9 Upcoming K-dramas to Watch This November

From the return of Song Joong-ki to some enthralling revenge dramas, November has a lot in store for fans of Korean dramas. Read on to find out which K-dramas releasing in November that you just shouldn’t miss!

The Fabulous

Network: Netflix

Premiere date: 4th November

The Fabulous is a drama set in the scintillating world of Seoul’s fashion industry. It follows the story of four friends — a marketer, a photographer, a model and a designer — as they work through the ups and downs of their careers and love lives.

This Netflix original will feature boy band SHINee’s Choi Min-ho and well known actress Chae Soo-bin in its leading roles. Expect intense competition and whirlwind romances through the course of the show’s eight episodes.

Call My Agent!

Network: tvN and Netflix

Premiere date: 7th November

A remake of a French series of the same name, Call My Agent! will follow the lives of four celebrity managers in an entertainment company. The story will showcase their hectic lives as they hustle for the sake of the country’s top stars, while also dealing with office politics.

The show is starring Lee Seo-jin, Kwak Sun-young, Seo Hyun-woo, and Joo Hyun-young in the leading roles. Also known as Behind Every Star, the drama will release two episodes every week and go on till mid-December. It has a total of 12 episodes.

Revenge of Others

Network: Disney+

Premiere date: 9th November

Chan-mi is a high school student and a talented sharp shooter but her life turns upside down when her brother meets a sudden death. Convinced that somebody killed him, Chan-mi sets out to find the culprit. In the course of her investigation, she crosses paths with the mysterious Ji Soo-heon, a student vigilante who warns her that things are more dangerous than she realises.

Revenge of Others stars Shin Ye-eun as Chan-mi and All of Us Are Dead’s Solomon Park as Ji Soo-heon. The show will premier with a two-episode release on 9th November, following which episodes will release weekly.

The First Responders

Network: SBS

Premiere date: 12th November

This intriguing K-drama is all set to take a look at those who put their lives at risk to save their community. The show will follow three individuals — played by Kim Rae-won, Son Ho-jun, and Gong Seung-yeon — from the police department, firefighter’s division, and paramedic squad respectively. The 24-episode show will trace their lives as they intertwine and face off some exceedingly high stakes together. Episodes will release every Friday and Saturday!

Reborn Rich

Network: JTBC and Viki

Premiere date: 18th November

Song Joong-ki is making his return to the small screen with this thrilling revenge drama. He plays the role of Yoon Hyun-woo, the loyal secretary of the Jin family who finds himself betrayed by the very people he serves. After suffering an unjust death, Hyun-woo ends up reincarnated in the body of the youngest son of the family — Jin Do-joo — and begins to plot his revenge.

Reborn Rich is based on a webtoon called The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate. The show will begin airing on the 18th of November, with three episodes releasing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Network: Netflix

Premiere date: 18th November

Romance and murder intertwine in this unique suspense thriller. The show follows Sum, a software developer working for a social media app called Somebody. Meanwhile, a serial killer uses the app to find his next target. Soon, the two get matched on the app. Kim Young-kwang and Kang Hae-lim play the lead roles in this eight-episode crime thriller.

Weak Hero Class 1

Network: Wavve

Premiere date: 18th November

In this thrilling drama, you can watch a young boy named Yeon Shi-eun go from being a model, grade-A student to one who takes a stand against violence in the school. Weak Hero Class 1 is also based on a webtoon and features Park Ji-hoon in the leading role. The eight episodes of this Wavve original drama will release every Friday, starting 18th November.

Please Send A Fan Letter

Network: MBC TV

Premiere date: 26th November

Please Send A Fan Letter is one for the romantics. The story follows Bang Jung-seok whose daughter is sick with leukemia and wants to receive a letter from Han Kang-hee, her favourite actress. Eager to fulfil her wish, Jung-seok writes a fake letter from Han Kang-hee to his daughter. But the letter ends up in the wrong hands and creates a huge mess for both, Jung-seok and Kang-hee! This rom-com K-drama will air every Saturday from the 26th of November.

Unlock The Boss

Network: ENA

Premiere date: 30th November

Mysteries abound in this sci-fi drama as a young, unemployed man comes across a phone with the spirit of a dead CEO named Sun-joo. Together, they investigate the genius businessman’s untimely death. This series is a webtoon adaptation and will air on ENA, on Wednesdays and Thursdays. It features Park In-sun and Park Sung-woong in the leading roles.

There you have it, our list of K-dramas releasing this month. It’s a busy time for new Korean dramas and it looks like there’s a great array of content here. Let us know which ones you are looking forward to!

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