6ixtynin9 (Thai Drama) – Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Massacre

The final episode of 6ixtynin9 starts with Sonny’s men burying Pued’s body. One of them has a sinking feeling that Sonny’s life is in danger. The police are still listening in through the wire on Pued’s body. They hear about Sonnys’s delivery to Toom’s apartment building. 

Elsewhere, Jim says goodbye to her girlfriends, and they go over the revenge plan again. On her way back to her apartment, she is joined by Tong and his men. She notices one of the men is armed but says nothing; she gets off on her floor. She gets home to find John meditating, and she acts friendly. 

He tells her that something big is about to happen and he needs to concentrate. He is excited about arresting Sonny and Tud, given that Sonny is a big drug lord, and Tud is a famous rapper. He wants to make the arrest alone and get all the credit. Jim asks if he wants to shower, and she says no. Jim starts undressing and slowly seduces him.

How is John tricked? 

He falls for Jim’s seduction, and they end up in bed together. Jim is sly as she tricks him into agreeing to get cuffed to the bed. John has no idea what Jim is thinking. By the time he realizes, it is too late. Jim chops off his penis and kills him. She then proceeds to the second part of her plan.

The angel of death finds John’s cause of death ironic and funny. She jokes that if he had agreed to die earlier, he at least would have been killed as a cop on duty. She electrocutes his soul before deleting him.

What happens Between Kanchit and Tong? 

Kanchit waits for Tong in room number 9. He came prepared with his men. He is under the impression that Tong deceived him and is working with Toom, his former employee. Tong is surprised and wonders how Toom comes into play. Kanchit insists they go to Toom’s room so everything can be clarified. He thinks Wiroj is on his way with Toom and is ready to get answers. He holds Tong at gunpoint, and they head to her room. 

At Toom’s apartment, Kanchit’s men show up from their hiding place and hold Tong at gunpoint. Tong’s men silently barge in and hold Kanchit at gunpoint too, with the pair at an impasse.

Meanwhile, the police arrive and plan their takedown. They are eager to arrest Sonny. The caretaker suggests they use Toom’s balcony to access room 7 and close in from the back. They head to Toom’s apartment and find Kanchit, Tong and their men. They quickly put their guns away and invite the police to use the balcony.

The inspector notices nothing suspicious, and the caretaker asks where Toom is. Once the police and the caretaker use the balcony and leave, they return to their impasse.

They start shouting at each other to surrender, and the landline begins ringing. They lose their patience and open fire. Everyone in the room dies except Sompan, who lived until the age of  326 since he had a deal with the angel of death. 

Does a gunfight break out?

Sonny is the second person to arrive at the building and is warmly welcomed by Tud. They head to the apartment to finish their deal. Tud checks the product by using it. He soon drops and starts shaking. Sonny explains that he ingested rat poison and goes on a rant about how Tud disrespected him. He claims he has been in the business for decades and draws his gun. 

He continues to lecture Tud and mock his songs when the police barge in and corner them. Sonny refuses to drop his gun and says he will take his chances. A gunfight breaks out, and many lose their lives. Milli is the only survivor and runs into Toom on her way out.

What happens to Toom?

After killing Wiroj, who gets deleted by the angel of death, Toom returns to Kanchit’s house. She picks up Fon’s body and her bag. She takes Fon’s body to her house and makes it look like Fon killed herself. She then calls the police and reports the death of her friend. She doesn’t stand by and wait for the cops; she leaves immediately, taking her car.

She returns home and sees the massacre in both houses. She quickly packs her staff and picks up the landline one last time. Toom makes her way to the airport and hears on the news that the police are looking for her concerning the massacre in her apartment. At the airport, she sees a heavy police presence and changes her plan. 

She drives to a motel and gets a room. She starts to remember her family and the happy memories of her childhood. She begins to regret taking the money so she gets in her car again and drives to the pond. This time, she throws away the money and leaves her car behind. She also burns her passport.

She likely wants the police to believe she drowned or was killed and dumped in the pond. She quietly walks away from the scene. 

The following day, her mom receives the letter and the money she sent earlier. A diver later finds the bag and the money, but we don’t know if he reported it to the police.

Hows does 6ixtynin9 end? 

At the end of the episode, the pervert is arrested. He turns out to be the young man who helped Toom the first day she was fired—the one who kept asking for milk and was always snooping around.

The show ends with the angel of death deleting everyone who died in the massacre.

The Episode Review

6ixtynin9 ended on a cliffhanger, as we don’t know what happened to Toom. Did she flee the country? Where is she hiding, and what are the police doing to find her?  We also would have loved to know if the police wanted to question her about Fon. What did she do to Wiroj’s body? There seem to be many plot holes in this series, and it would have been better if they were clarified before the show took its final bow. 

Other than Toom’s storyline, the other storylines were perfectly wrapped in a neat little bow. We found out who the pervert was and we know how long Sompan lived. It is also good that the show has maintained its deadpan humour and kept us entertained until the last moment. What was your favourite moment of the show?

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