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Episode 5 of 50M2 begins with Shadow blaming himself and continuing to ponder over the man he buried alive at the end of the previous episode. However, Shadow is distracted by Kerim announcing that people are causing trouble in the bakery.

When Shadow shows up, he’s introduced to the underground boss, Azrail. He’s certainly bemused by Shadow’s overconfidence and remains determined to try and find out what sort of man he actually is. Well, as we soon find out, the man Shadow killed and buried last episode actually works for Azrail. The boss wants his package handed over and if Shadow doesn’t deliver then someone in town will die.

Dilara remains determined to try and find the package herself, which Shadow downplays and tells her to stay calm. In order to get to the bottom of this. Shadow and Yakup decide to team up together to confront Mesut for answers – answers that we pretty much guessed already given this is to do with a drug shipment.

Anyway, Azrail is already there and given he’s Mesut’s boss, has some choice words for him. It looks like this fragile hierarchy could topple at any moment. As we soon find out, the man Shadow killed was a middle man but quite who he is and what he knows, remains a secret. This sends Shadow and Yakup off on the hunt for information, talking to various customers for intel on who he is and what this man’s name was.

This search brings them to Mustafa, Baldie’s son. He promises his Father he’s not on drugs anymore but does have some information they can use. At a nearby hostel he used to get drugs from, the trio learn that the drug dealer was staying there for the time being. His name is Acid and his best friend Tiny used to work the block with him.

Just like that, Tiny appears on the scene, prompting Shadow and the others to chase after him through the streets. Shadow is smart though and manages to track him down.

In the street, Yakup and Shadow begin to learn more about this operation. It turns out Acid and Tiny had plans to leave this line of work and head off to the Mediterranean together.

Meanwhile, Servet continues to suffer from nightmares, looking over old photos of the past with him and Shadow together. He visits his Doctor and claims he misses Shadow, admitting that what happened has left a heavy weight over him. Of course, this heavy weight continues to manifest itself in the form of ghosts haunting his subconscious.

Servet sends Özlem out to meet Mesut. She too is desperate to find Shadow, with the latter bringing Özlem to the tailors. However, Shadow isn’t home as Mesut admits that the owner is called Adem but he hasn’t seen the certificate of inheritance. She hands over her card and drives away, just as Shadow appears round the corner. Mesut doesn’t seem to see him arrive though.

Mustafa and Yakup part ways after their earlier investigation but he’s convinced Shadow is hiding something. However, Dilara tells him to drop it having now decided to trust Shadow’s story. Well, Shadow happens to be out digging for clues but comes up short. When he sees Azrail again, he’s in no mood for games as the dead man he threatened earlier manifests itself in Mustafa.

It’s certainly a bitter pill to swallow but Shadow has an ace up his sleeve. After a tense confrontation with Acid during a flashback, Shadow reveals to Azrail that Acid was actually a police informant and telling the police everything about the deal about to go down.

He was also on the verge of outing Azrail too so in a way, he actually did the underground boss a favour. In exchange for this courtesy, Shadow tells Azrail to leave town. Just before he does, he apologizes for the boy’s death which Shadow makes a point of correcting and telling him the boy’s life matters.

The Episode Review

Episode 5 of 50M2 isn’t exactly a filler episode but it’s about as close as you get to one without developing the story in a meaningful way. This new underground crime boss comes rattling in out of nowhere and the entire episode, although tying in with the drug subplot from the previous chapter, doesn’t do a whole lot to actually progress this cat and mouse chase between Shadow and Servet which has been sidelined for the time being.

Still, hopefully the rest of the show will pick up the pace as the ending leaves the door wide open for more.

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