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8 Books/Manga Like Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is a supernatural and action-centric manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto. This manga contains phenomenal artwork, fun characters, and various plot twists that’ll leave you bewildered. This series’s first part “Public Safety Arc” ran in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine between December 2018 to 2020. The second part titled “School Arc” is ongoing and began serialization in July 2022. Viz Media announced a digital and print release for the manga in February 2020.

If you’re in the mood for more supernatural action manga that offers a similar vibe, fear not! We’ve gathered together 8 books/manga to check out when you’ve caught up to Chainsaw Man. Of course, if you feel we’ve missed any of your favorites, do comment below and let us know!

Dorohedoro – Q Hayashida

Similarities – Action & Story

Dorohedoro carries many aspects fans adore about Chainsaw Man. From its half-human and reptile protagonist to its chaotic art style, fans should consider giving Dorohedoro a shot. Its story is well-written and features enough humor and entertaining personalities to keep you invested. Dorohedoro takes place in a fantasy setting separated by two different areas.

One is referred to as the Hole, a decrepit environment filled with badly mutated organisms that magic users love experimenting on. This is where our reptile man Caiman comes into the picture. He’s immune to magic, seeks the truth, and aims to meet specific magic users who can lead him toward a cure for his illness.

Although he’ll encounter many obstacles, his consistent need to feast provides him with the most challenge. Fortunately, he receives help from his female partner Nikaidou, an owner of an illustrious restaurant. Like Denji, Caimon must defeat a boatload of menacing monsters to fulfill the demands of his employers. If you enjoyed Denji’s interactions with others in Chainsaw Man, you’ll adore the beings Caimon interacts with in Dorohedoro.

Jujutsu Kaisen – Gege Akutami

Similarities –Atmosphere & Story Structure

Jujutsu Kaisen is a wonderful supernatural action series. This boasts an incredible roster of likable characters, exhilarating fights, and neat concepts. In this world, supernatural monsters called “Curses” frighten humanity from the shadows. This entices powerful humans called Jujutsu sorcerers to use mystical arts to defeat them.

Enter Yuuji Itadori, a high school student who gets roped into the foray after discovering the legendary Curse Sukuna Ryoumen’s dried-up finger. As he gets attacked by a Curse, Yuuji unwittingly releases Sukuna into the world. Despite sealing him away into his body, others deem Yuuji as a threat and sentence him to death.

This is where Yuuji meets Satoru Gojou, who offers Yuuji a chance to make things right. Therefore, we follow Yuuji’s new life in Jujutsu high school and the challenges that lie ahead. Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen offer similar story structures and have Denji and Yuuji tackle obstacles for their world’s sake.

The curses and devils have strikingly creative designs and readers will adore seeing our protagonists get stronger as the series continues. If you’re looking for another supernatural action series with gorgeous locales, fights, and fun characters, check out Jujutsu Kaisen.

Fire Punch – Tatsuki Fujimoto

Similarities – Dark Comedy & Action

This was one of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s other well-known projects. Although many prefer Chainsaw Man over Fire Punch, this manga contains some entertaining fights, remarkable characters, and gorgeous artwork. Fire Punch takes place in a world blanketed by snow thanks to the mysterious Ice Witch.

Humanity hasn’t been the same since with cults and violence spreading across the world. Two orphans named Agni and Luna, blessed with regeneration abilities aim to make the best of their situation. Unfortunately, their peaceful lives are ruined when a commander named Doma ignites their village in flames, murdering Luna in the process.

A decade later, Agni conditions himself to withstand Doma’s flames. On a path of vengeance, Agni vows to avenge his sister by murdering Doma. Although the storylines are different, Fire Punch retains some key ideas presented in Chainsaw Man. Readers can expect the story to peer into the minds of our cast. The series contains some incredibly detailed fights and spends time developing Agni and the others. Fans looking for another great work by Fujimoto should give Fire Punch a chance.

Dandadan – Yukinobu Tatsu

Similarities – Intense Action & Monsters Galore

Yukinobu Tatsu is a former assistant of Tatsuki Fujimoto. Chainsaw Man fans will recognize the areas Tatsu took inspiration from Fujimoto’s works. From its bizarre scenery to its incredible fights, Dandadan has enough familiar and refreshing content to entertain those who adored Fire Punch and Chainsaw Man.

Dandadan takes place amidst an encounter between its protagonist Momo Ayase and a bullied boy. After she saves him, the boy discusses it with her supernatural topics because he believes they share similar interests. Ayase rejects his ideas and admits that she’s more interested in arguments, leading to some banter between them.

Ayase and the boy initiate a bet to see who is correct. The two attend separate locations associated with the occult and supernatural. Ayase visits the occult while the boy visits the supernatural locale. They discover that they were both right and get wrapped up in chaotic adventures with the two factions.

