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Pac-Man is a classic gaming character and franchise. With its simple gameplay loop and child-friendly character designs, it’s a franchise that everyone can enjoy. Pac-Man is similar to Mario as he’s explored many scenarios in gaming. However, many prefer going back to Pac-Man’s maze-chasing routes.

If you’ve finished playing Pac-Man and are looking for alternatives – fret not! We’ve combed through the archives and saved you the hassle with our top 8 picks.

Of course, for all the games we’ve reviewed, we’ve also added a handy link, so you can check out our full thoughts on that and see if it’s something you want to invest your time in.

So without further ado, we present 8 games to check out if you’re looking for a game like Pac-Man.

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine is a heist game where you assemble a group of thieves to pull off an incredible heist. This game features local and online co-op play, but you can choose to play it alone. This is one of those games where you’ll tackle multiple roles.

While completing heists serves as the game’s core, there are missions where you need to rescue people or simply escape an environment. This game features multiple characters who have different abilities and weaknesses. The game’s OST is wonderful to listen to and gets your adrenaline pumping.

That’s not all it offers. This game features a workshop mode where you can edit your own levels. This helps expand the game’s replay value while enticing people to craft a level of their desires. This game’s graphics are pixelated and cartoonish like Pac-Man. However, underneath its child-friendly exterior lies a game full of drama, plot twists, and excessive foreshadowing.

SuperHotline Miami Deluxe

SuperHotline Miami Deluxe is a top-down shooter game you can play on your computer. In it, you play as the game’s blue protagonist who must manipulate his world by shooting enemies and dodging incoming bullets. Defeating an enemy grants you access to a gun power-up and this affects your enemy’s speed status.

This game varies in difficulty. Its hardest difficulty provides some challenge and is meant for players with strong cognitive skills. This game offers seven levels that get more challenging over time. Its mechanics are excellent while its gameplay evokes strong addictive play.

While the game lacks beautiful visuals, its gameplay will surely entice you to keep at it.

Forget Me Not

This is a one or two-player action game that blends roguelike aesthetics with Pac-Man’s iconic maze-like gameplay. In it, players must navigate a never-ending flow of levels designed to look like the maze you’d traverse in Pac-Man. While players can attack enemies with bullets, they can reflect right back at them.

This is why it’s the player’s mission to secure a single key found on each level that can block those shots. Each level holds numerous flowers that act like the pellets you’d find in Pac-Man. Once you collect all the flowers, an exit portal will spawn into the level. A large and ominous ghost appears on the screen if the player stays too long on one level.

The enemies vary in scale and ability. Defeating certain enemies can lead to large explosions that will affect the level geometry of many maps. The enemies can inflict damage on another foe. When they’re defeated, they leave behind piles of fruit, and collecting 100 pieces grants you an extra life. The game also features a slew of distinct modes for players to try out.

If you’re looking for a Pac-Man clone that’ll make you think, check out Forget Me Not.


This squirrel-themed ninja game is another Pac-Man clone that’s worth your time. As its squirrel protagonist, you must navigate through different levels and collect acorns. Each level houses evil ninjas who are patrolling their environment to find you.

If you’re worried about your character’s vulnerability, fear not! This game provides you with several ninja-themed tools like smoke bombs and flame cloaks to help you neutralize your enemies. New levels will be made available to you as you gain more experience.

This title offers fifteen maps, five difficulty options, and twenty-five ranks. This game has a decent 3D aesthetic accompanied by interesting game mechanics and wonderful sound design. While it may feel like a knock-off of Pac-Man this game provides some differing qualities that help it stand out.

Lode Runner Legacy

Lode Runner Legacy serves as the reimagining of Doug Smith’s beloved 2D action puzzle hybrid game. This game features astonishing 3D visuals and rich gameplay that coincides with its excellent visuals. Your mission in this game is similar to Pac-Man’s.

You must navigate through single-screen stages and collect the loot each level offers to escape. While you can dig your way through the game’s blocks, it only allows you to remove blocks that are near the bottom-left and right corners of your screen. This puts pressure on the player as it’s possible for you to get trapped, forcing you to restart the game.

That’s not all gamers need to fear in this title. Each level houses multiple distinct enemies who wish to end your life. You are either relentlessly followed or behave in predictable ways, so outsmarting them can be rewarding. While you can’t hurt them physically, you can trap them in holes and use them as stepping stones. Think of games like Dig Dug.

While the game has its merits, it lacks in a few areas. The levels can feel slightly repetitive in theme and the title’s retro-themed mechanics can feel dated and irritating for new players. If you can overlook those issues, you’re in for a fun time with this faithful adaptation.

Wizard of Wor

Wizard of Wor is another arcade game featuring mazes and creatures. This game allows up to two players to participate in its activities. The mission is to slay every creature within the maze. The first player controls yellow characters while the second controls the blue ones.

This game features a variety of monsters for you and your friend to take down. They vary in strength, ability, and death animation. The super-boss of this title has the same name as the game’s title. It will taunt and attack your troops with its magical abilities.

This game evokes strong competitive value and will keep you engaged. If you’re looking for a fun co-op arcade game with a reasonable life system and competitive gameplay, check out Wizard of Wor.

Ms. Pac-Man

Ms. Pac-Man is a direct clone of Pac-Man in every way. Not only does this game feature identical gameplay to Pac-Man, but it includes the same villains, fruits, and power pellets as the original too. However, Ms. Pac-Man offers several distinctions from Namco’s yellow hero.

For instance, the game has four mazes with different color schemes and properties. The first, second, and fourth mazes contain two sets of warp tunnels as opposed to Pac-Man’s singular warp tunnel. Ms. Pac-Man’s ghostly enemies operate differently from each other.

This helps the game avoid predictability and adds challenge. The fruits showcase more activity than the ones found in Pac-Man. In Ms. Pac-Man, the fruits bounce around and sometimes head for warp tunnels, never to be seen again. Ms. Pac-Man’s death animation is fancier than Pac-Man’s as she spins around and splats.

The intermission sequences depict Ms. Pac-Man’s growing relationship with the original Pac-Man. This gives the title some visual storytelling aspects that many find appreciative. If you’ve never played Ms. Pac-Man, I’d recommend giving it a shot.

Pix the Cat

Imagine taking the classic game Snake and mixing it with Pac-Man, you’d receive something like Pix the Cat. This game blends both concepts together well. In this game, you control a robotic cat who must traverse through a Pac-Man-like maze to gather eggs.

You must avoid getting attacked by enemy players and deliver the eggs to their targets. The game’s difficulty increases as you progress. This is a title where you’re continuously moving across the grid with no chance to stop.

This forces the player to remain focused, as they continue delivering eggs and avoiding troublesome foes. This game spans several modes that focus on fun or puzzle-solving. This is a quick pick-up-and-play type of game that lasts about 5 minutes per match. If you’re looking for a title that can get your heart-pumping like Pac-Man, check out Pix the Cat.

So there we have it, our 8 video game picks to keep you busy after playing Pac-Man.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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