7 Women and a Murder (2022) Ending Explained – Who killed Marcello?

7 Women and a Murder Plot Synopsis

When Marcello, the head of a well-to-do family, is found Christmas Eve morning with a knife stuck in his back, the women in his life find themselves trapped in a mansion with his body. There is the eldest daughter, Susanna, visiting from Milan; the youngest daughter, a rebel named Caterina; the selfish mother-in-law, Rachele; Agostina, the spinster sister-in-law; Margherita, the stern wife; Maria, the beautiful maid; and Veronica, his old flame. Skirting around suspicion and secrets, they must collaborate to find out who among them is the killer.

Were Agostina and Margherita framed?

Once Veronica arrives and the women realize they are all truly stuck together, things start to intensify. Agostina starts struggling to breathe, asking for her pills that she placed by her bedside.

After a frantic search, Susanna emerges with the pills, but they were under Margherita’s bed. Margherita denies putting them there. Later, Veronica has disappeared, but her purse is laying out in plain view. While she is gone, Margherita, Caterina, and Susanna have a peek, finding a gun inside. They confront Veronica, who of course, denies having any knowledge of the gun.

Will the women brave the storm and leave the mansion?

With multiple motives up in the air and the confusing finding of the pills and the weapon, it seems like the killer could be anyone. Then Rachele reveals that Marcello is not really Susanna’s true father, adding more confusion to the mix. In a late attempt to block Rachele from blurting out the secret, Margherita knocks her out with a glass bottle and puts her in a storeroom.

At this point, the women decide they have had enough. Caterina, Susanna, Maria, and Agostina attempt to brave the winter storm and climb over the mansion’s padlocked gate, give up, and then retreat to the mansion.

Who killed Marcello?

On her way back to the mansion, Maria notices someone in the window. Once inside, she asks Caterina to reveal the truth. Caterina had hidden behind a curtain the previous evening and had heard each woman come at different times during the night to speak with Marcello. He was running out of money and exhausted by all of these women in his life.

Caterina reveals that she helped Marcello fake his own death so that he could know who really cared about him. Upon realizing that Marcello is still alive, all of the women rush to his room, only to find that he had died for real this time, after jumping off of a balcony.

The whole fun of murder mysteries is guessing who the killer is, and then being (usually) surprised by who it is. But it became evident in the last half of the film that Caterina definitely had a role in it. She was the only one who did not reveal any secrets (until the very end) and had been the one to prompt the others to tell theirs. After finding out that Marcello’s death was faked, his real death was all too predictable.


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