Therefore, readers will witness Ayase and the boy embark on a mission to return to their mundane lives by solving surreal, supernatural, and sci-fi-related issues. This series is brimming with maddening concepts, intense action sequences, and mind-boggling mischief that’ll make you question what you’ve read. Tatsu’s art style feels a lot cleaner than Fujimoto’s but conveys a similar feeling. If you adored Chainsaw Man, you’ll get a kick out of Dandadan.

Hell’s Paradise: Jigoraku – Yuuji Kaku

Similarities –Gritty Artwork & Extreme Violence

Like Yukinobu Tatsu, Yuuji Kaku is another one of Fujimoto’s previous assistants. His work, Hell’s Paradise: Jigoraku (Jigoraku) contains a loosely-told narrative with remarkable artwork. Kaku’s characters feel charismatic, making them fun to follow. Like Chainsaw Man, Jigoraku contains extremely violent scenes that look astonishing.

Jigoraku’s story is as fast-paced as Chainsaw Man’s and it tackles dark themes. Fans shouldn’t bond with the characters too much, as Kaku isn’t afraid to murder characters many readers will enjoy. For those unaware, this story follows Gabimaru the Hollow, a cold and emotionless ninja who is currently residing on death row due to being set up by his fellow workers.

He wants nothing more than to perish. Unfortunately, nothing can kill him and Gabimaru hides the fact that he wants to live. He dreams of returning to his wife, the person responsible for softening him up. A famed executioner named Asaemon the Decapitator recognizes Gabimaru’s feelings. She wants Gabimaru to join an expedition to search for the elixir of life.

If he complies, she’ll grant him full pardon by the Shogunate. The island is full of many dark mysteries and the team he’ll travel with may not be suitable for the task. Not wanting to rot on these grounds, Gabimaru accepts Asaemon’s offer and the two embark on their journey for the mysterious life-changing elixir.

Jagaaaaaan – Muneyuki Kaneshiro

Similarities – Gruesome Imagery & Characters

Jagaaaaaan hones in on the life of a mundane officer namerd Shintarou Jagasaki. He dreads his job and would rather murder people that annoy him than do their bidding. One day, Shintarou encounters a murderous situation involving a monster-faced madman. The monstrous person kills his partner and sets their sights on Shintarou.

Shintarou’s saved by a mysterious projectile he shoots from his fingers. Suddenly, an owl swoops by and tells Shintarou that his hand’s been affected by Mad Xenopus, a frog-like creature who can control its host’s body and make changes. When a Mad Xenophus attempts to control his wife, Shintarou vows to defeat the former humans and protect those he loves.

Shintarou and Denji are characters whose lives take a dramatic turn after they become one with an otherwordly creature. Chainsaw Man offers more humor than Jagaaaaaan, but both stories contain epic fights and beautifully grotesque entities. Denji and Shintarou undergo their own mental hurdles while trying to adjust to their newfound living situations. If you adore the devil-slaying action in Chainsaw Man, you’ll enjoy the horrific tale Muneyuki Kaneshiro provides.

After God – Sumi Eno

Similarities – Plot & Characters

After God is a visually pleasing ongoing manga by Sumi Eno. This manga features a unique supernatural world, fun action sequences, and distinct characters. After God’s protagonist also fights monstrous creatures for an organization like Denji. The people they meet have colorful personalities and have entertaining interactions with the story’s lead.

After God places readers at the center of an invasion by Gods. They’ve chosen to enter Japan and leave behind large Danger Zones where cities used to be. The manga’s protagonist, Tokinaga, an Anti-God researcher, patrols the location and encounters Kamikura Wada. Upon first glance, Tokinaga can tell that Wada holds the key to changing this god-infested world for the better.

The manga offers a decent mix of lighthearted and serious scenarios. While it has several issues in making the transition between the two, readers will find it welcoming. Wada and several other characters display realistic ways of thinking and acting. Many may not find them appealing at first, but the mischief they get into will provide you with some entertainment value.

If you’re looking for a manga with decent characters and a unique world, give After God a shot.

Kemono Jihen – Shou Aimoto

Similarities – Story Structure & Setting

Kemono Jihen revolves around Kohachi Inugami, a specialist hired to deal with a weird dead animal incident occurring in a remote village. When he arrives, he meets a young boy named Kabane working in the fields, befriends him, and allows the boy to assist him in solving this case. As they get closer to solving it, Inugami grows suspicious of Kabane’s human persona.

Kabane’s strange behavior convinces Inugami to employ him at his detective office. Therefore, the story follows Inugami and Kabane as they solve many distinct supernatural cases. Despite containing some fun action segments, Kemono Jihen evokes a sense of adorable charm not found that often in Chainsaw Man.

The world is incredibly detailed and the characters’ designs look astonishing. Both series offer similar urban settings with locales that aren’t too different from how they look in the real world. Kemono Jihen includes some emotionally gripping scenarios that may make some readers shed a few tears. It’s an overlooked gem that many fans of anime and manga should read when they have the chance.

So there we have it, our 8 books/manga to read after Chainsaw Man.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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