9 Must-Watch BLs To Enjoy This November

Boy love series are always entertaining with amazing story lines and gripping drama. Whether the series is from Thailand, Korea or even Sweden, you can be sure that they will deliver great content – and that’s why we are all hooked! Here are the upcoming and ongoing BLs you should most definitely add to your watch list.

Young Royals 

Network: Netflix

Premiere Date: 1st November  

The love story between the Swedish Prince Wilhelm and Simon continues in season 2. Edvin who plays Prince Wilhelm has teased that season 2 will take the Prince on a dark journey after his break-up with Simon. Fans of this hit show have been waiting for more than a year for the new season and are beyond excited to see how the story will unfold. 

Love Of Secrets 

Network: Channel 3

Premiere Date: November 5th

This is a girl love story between Panpan and Aitim. Panpan dreams of being an idol even though she is a medical student. Her father Phuri, wants her to continue his legacy as a renowned surgeon. Panpan doesn’t want to disappoint her father so she is attending medical school and hiding her true dream and relationship with Aitim. How long will she be able to keep so many secrets?

Between Us

Network: GMM One, iQiyi

Premiere Date: 6th November 

The show is heralded by the famous onscreen couple BounPrem and follows the story of Team. He is a swimmer whose traumatic past is affecting his ability to perform in the pool. Win offers to help Team and love begins to develop between them. You should probably watch the Between Us special and Until We Meet Again to understand Team and Win better.

I Will Knock You 

Network: Channel 3

Premiere Date: November 18th

This is another cute college boy love story from Thailand. The story focuses on the relationship between Thi and Noei . Thi works as a part-time tutor and met Noei when he went to defend one of his students from a gang. Noei is a high-school gang leader who is bullying his students. Initially, Thi has no interest in him until he becomes one of his students and starts making advances towards him.  

Love In The Air [special episode]

Network: GMM, iQiyi

Premiere Date: 26th November

Fans are sad that the story of Phayu, Rain, Prapai and Sky is coming to an end but a special episode will be released. The series focused on two best friends Rain and Sky finding love and happiness.

The first chapter focused on the relationship between Phayu and Rain. The second chapter focused on Prapai and Sky. Sky is healing from  past relationship trauma but Prapai is willing to prove his love for him no matter what it takes. You can enjoy the full episode review here.

Eternal Yesterday 

Network: MBS

Premiere Date: Ongoing 

 This is an ongoing Japanese BL with a rather unusual but entertaining plot. It follows the story of Koichi who is a popular student and Mitsuru who is an introvert. These two are attracted to each other but tragedy strikes when Koichi is hit by a truck in front of Mitsuru. To Mitsuru’s relief, Koichi seems unharmed and alive but soon their classmates start forgetting about Koichi’s existence. Is he really alive or is Mitsuru in denial?

Choco Milk Shake

Network: YouTube

Premiere Date: Ongoing 

This is a Korean fantasy comedy that tells the story of a dog and a cat that come back as human beings. They decide to go live with their previous owner, Jung Woo who is an orphan and lives alone. They randomly show up at his place and insist they are his former pets Choco and Milk. How will the three of them live together and how does their love story begin?

Roommates of Poongduck 304

Network: Viki

Premiere Date: Ongoing 

This Korean romance series follows the story of Ji Ho Jun, a 29-year-old chaebol who finds himself in a hard position when his dad gives him an ultimatum. His father kicks him out of the house and orders him to work hard as a team leader in the new Guemman Group business team. He goes to live at a villa owned by Seo Jae Yoon. Ho Jun treats Jae Yoon with prejudice but that changes when they meet at the office as colleagues. How will they get along in the office if they can barely stand each other at home?

Till The World Ends 

Network: Tencent Video 

Premiere Date: Ongoing 

 This is one of the highly anticipated BL series this year. This is a production from Thailand and has a unique storyline from the usual high school, college/university boy love stories we have seen. It follows the story of Art who is suffering from amnesia and Golf as they live together throughout the last 13 days of the world. 

And there we have it, our picks for the best upcoming BL series to check out this November.

What do you think of our list? Have we missed any must-watch titles? We love to hear from you so do feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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