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8 Books/Manga Like Blood on the Tracks

Blood on the Tracks is a psychological drama written by Shuuzou Oshimi. This manga is hailed for having engrossing storytelling, well-detailed artwork, and a disturbing atmosphere. Since February 2017, this manga’s been serialized in Shogakukan’s seinen manga magazine Big Comic Superior.

As of April 2022, this series has spawned 13 manga volumes for readers to collect. It’s an unsettling experience from start to finish that’ll frighten you.

If you’re in the mood for more psychological and dramatic manga that offers a similar vibe, fear not! We’ve gathered together 8 books/manga to check out when you’ve caught up with Blood on the Tracks. Of course, if you feel we’ve missed any of your favorites, do comment below and let us know!

Bastard – Kim Carnby

Similarities – Psychological Crime Dramas

Although many may prefer anime, manga, and American comics, there are quality stories readers can find elsewhere. Webtoons have started gaining traction after several series received anime adaptations like Tower of God and the God of Highschool. A Webtoon author making the rounds is Kim Carnby. He’s known for crafting wonderful worlds with deep themes and psychological aspects.

Bastard is one of his best works for webtoon enjoyers. This story revolves around a boy named Seon Jin. He gets picked on for his quiet nature and physicality. What drives him toward the brink of insanity isn’t his bullies, but his father. While his father looks like a saint to many people, he’s secretly a horrid serial killer. He forces Seon Jin to cover his tracks, which has been eating at him for a long time.

When his father targets his new female classmate Yoon Kyun, Seon Jin aims to stand up to his father. This webtoon reflects the horrors that lie behind the scenes in most family households. It’s a page-turner that knows how to build tension with each chapter. The art style isn’t as realistic as Blood on the Tracks’ artwork. However, Kim Carnby’s artist Young-chan Hwang fabulously captures our characters’ fear and horror with his art style. Give this one a shot if you adore emotional and complex stories.

Oyasumi Punpun – Inio Asano

Similarities –Disturbing Atmosphere & Nightmarish Scenarios

This manga has a high reputation in the manga community. It’s a work that will leave you speechless with its horrid imagery and have you crying nonstop. Oyasumi Punpun is a manga many argue should never be adapted into anime form. With its mature themes, emotionally powerful storytelling, and beautiful yet nightmarish art style, this is a manga that’ll leave an impression on anyone.

This story follows Punpun Onodera, an 11-year-old boy residing in Japan. He’s an idealist and romantic whose life takes a turn when he meets a new girl named Aiko Tanaka. After establishing feelings for Aiko, Punpun realizes how challenging it can be as an adult to maintain a proper relationship.

It isn’t until Punpun witnesses his father abuse his mother, that the once shy boy turns toward a darker path. This is a grim coming-of-age narrative that’s not for everyone. This manga will make you undergo a cycle of emotions from anger to depression. If you enjoyed the mentally damaging aspects found in Blood on the Tracks, then you’re sure to obtain a similar experience with this tragic work.

Monster – Naoki Urasawa

Similarities – Psychological Thriller

Monster is an incredibly-written crime drama. It contains a wonderful narrative structure, fun mind games, and features scenarios that’ll hit close to home for some folks. Like Naoki Urasawa’s other works, Monster’s tad slow-paced. He likes to gradually reveal more aspects of our characters’ past lives and actions throughout the work.

Not to mention Monster will have you consistently flipping the page. It’s a story that’s hard to put down when it gets going. It’ll make you feel like you’re playing an addictive video game. You’ll never want off of his wild ride. If you adored Blood on the Tracks’ tense outcomes and situations, you’ll adore reading this stellar crime drama.

Monster follows a man named Dr. Kenzou Tenma. He lives with many regrets and has a hard time moving forward in life. This is because Tenma chose to save the life of a child named Johan Liebert instead of his area’s mayor. Johan grows up to become a wanted serial killer who doesn’t harbor any shame for his actions. Wanting to rewrite his past, Tenma vows to bring this criminal to justice.

My Dearest Self With Malice Aforethought – Hajime Inoryuu

Similarities – Terrible Parental Relationships

Sometimes it’s difficult to come by works that handle mental disorders with care. My Dearest Self With Malic Aforethought offers an interesting story about a character undergoing Dissociative Identity Disorder. It contains a fun mystery with hints and foreshadowing elements sprinkled throughout. Readers will enjoy formulating hunches and theories about how it all wraps up.

While some of its outcomes can feel slightly predictable, readers will get a kick out of piecing together the subtle clues Hajime Inoryuu drops in it. Some characters don’t receive as much development as others. But if you can stick through with it to the end, you’re in for a satisfying thrill ride with this one.

This story follows a mundane university student named Eiji Urashima. He likes hanging out with his pals and hopes to secure a girlfriend. After a crazy night of partying, Eiji wakes up and discovers that the gorgeous girl named Kyouka from college is resting beside him. She claims to be his girlfriend, but Eiji doesn’t recall what happened that night.

