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8 Books/Manga Like Parasyte

Parayste is an older manga that saw a resurgence thanks to its 2014 anime adaptation from Studio Madhouse. This manga contains some stunning artwork, a wonderful narrative, and a memorable cast. This was created by Hitoshi Iwaki and was published in Kodansha’s Morning Open Zōkan and Monthly Afternoon magazine from 1988 to 1995. This psychological horror manga will startle and surprise you with its intense action and graphical elements.

If you’re in the mood for more psychological horror manga that offers a similar vibe, fear not! We’ve gathered together 8 books/manga to check out when you’ve finished reading Parasyte. Of course, if you feel we’ve missed any of your favorites, do comment below and let us know!

Jagaaaaaan – Muneyuki Kaneshiro

Similarities – Action & Characters

Jagaaaaaan is a brutally grotesque horror and mystery manga. It follows an average police officer named Shintarou Jagasaki, who dreads his job and mundane life. He’d rather end the lives of people that annoy him than save people from distress. One day, Shintarou notices a murder before his eyes committed by a man with a monstrous face.

The monster had murdered his partner and plans to kill Shintarou next. However, Shintarou’s saved by an otherworldly projectile that he shoots from the top of his fingers. A mysterious owl informs Shintarou that his hand’s been affected by Mad Xenopus, a frog-like creature that takes control of his host and changes their body.

When one of these organisms tries to take control of Shintarou’s future wife, he vows to eradicate the former humans to protect those he loves. Shintarou and Parasyte’s Shinichi have a lot in common regarding their human and otherworldly characteristics. Both characters struggle to live their mundane lives and have a hand-based power that complicates things for them.

Shintarou’s character gradually evolves along with his tale and he endures situations that some folks will find relatable. This series has impeccable artwork but isn’t for everyone. It contains a high amount of gore and nudity. If you’re okay with that, you’re sure to walk away from this manga feeling satisfied.

Tokyo Ghoul – Sui Ishida

Similarities – Action & Story

Tokyo Ghoul and Parasyte were often compared to each other a lot when they aired. Both stories center around wimpy individuals who attain strange supernatural powers that’ll cause their lives to change for the better and worse. Tokyo Ghoul’s narrative is decently-written with artwork that’ll make you astonished.

This series offers a darker gothic world, unlike Parasyte. Tokyo Ghoul’s gloomy setting reflects the manga’s nature well and allows people to immerse themselves in the world Sui Ishida created. Its protagonist Kaneki Ken undergoes fabulous development in the manga and the fights display better quality than what you’d find in Studio Bones’ anime adaptation.

With its wimpy turned-elite protagonist, chilling narrative, and horrific imagery, Tokyo Ghoul is a worthwhile follow-up after you’ve completed Parasyte.

Ajin – Gamon Sakurai

Similarities – Survival In Brutal World

Ajin is another series that’s better to read than watch. Unlike its anime adaptation, Ajin’s art won’t let you down. Gamon Sakurai puts in an incredible amount of detail into the creatures and scenery in the manga. You’ll find it difficult to tear your eyes away from the manga’s fabulously darkened artwork.

Like Parasyte, the story follows a random high schooler who winds up obtaining a supernatural power that’ll change his life. Its protagonist, Kei Nagai, gets wrapped up in many conspiracies that’ll mess with his head. This series’s monsters deemed the demi-humans, offer enough mystery and intrigue.

Like the parasites in Parasyte, fans will walk away with similar questions regarding these beings’ origins and their powers. The manga fabulously maintains an eerie feeling that will follow you with every flip of a page. If you were disappointed with its CGI anime adaptation, I’d recommend giving the manga a shot.

Gantz – Hiroya Oku

Similarities – Psychological & Sci-fi

Gantz is a bloody and action-packed horror manga with some spunk. Fans of Parasyte’s psychological aspects will adore the world Hiroya Oku provides in Gantz. This series follows Kei Kurono, who dies and awakens into a weird game that’ll test his morals, skills, and urge to survive. He has lost control of his livelihood and is susceptible to bullying.

This story isn’t lighthearted as it contains high levels of nudity and violence. Parasyte fans who adored seeing Shinichi’s internal struggles in Parasyte will find similar enjoyment in seeing Kei spiral out of control. Like Shinichi, Kei encounters many alien-like organisms that’d love nothing more than to murder him.

