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Mario Strikers: Battle League is a direct continuation of Nintendo’s beloved Mario Strikers series of games. This game features the same intense gameplay but adds in new RPG-like mechanics to help it stand out from its predecessors. Although it doesn’t offer the greatest starting roster, it has enough material to whet your appetite.

If you’ve finished playing Mario Strikers Battle League and are looking for alternatives – fret not! We’ve combed through the archives and saved you the hassle with our top 8 picks.

Of course, for all the games we’ve reviewed, we’ve also added a handy link so you can check out our full thoughts on that and see if it’s something you want to invest your time with.

So without further ado, we present 8 games to check out if you’re looking for a game like Mario Strikers Battle League.

Rocket League

Rocket League is a unique title that offers invigorating gameplay, an exhilarating soundtrack, and stellar cooperative play. Like Mario Strikers Battle League, Rocket League depicts soccer in an action-centric light. The whole idea of the game is for you to take control of a car and score the massive ball into your opponent’s goal. You can choose from many cars and customize them to your liking.

The customization options in this game far exceed those in Mario Strikers Battle League. These range from different engine colors, scoring graphical effects, and paint jobs. This allows players’ vehicles to stand out, and it gives these vehicles humane personalities.

Rocket League is also a free-to-play game, unlike Mario Strikers Battle League. This means you’ll be able to pick up and play without having to spend any amount of cash. However, you’ll need to fork over some bucks if you want to attain the items in its season passes. Thankfully, all the items are for cosmetics, meaning you won’t be at a disadvantage for not having the items in said pass.

Another area Rocket League exceeds, is in its collaborations. The franchise featured vehicles from Nintendo’s Metroid and Super Mario Bros. franchises and has also included customizations based on hit TV shows like Stranger Things.

As one can tell, Rocket League promises players will walk away from it feeling satisfied.

Ganbare! Super Strikers

Like Mario Strikers: Battle League, Ganbare tackles soccer from a magical and aggressive end. It features characters performing incredible super moves to score a ball into the opposing parties’ goal. However, it does so with more tactical strategy in mind.

The game also has a story mode for fans to seek their teeth into. In this mode, you’ll encounter impressive soccer players, each having a set of special abilities and weaknesses. You’ll need to conquer each team in hopes of becoming the greatest team in Japan. Despite being simple, the story’s bosses provide enough challenge to make the journey feel rewarding once you complete it.

While the game lacks online play, it does offer a nice array of modes and local co-op with up to 2 to 8 players. If you’re looking for a soccer game that will give you a fresher experience, check out Ganbare! Super Strikers.

8 Games Like Nintendo Switch Sports_TheReviewGeek Recommends

Nintendo Switch Sports

At the same time, Nintendo Switch Sports encourages players to get off their feet by only allowing players the chance to play the game with the hardware’s Joy-Con controllers. While it limits player options, it also encourages fans to try new forms of play.
Coupled with its Leg Strap accessory, the soccer mode in Nintendo Switch Sports will feel as great as the action administered in Mario Strikers. This is because the game emulates the power behind your kicks flawlessly, making you feel more in tune with the action shown on screen. This same feeling bodes well for Nintendo Switch Sports’ other mini-games too.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

In this game, you must roll through the game’s many articulately designed levels. Your goal is to stop the angry monkey scientist Dr. Bad-Boon from blowing up Jungle Island. Each level is intrinsically designed to test your coordination skills and patience. Like Mario Strikers Battle League, it will feel daunting to play at first, but over time you’ll grow accustomed to the game’s controls.
This game is a compilation title of the first three games. It has more than 300 stages, 12 mini-games, and many characters for players to choose from. It also has a few guest appearances from Sega’s other titles like Sonic the Hedgehog. If you’re looking for a platformer that will challenge you, try out Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania.

Knockout City

Knockout City offers incredible open-ended maps for players to traverse, hide, and clash with other crews. You’ll be passing, catching, and passing balls around to teammates are you’re soaring across the many maps. Not only that, but the game also allows you to transform into a ball that your teammate can use to deal heavy damage to the opposing crew.

The game also offers many ball types. Each of these has outlandish but creative designs that match the aggressive tone it’s emulating. The game constantly receives updates, unlike Mario Strikers Battle League which introduces new maps, ball types, rewards, and other activities to keep everything fresh and fun.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of New Champions

As with Mario Strikers, Captain Tsubasa approaches soccer from an arcade and anime-like angle. The game features characters performing over-the-top shots to score goals. These hyper-stylized shots will evoke the same uplifting energy you’d receive from Mario Strikers’s ultimate attacks.
Furthermore, the game offers a simple online experience that leans more toward competitive play than casual. The modes in question are one vs one and two vs two. If you’re looking for another soccer game that evokes similar emotions as Mario Strikers, check out Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions.

Alpaca Ball: Allstars

Alpaca Ball: Allstars is a silly game where you take control of an alpaca and compete against other alpacas in soccer. This game offers simple controls, hilarious animal reactions, and nicely-designed courts. Funnily enough, this game also has a solo career mode, where you aim to be the best Alpaca all-star ever.

Alpaca Ball approaches soccer similarly to Mario Strikers Battle League. It takes the sport and transforms it into something new. Although Mario Strikers Battle League feels more grounded and serious, Alpaca Ball is another game that does a fine job at building tension. You’ll find yourself struggling to get and keep the ball away from opponents.

You can perform various attacks to knock your opponents off their game. These consist of ramming into them or performing a dive-kick. You can spam these attacks endlessly to really get on your rivals’ nerves, too. Seeing the alpacas knock each other out with their heads and feet will fill players with laughter and light aggression.

If you’re looking for a soccer game that captures the absurdity of Mario Strikers Battle League but amplifies its humor to outlandish heights, check out Alpaca Ball: Allstars.

Dodgeball Academia

Dodgeball Academia is a fun 2D dodgeball game. It has a vibrant and cartoon-like style, engrossing gameplay, and is full of personality. Like Mario Strikers Battle League, it utilizes RPG mechanics to keep players invested. These mechanics coupled with the game’s kind-hearted campaign mode makes it w worthwhile follow-up after a session of Mario Strikers Battle League.

In this game, you take control of Otto, a rebellious boy who wants aims to become an incredible dodgeball player. However, his parents aren’t fans of the sport. They tell him that they would go as far as to transfer him to another school. Otto doesn’t give up and strikes a deal with his parents.

If he can win the big dodgeball tournament his parents must not disenroll him from his school. However, if he loses, he’ll comply with their wishes and never play dodgeball again. Therefore, players will follow Otto’s journey to find suitable teammates while also guiding him and his team to victory.

Unlike Mario Strikers Battle League, Dodgeball Academia offers a robust and emotional story mode. This mode allows the players to connect with their protagonist and his team. It also offers incredible bosses that will test players’ skills at the game. The games themselves can get intense as you’ll have a life and stamina bar that you’ll need to pay attention to with each passing game.

So there we have it, our 8 video game picks to keep you busy after playing Mario Strikers Battle League.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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