50M2 – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Bond, Stolen Bond

Episode 6 of 50M2 begins with Shadow interrogating a suspect. He beats him badly, snapping photos in order to send on as blackmail for his Father who is the real target here.

Before that though, Shadow has pictures taken for his ID. After some harsh words, the photographer snaps his picture to carry around with him. After leaving the place with Muhtar, Shadow questions how the man has managed to hold it together in the wake of all this evil. Of course, all of this comes down to your mind and Muhtar explains this to Shadow, encouraging him to look at the positive side of life. You can’t make any place special without someone by your side.

Back at the bakery, Dilara runs into trouble as she receives a letter from the lawyers on behalf of Mesut. They’re looking to take legal action against the bakery and try to make her yield and give up ownership rights.

Özlem heads out with Mesut who tells him to hand over the bonds he has so she can hold onto them. She wants everything to go over smoothly in this upcoming legal battle without any “gangster shit” being pulled. It’s certainly a persuasive tool and one that Mesut eventually agrees to.

Meanwhile, Shadow, Mesut and Dilara all contemplate quite what to do about their predicament and how to raise the money needed. Shadow comes up with a dastardly plan and suggests they all steal the bonds instead. Without them, Mesut won’t be able to incriminate and it’ll render the legal proceedings void.

Well, all the different residents deliberate over whether to go ahead with this or not, as Turan and Yakup lend their critical voices to the discourse.

Mesut eventually shows up at the tailors but Shadow despairs at his dress attire. He dances around Shadow’s antagonizing jabs though and hits him with an uppercut of his own. Mesut openly admits that he knows Shadow isn’t actually Adem and promises to reveal the truth to everyone. Mesut tells Shadow to do the smart thing and leave. Shadow however, remains conflicted over what action to take next.

Meanwhile, Servet seems to have a change of heart on the back of his confession to the doctor, deciding to try and patch things up with Shadow after all.

Back in town, all our characters team up to break into Mesut’s office. They’re determined to get the bonds back and after a close call with the contractor called Metin outside, Mesut suddenly appears back at the office again. Everyone comically huddles together like sardines under the desk as Mesut steps inside.

Thankfully,  he’s interrupted by Metin returning and badmouthing Mesut and his operation. As things grow heated, Mesut lets his emotions get the better of him and he shoots the man in cold blood.

Panicking, Mesut bundles the dead man in the boot of his car and quickly changes clothes. He meets Özlem and they deliberate over exactly what to do about this situation.

Meanwhile, Dilara decides to phone the police and report the murder. When the officers arrive at the office the next day, they fail to find anything awry and leave the scene empty-handed. As we cut back in time to earlier in the day, it turns out Civan helped cover everything up, spraying the ground with water and covering Mesut’s bloody tracks.

Civan seems to have collateral of his own though in the form of a single gold bullet. He keeps it stuffed in a handkerchief and puts it in his pocket.

Later that day, Shadow shows up at Mesut’s office and tells him he’s going to sell the shop after all. In order to do so though, he wants to talk to the contractor. The same contractor that Mesut shot dead. This gives Shadow leverage over the man, eventually asking outright to speak to his boss instead.

Given Shadow is supposed to be laying low, he agrees to go with Mesut and visit his boss, which happens to be Servet of course. Civan tells Mesut to be careful while they head round the different businesses and begin collecting up the bonds. On the way back, Yakup successfully distracts Mesut while they’re on the road, allowing Dilara and Shadow to both take the bonds and leave Mesut with nothing.

With everything coming undone for Mesut, Servet realizes the bond situation has gone awry while Dilara hesitates over whether to actually get rid of the bonds or not. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea, as a small part of her believes they should abide by the law.

Well, eventually the residents all team up together and burn the bonds in a flaming bin. While all our characters huddle together and do just this, a mysterious man watches in the shadows and rings Servet, telling him they’ve found Shadow.

The Episode Review

The earlier conflict between Servet and Shadow seems to have completely fizzled out, replaced by the far less interesting situation in town with bonds, buying out buildings and Mesut’s grip on the neighbourhood. This almost betrays the action packed start to the show and the longer this one goes on, the more comedic it’s becoming – and I don’t think that’s necessarily a good thing. In fact, this lighter tone seems to betray the earlier darker and more tense elements to this one.

The whole bond-switching idea completely diminishes Mesut as a credible threat too while Servet has been confined to his office most of this season and hardly a threat to Shadow’s wellbeing. The recent reveal that he’s not actually interesting in hurting him is another twist in the tale, abd we’ll have to wait and see how hat develops over time.

Right now though, there’s not much of an antagonistic threat and this one seems to have screeched to a half with its plot development. Let’s hope this one picks up steam soon.

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