Gantz spends time developing Kei’s character. Fans will enjoy following Kei’s growth from the start and comparing his character to what he ultimately becomes. If you’re looking for a fun psychological horror manga with hints of extreme violence and sci-fi elements, give Gantz a read.

Chainsaw Man – Tatsuki Fujimoto

Similarities – Characters & Action

Chainsaw Man has become a sweeping sensation. This series boasts incredible artwork, fun characters, and enough bloodshed to satisfy action enthusiasts. It follows Denji, a boy who must pay off his father’s debt with the help of his devil sidekick Pochita. However, things take a turn for the worse when the yakuza betray Denji and have him killed by a monstrous devil.

Fortunately, Pochita sacrifices his life to grant Denji the ability to become a half-human and devil warrior named Chainsaw Man. Denji makes quick work of the yakuza and the devil. He meets an elite Devil Hunter named Makima, who offers him luxury in exchange for his services. After accepting the offer, we watch Denji’s new devil-slaying life unfold before our eyes.

Chainsaw Man and Parasyte follow protagonists who have their lives changed after forging a deal with a demonic entity. They battle similar entities to maintain peace within their world. Chainsaw Man’s side characters offer a bit more assistance to Denji than the people Shinichi encounters in Parasyte. If you’re on the hunt for another incredible action series give Chainsaw Man a shot.

Sweet Home – Kim Carnby

Similarities – Themes

Kim Carnby’s Sweet Home is a horror-drenched survival story with a compelling cast and intriguing monster designs. It follows a reclusive high school student named Cha Hyun, who spends his life holed up in his apartment. He lives a tragic life due to losing his family in a car accident and doesn’t know how to move forward.

One day, Hyun learns of a drastic apocalyptic event taking place in his world and apartment complex. With the help of other tenants, Hyun must uncover the mystery surrounding this outbreak and survive. Hyun and Shinichi are troubled protagonists whose issues are fueled by their dire situations and past grievances.

Our characters’ morals and wit will be challenged numerous times in Sweet Home. Sweet Home’s monster designs vary in quality and ability. Hyun and his friends will struggle to defeat these beasts. Fans will enjoy seeing Hyun and his allies form strategies to defeat them. If you’re looking for an incredible story with powerful themes, check out Kim Carnby’s Sweet Home.

Variante – Iqura Sugimoto

Similarities – Story & Characters

Variante and Parasyte are like two peas in a pod. Not only do they offer a similar premise, but Variante features some fun action segments. Our tale follows Aiko, who wakes up at a laboratory table after witnessing her family getting slaughtered. Although she feels fine, she makes a horrid discovery.

A grotesquely disfigured arm was grafted onto her body and realizes she can’t return to her mundane life. Infused with Chimera DNA, Aiko can’t seem to control the monster’s hunger. Therefore, the highlights Aiko’s new livelihood with this beast as she attempts to find a way to escape her treacherous fate.

Like Parasyate, this manga contains immense amounts of violence. However, fans should expect an intriguing narrative to be told alongside its alluring fights. This series gives viewers more information about the demonic threats that plague Aiko’s world. You’ll walk satisfied with how the manga handles the Chimera’s morals and origins. Aiko gradually develops a stronger mentality as the series progresses too.

Midori Days – Kazurou Inoue

Similarities – Story

Where Parasyte’s hailed for its horrific imagery and fights, Midori Days is praised for its lighthearted comedy and romantic elements. In it, we follow Seiji Sawamura, a 17-year-old feared for his fighting prowess and Devil’s Right-Hand power. Despite his fearsome persona, Seiji is a kind-hearted softy that seeks a loving companion.

Unfortunately, Seiji’s tough-guy bravado renders him useless in claiming popularity with females. One day, Seiji wakes up and meets a girl named Midori who has replaced his right hand. She admits to having a crush on Seiji since middle school. Although Seiji wants to explain the situation to his folks, he decides against it. Therefore, we follow the journey of an odd relationship between the two.

As mentioned earlier, Midori Days lean more toward lighthearted comedy. Fans shouldn’t expect any intense action sequences to take place that isn’t in comedic taste. That said, Seiji and Shinichi struggle to maintain the normalcy of their former lives because for the strange being that has taken control of their hands. Seiji and Midori’s relationship grows gradually over time like Shinichi and Migi’s. If you’re looking for a goofier take on Parasyte with a splash of romance, check out Midori Days.

So there we have it, our 8 books/manga to keep you busy after you’ve read Parasyte.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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