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Fall Guys became a popular indie title upon its release. Many fans enjoyed playing this game with friends or loved ones. Essentially, you’re tasked with helping your bean-like character reach the end of a labyrinth before time runs out. There are other activities included in this game to spice things up. If you’ve seen shows like Wipeout, then you know what you’re in for here.

If you’ve finished playing Fall Guys and are looking for alternatives – fret not! We’ve combed through the archives and saved you the hassle with our top 8 picks.

Of course, for all the games we’ve reviewed, we’ve also added a handy link, so you can check out our full thoughts on that and see if it’s something you want to invest your time in.

So without further ado, we present 8 games to check out if you’re looking for a game like Fall Guys.

Boomerang Fu

Boomerang Fu is a fun physics-based party game the whole family can enjoy. This game features enough goofy mischief and cutesy characters that’ll evoke delightful feelings from its players. It includes some hilarious power-ups that you can use to defeat your enemies and friends. Unfortunately, this game doesn’t feature any online functionality.

It’s a title meant for couch co-op play and perfect for gamers who love holding shindigs. The game has some degree of violence as you’ll be using explosive boomerangs and telekinetic abilities to defeat others. However, the characters commit these acts in the most adorable ways possible. Like Fall Guys, this game offers straightforward controls that can be mastered in time.

This game features 30+ arenas for players to explore. Each arena houses different tools and traps that you can use against your friends. From sliding walls to giant rolling pins, there are a lot of obstacles you can trigger to spite others. However, if you’re looking to team up with your friends, don’t worry. This game offers some PVE elements where you defeat ingenious AI opponents with comrades.

Stumble Guys

Based on its title alone, Stumble Guys is an undeniable Fall Guys clone. From its level design to cutesy character models, everything evokes the same charm you’d find in Fall Guys. This game doesn’t feature the best microtransactions though.

Everything can feel a little pricey regarding character skins and other knickknacks. There are some special emotes that make the game unfair too. Otherwise, everything you loved about Fall Guys from its hilarious obstacle courses to its adorable art style, remains prevalent in Stumble Guys.

This game amassed quite a following despite offering the same frivolous battle-royale party gameplay as Fall Guys. It holds tournaments and events that may appeal to competitive players. If you adored Fall Guys’ wacky atmosphere and addictive gameplay formula, then you’ll get a kick out of Stumble Guys.

Pico Park

Pico Park is a fun puzzle game players can enjoy with friends and family. The rules of this title are as straightforward as Fall Guys. You’re tasked with helping these colored characters collect keys and reach each level’s goalpost. This game amassed 48 levels, each with special gimmicks designed around multiplayer.

This game emphasizes clever strategy and cooperative play. There will be many levels that include thought-provoking challenges for you and your allies to complete. This is where the game can end up becoming a living nightmare or a swell time, depending on your and your allies’ cooperation. However, if you can stomach yourself to complete the game’s cooperative tasks, then you’ll be awarded a competitive battle mode.

The game offers other modes where you can return to previous levels with friends to achieve higher scores. The online mode is functional, but the developers insist players utilize platforms like Discord, Skype, or Zoom while playing. If you’re looking for a fun puzzle game that will provide you and your friends with a hilarious outing, check out Pico Park.

Human Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat is another great puzzle platformer title that evokes strong feelings from players. It’s a series that’s most appreciated when you’re playing with a friend or family member. In it, you control a human character and must solve numerous unconventional fun-filled puzzles.

While the puzzles are straightforward at first, the game introduces more thought-provoking obstacles for players to complete. The game’s difficulty curve moves at a steady pace and provides players with a decent and genuine challenge. You’ll find yourself manipulating parts of your character’s body to complete these tasks.

It’s best to anticipate many failures during your venture through this game. However, it’s these failures that give Human Fall Flat its charm and replay value. The game includes a fun customization system for your characters and grants you the opportunity to build puzzles for you and your friends to complete. This is a worthwhile title that’ll sharpen your mind and present you with great laughs along the way.

Pummel Party

If you ever wanted a more action-centric version of Mario Party, Pummel Party would gladly like to introduce itself. While it exhibits strong Mario Party vibes, this game’s wackiness and absurdities resemble Fall Guys. This is a 4-8 player online and local multiplayer game where you can pummel friends or AI using absurd items.

Its developers’ goal was to instill as much chaos and delight in players as possible. It offers a fun board mode where players will navigate their way through obstacles while competing in stellar mini-games during select intervals. The way the game depicts its violence feels slightly mature yet nonsensical.

Expect your player characters to suffer gruesome levels of pain. Whether it’s being shot at with a rifle or getting digested by a carnivorous earthworm, this game wishes to evoke a level of madness that’ll make you scratch your head or laugh hysterically.

Furthermore, the various boards have a distinct level design, allowing them to stand apart. The items in this game follow a similar trend. Pummel Party’s mini-games contain different themes that resemble the obstacle course-like aesthetic administered in Fall Guys. However, these mini-games feature different themes that allow them to avoid repetition.

If you’re looking for a more absurd and gritty party game to play with friends or family, check out Pummel Party.

Gang Beasts

Who doesn’t enjoy party games where the main agenda is to sabotage your opponents? Gang Beasts is a simplistic game that delivers hours of fun. Like Fall Guys, its characters have cutesy designs but compete in activities that are extremely dangerous.

Gang Beasts gameplay feels more melee and grapple-focused than Fall Guys. In it, players must beat up others using punches, kicks, and other grapple techniques. Once they have reached their limit, you must pick them up and toss them out of the arena.

Think of WWE’s Royal Rumble but with the characters fighting atop skyscrapers and moving vehicles. The game offers a comeback mechanic that allows players who’ve been knocked out to escape their foes’ grapples. With its wacky gameplay, floppy characters, and costume customization options, you’re in for a hilariously fun time with this game.

Rubber Bandits

More wackiness and cutesy characters await you in Rubber Bandits. This is another 4-player party game with floppy and zany characters and fun physics-based gameplay. In it, you’ll control characters called Rubber Bandits who must brawl, steal, and race their way toward plentiful loot.

This game evokes the same cautious yet exhilarating gameplay as Fall Guys. This game includes many weapons, skins, and modes to enjoy with friends or strangers online. The characters in its world look like toys you would buy for toddlers.

Check this one out if you’re looking for a game rich in content and variety.

Cake Bash

Dessert is many people’s favorite meal of the day. Cake Bash is a 4-player party game where players control cutesy dessert-like characters who crave violence and mischief. Like Fall Guys, this is an adorable party game that’ll provoke anyone’s competitive spark.

Cake Bash has you control numerous themed desserts from cupcakes to donuts. It features some unlockables worth collecting and achievements worth completing. The game offers some degree of character customization that’ll allow you to stand out from other players.

The biggest gripe fans have about the title is its content. There aren’t many modes, unlockables, and achievements available to give it high replay value. However, many suggest playing the game in short bursts or whenever you need a break from more taxing titles. If you enjoy party games with endearing avatars, achievements, and unlockables, give this one a shot.

So there we have it, our 8 video game picks to keep you busy after playing Fall Guys.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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