7 Upcoming Thai BLs to Watch This October

As we continue to enjoy ongoing BLs such as Love in The Air and Eclipse, we can’t help but be excited for the upcoming BLs this month. Here is a list of Thai Bls you should consider adding to your watchlist.

To Sir, With Love

Network: GMM One / One 31

Premiere date: October 3rd

This show is about Thian who is the eldest son of Jao Sua Song, a successful businessman who runs The Five Dragon Guild. Thian is expected to take over his father and run the company but he is gay and this troubles his father. Nunew sings the OST for the show so be sure to look out for his vocals as well.

Ghost Host, Ghost House 

Network: GMM 25

Premiere date: October 5th

This BL is about the story of Kawin, he is a streamer interested in hunting ghosts. His ghost-hunting adventures lead to him living in the same house with ghosts when he visits relatives. During his visit, he meets a young man named Pluem who shares his feelings of loss after a past trauma. They come together to confront a painful truth. Will they be able to bear the truth they discover?

Big Dragon

Network: GMM One

Premiere date: October 8th

This is perhaps the most anticipated BL of the season. The show follows the love story of Mangkorn Dragon and Yai Big. They are enemies who once slept together but they ran into each other again. This time they meet as a client and an architect for a pub renovation. Will they still remain enemies when it is all said and done?

Remember Me 

Network: Channel 3

Premiere date: October 9th

Fans of JaFirst are excited to see the “Don’t Say No” duo back again on their small screens. The show is about using messages whether it is love letters or phone messages. The characters in the show will be reminded of the nostalgic days when they were separated and wrote to each other. Unfortunately, after a while, they stop communicating. What happens when they finally meet again in person?

2 Moons: The Ambassador 

Network: Mello Thailand

Premiere date: October 10th

This is a sequel to 2Moons The Series from 2017. The show will follow the three couples from the previous series and viewers get to see how they have progressed in their respective relationships. The show will also introduce two new couples too, which should be quite the intriguing watch.

Hard love mission

Network: WeTV

Premiere date: October 15th

Yoshi and Ampere manage to get an interview with a big star named Putter. Yoshi soon finds himself stepping in as a temporary personal manager to Putter. He will have to go through various hard missions to be able to finalize his interview with Putter. 

Till the World Ends 

Network :  TBA

Premiere date: October 29th

This is the story of Art and Golf who find themselves living together throughout the last 13 days of the world. Art is suffering from Amnesia and has no choice but to depend on Golf to help him prepare for the end that is soon bound to come. They start developing feelings for each other but what future can their love have when the world ends in 13 days?

And there we have it, our picks for the best upcoming BL series to check out this October.

What do you think of our list? Have we missed any must-watch titles? We love to hear from you so do feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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