to enjoy this October. Here is the list of the shows to look forward to and when and where to watch them.

Cheer Up

Network: SBS

Premiere date: October 3rd

Cheer Up is a youth romance doused with some mystery and romance. It follows the life of Do Hae Yi who is an exemplary student at Yeonhee University. She comes from a poor background and is forced to focus more on work instead of her studies to make ends meet.

She joins the university’s cheering squad to earn money but it ends up giving her a new experience. It allows her to enjoy the joys of campus life and meet and make new friends. 

Bad Prosecutor

Network: KBS2

Premiere date: October 5th

The show will be headlined by D.O from the famous k-pop band E.X.O. This is not his first show and he has proven himself as a talented actor over the years. In this drama, he plays the role of a quick-tempered prosecutor who has trouble following protocol which is weird for someone who values justice like him. He will do what is necessary to see justice delivered; his motto seems to be that the end justifies the means.

Love Is for Suckers

Network: ENA and Viki

Premiere date: October 5th

It is always exciting to see Choi Siwon on our screens. Whether he is singing, being part of a reality show, or acting, he helps to ignite the scene. In this upcoming K-drama, he plays the role of a man named Park Jae-hoon. He is a plastic surgeon who is jaded by the idea of love and has no desire to be in a relationship. This changes though when he accepts to take part in a successful reality dating show. He starts falling for his best friend Goo Yeo Reum, who is a producer on the show. 


Network: Netflix 

Premiere date: October 7th 

The show is headlined by the talented and gorgeous Jeon Yeo Been who you might remember as Cha Young from Vincenzo. In this show, she plays the role of Hong Ji-Hyo who is desperately searching for her missing boyfriend. She meets Heo Bo-ra (played by Na Na), a YouTuber who makes mystery content and is part of the UFO community. They get caught up in a conspiracy and uncover a mysterious truth. 


Network: TVING

Premiere date: October 14th

Shin Ha Kyun, who you might remember from Beyond Evil, plays the role of Jae Hyun. He is grieving the death of his beloved wife who died from cancer. One of the exciting things about this show is that it is a futuristic science fiction set in the 2040’s. Jae Hyun receives a mysterious email one day asking him if he is willing to abandon his physical body to see his wife again. He accepts the offer but eternal life is not what he expected it to be.

The Queen’s Umbrella

Network: tvN and Netflix

Premiere date: October 15th

In this much-awaited historical K-drama, Kim Hye-soo plays the role of Im Hwa Ryeong, a queen. She however is not like other queens we have met before. She is hot-headed, loves to curse and elegance and royal aura are not exactly her forte. She is trying to raise her troublesome sons to be proper crown princes but it is not easy, especially within a palace.

May I Help You /One Hundred Won Butler

Network: MBC

Premiere date: October 19th

This is a romance fantasy drama featuring Lee Hyeri as a funeral director called Baek Dong-ju. She has the ability to communicate with the dead and uses this ability to help the dead fulfill their last wishes.

She employs Butler Kim whose daily rate is 100 won per job. He soon finds himself caught up in these unusual errands with Dong-Ju.


Network: TVING

Premiere date: October 28th

This is a remake of the 2015 Korean short film with the same name. It has been turned into a 6-part episode in this remake. A man by the name, of No Hyung-Soo, visits a motel and pays for the services of Park Joo-Young. However, his time with Park Joo-Young didn’t go as planned. Park Joo-Young has ties to the black market for organs and he finds himself being auctioned off and people bargaining for his organs.

Curtain Call

Network: KBS2

Premiere date: October 31st

Kang Ha Neul plays the lead role in this family drama. He is a theatre actor (Jae Heon) paid to play the role of a grandson to an elderly woman from North Korea. Ja Geum Soon is a woman who escaped North Korea during the war. She sadly was separated from her husband and child.

There you have it, our list of K-dramas releasing this month. It’s a busy time for new Korean dramas and it looks like there’s a great array of content here. Let us know which one you are looking forward to!

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