Eiji encounters more strange situations involving incidents he doesn’t remember. To make matters worse, a magazine writer exposes Eiji’s deepest secret to Kyouka about him being the son of a serial killer. This manga focuses on Eiji’s quest to resolve all the issues that transpired in the past three days while getting Kyouka to accept him.

Takopi’s Original Sin – Taizan 5

Similarities – Themes

Takopi’s Original Sin is a heartbreaking manga with mature themes. It’s a short manga that readers can finish within a day. However, it’s a manga that readers should read with caution. It contains some dark storytelling and places children in dangerous circumstances that’ll make readers heart-aching and blood-pumping.

This sci-fi drama follows a squid creature named Happian. He leaves his planet because he wants to spread happiness across the world. He arrives on Earth and gets captured by its inhabitants. Thankfully, a small girl named Shizuka finds him, feeds him, and gives him the name Takopii. Takopii vows to make her life better and to make her smile.

It won’t be an easy mission as she’s living a tragic life. Luckily, Shizuka finds solace in her dog Chappy. This increases Takopii’s resolve to make her smile. Therefore, Takopii’s Original Sin follows our squid hero as he learns more about humanity and tries to find ways of spreading happiness. Like Blood on the Tracks, this manga excellently explores the human psyche through a child’s eyes.

While the story could’ve dragged on for a large sum of time, Taizan 5 chose to conclude the narrative on a satisfying note. This story isn’t for everyone as there are some scenes that’ll make you consistently cry. If you have some time to spare, give this work a read.

Satougashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai: A Lollypop or A Bullet – Kazuki Sakuraba

Similarities – Depressing Atmosphere & Themes

Despite being a short work, this manga contains enough story elements and themes that are worth dismantling. Like Blood on the Tracks, it offers insight into the life of someone who has trouble opening up and speaking from the heart. The characters must make challenging decisions and the story leaves some things unexplained.

Although this may bother some people, others will find enjoyment in crafting resolutions to fill the void. This manga has quality artwork that you can easily get lost in. The art elevates the complex aspects of our characters’ emotions regarding alienation, vulnerability, and the story’s overarching suspense. If you adore deep and depressing stories, you’re in for a great time with this one.

Our tale follows Nagisa Yamada, a withdrawn middle school student who lives in the countryside. Nagisa’s mother works several jobs to support their family. To support her family, Nagisa hopes to join the Self-Defense Force to supply her family with funds. One day, she meets Mokuzu Umino, a new transfer student at her school. She’s known for being a fabulous singer and for her cute looks.

Mokuza claims to be a mermaid and begs for Nagisa’s attention. Before a storm washes Mokuzu away, she hopes that she can establish a wonderful friendship with Nagisa. This serves as the crux of a narrative that spirals into many depressive themes of child abuse and other traumatic situations.

Yomawari-sensei – Osamu Mizutani

Similarities – Real-World Issues

Blood on the Tracks was a creepy manga that delved into several real problems. Yomawari-sensei is another incredible manga of a similar mold. It involves a high school teacher named Osamu Mizutani who recounts his prior years of night patrol duty in Yokohama City. From self-mutilation to drug abuse, we peer into Osamu’s various deeds of helping people overcome their traumatic lives.

Despite being an episodic series, the series’s author knows how to elevate the tension in each chapter. This manga is based on true stories, which is why the protagonist shares the same name as its author. Mizutani won’t always succeed in steering people toward a brighter path. These are the situations that’ll bring readers to tears the most.

This manga offers a great reflection on the common problems people face on a daily basis. From defeating drug addiction to a teacher failing to connect with his students, it tackles a wide scope of issues to keep things refreshing. While the artwork is fitting for the narrative, it may not appeal to the average reader. If you’re okay with realistically grounded narratives with fantastic depictions of real-world issues, give this one a go.

A Cruel God Reigns – Moto Hagio

Similarities – Characters & Themes

Seeing someone getting manipulated to do horrid things will get anyone riled up. A Cruel God Reigns not only shares this notion with Blood on the Tracks but it places its young male protagonist in situations that are downright devious. This is another story that showcases a young boy being led astray by another individual.

Moto Hagio phenomenally showcases his protagonist’s spiral toward madness gradually. You’ll appreciate the authenticity of his situation while clenching your fists at how the antagonist sways him toward darkness. This manga starts swinging from the first chapter and manages to keep your intention with its excellent pacing.

It’s not a long work, but it successfully tells an emotionally gripping narrative that’ll leave you speechless countless times. With its diverse characters, wonderful handling of tragic themes, and pleasant art style, A Cruel God Reigns is a must-read for fans of dark and thought-provoking storytelling.

So there we have it, our 8 books/manga to read after you’re caught up with Blood on the Tracks.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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