6ixtynin9 (Thai Drama) – Episode 5 Recap & Review

Back To The Land of The Living

6ixtynin9 episode 5 starts with a flashback to the day Tong called Kanchit to ask about the delay of his money. Kanchit is sure his men followed the instructions. Tong suggests they meet later that night to get his money. He doesn’t care what happened to the first payment; all he wants is his cash. They will meet in room 9 in Toom’s building at 11pm later that evening.

Kanchit gets ready and goes through the apartment’s floor plan. Tong is also doing the same, as he doesn’t want surprises.

Meanwhile, Tud is at M’s house, trying to find a solution to the misspelt tattoo on Milli. Sonny calls him on his mobile, and Tud is displeased. He reminds Sonny about what he said regarding personal phones. He calls Sonny back on the landline and scolds him further, telling him the dangers of the latest phone technology for drug dealers like them.

As they talk, John puts something from Toom’s room in the chest and locks it up. He heads out and overhears Tud’s conversation with Sonny. Tud asks Sonny to deliver the drugs to the building. Sonny informs him that he will personally bring the drugs, and Tud gives him the floor and door number. Tud is in room 7 and is Toom’s direct neighbour. Tud thinks it is great that Sonny is making the delivery and looks forward to getting to know each other. 

Elsewhere, Toom finds Fon lying on the floor after overdosing on some medication. Fon attempted suicide after finding out T left her for another woman. The doctors work to resuscitate her, and the grim reapers come for her soul.  The angel of death refuses to delete her and tells her it is not her time. Fon begs to be allowed to die, but the angel sends her back. Once she wakes up, she asks Toom to take her out of the hospital. 

Toom agrees and listens as Fon talks about her breakup. They head to Fon’s house, and Toom takes the truck. She is about to leave when Fon insists on going with her. Toom tries to discourage her from coming, but Fon argues she can’t be alone. She is afraid she will attempt suicide again. Fon asks to join Toom as she takes the books to the library. Toom has no choice but to let her tag along.

They stop by Toom’s house and pick the chests. They drive to the pond, and Toom starts getting rid of the bodies. Fon realizes that they are not at the library and are not delivering books. She asks what’s in the chests, and Toom opens one of them and takes a gun. Fon is shocked to see a human body, but Toom closes the chest and carries on with the disposal. 

Once Toom is done, she pulls a gun on Fon and asks her to get back in the car. Fon is still shaken from the events unfolding before her but does as instructed. Toom throws the gun into the pond, and they drive off. 

As soon as they drive off, Sompan floats to the surface and walks away. He headsto the street and asks a woman for water to wash his face. His whole body is covered in mud. He goes home and takes a shower. He then calls Subin and apologizes for sleeping with his girlfriend. Subin thinks it is a prank call because he saw Sompan’s dead body. 

Elsewhere, the pervert gets ready to go out and get some pictures of ladies’ underpants. He puts a camera in one of his shoes, which happens to have a small hole on them. He gets on a bus and takes photos of a nurse in her uniform. 

John also heads home and cleans up before wearing his uniform. Concurrently, Sonny asks his men to add rat poison to Tud’s order. At Kanchit’s house, he enjoys supper with his men and ensures they are ready as planned. He leaves Toom’s papers on his desk and drives to the destination with his men. 

Tong also gets ready and tells his partner that he will return for dinner in an hour. He is surprised to see Sompan back at work and asks what happened. Sompan says it is a long story, and they drive to the meeting. 

Sonny also heads out to make his delivery. A cop stops him, and he outright tells him that he is delivering cocaine. The officer assumes Sonny is messing with him and makes him do 30 push-ups as punishment. By the time Sonny is done, he is a sweating mess and more pissed than before. 

Toom is also on the move and explains everything to Fon. Toom tells her that she is leaving the country at 2 a.m. They drive to Kanchit’s house, where Wiroj waits to pounce on Toom. As she enters the house, he pulls a gun and accuses her of working for Tong. Toom is confused by the allegations and tries to defend herself. Fon comes to check what is taking Toom so long, and she gets shot. Wiroj drags Toom away after shooting Fon again to ensure she is dead.

They get in the car, and Toom drives while Wiroj holds her at gunpoint. He switches on the radio and starts crying after hearing a song. He orders Toom to pull over and continues to cry. He explains his mom loved the song and had asked him to sing it for her as she died. He believes his mom died of ​​mycosis.

The song makes him miss his mom and when it ends, and Wiroj returns to his senses, they struggle for the gun. Two gunshots rent the air, and the scene cuts to grim reapers picking up Fon. Fon is happy to be dead, and the angel is surprised to see her so soon. Fon smiles as she gets deleted.

The Episode Review

The contrast between Fon and John is eye-opening. John wanted to live and fought so hard to return to the world of the living. Fon wanted to end it all and attempted to take her life. She begs the angel to let her die and smiles when she gets deleted. She found peace in death, and John only found regrets. These scenes give us a lot to think about, and though it seems controversial, I am glad that Fon found happiness in her death.

It seems all roads lead to Toom’s building, and we are in for quite a showdown in the next episode. Who will survive, and who will be meeting the angel of death by the end of the night? Let us dive into the finale and get answers to our burning questions!

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