50M2 – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

A Deal Gone Wrong

Episode 2 of 50M2 begins with Turan and Muhtar examining the smashed glass at the tailors. While Turan runs, a brave Muhtar creeps inside nd sees Shadow on the floor in a bad way. Believing that he’s actually Adem, Turan and Muhtar work together to try and patch him up. When Muhtar’s daughter Dilara shows, Shadow groans and tells them all he doesn’t want an ambulance being called.

With the shop on the verge of being handed over to Adem, Muhtar runs into trouble with a man named Mesut whom he agreed could buy it off him. Given he’s gone back on his word, Mesut warns him to be careful.

Meanwhile, Stain returns to Servet empty-handed prompting him to be reprimanded by our crime boss. Servet is not of sane mind and tells his attorney, Ozlem, that they need to find the weapons no matter what. Searching Shadow’s apartment brings up no clues either.

Shadow rings Servet and asks for more information relating to his past. If Servet can do that then he’ll hand over the weapons. After getting nowhere with these negotiations, Shadow hangs up and deliberates his next move. Servet meanwhile, stews in his own anger and greed.

That evening, Shadow heads out for a meal with Muhtar’s family but Dilara is understandably suspicious of him given they know nothing about the man. However, they do all believe Shadow’s injuries are a result of him not paying rent.

For now, Shadow settles in with the family but needs some clothes – and a car. This leads Shadow to Mesut in the middle of the night, who asks him outright for his ID and money. Unfortunately Shadow has neither but convinces Mesut to let him take one of the cars nonetheless.

Shadow arrives to see Mumtaz and offers him a deal. He’ll gladly hand over the weapons in exchange for protection from Servet. After Mumtaz agrees to these terms, bemused by Shadow’s choice of rocking up with pajamas on, Shadow heads home and sleeps.

In the morning, Shadow asks for Dilara’s help in deciphering the maze on the back of Adil’s business card. However, Mesut rocks up at the bakery and immediately tensions flare. As Shadow talks to Dilara, she tells him to be careful given how much of an opportunistic shark Mesut is.

Mesut shows up at Muhtar’s office next and sets his sights on Dilara’s bakery. Given the fallen through deal for the tailors, he suggests he take that instead. Muhtar is not happy and tells him to shut up. Mesut instead brushes this aside and tells him to get the deed ready.

Dilara’s love interest, Yakup, learns about Shadow and chases after him in a fit of jealous rage. After headbutting him outside the shop, Shadow beats the man down leading to the pair needing to be patched up by Muhtar and Dilara inside. Muhtar berates Yakup when he shows, calling him a thief and harshly laying into the kid.

Later that evening, Shadow shows up with Mumtaz down at the docks alone. Shadow delivers his weapons as scheduled but unfortunately Mumtaz doesn’t keep his word. With numerous red laser sights on him from camouflaged soldiers, Mumtaz betrays Shadow and takes the weapons for himself.

Shadow evades the men and brings back Mesut’s car…or at least his license plates anyway. He asks Mesut to leave Muhtar and the others alone and decides to stick around for the time being.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 lightens the tone slightly as Shadow adopts Adem’s identity and tries to lay low. Well, for a bit anyway. His deal with Mumtaz was always going to go sideways and unfortunately Shadow walked right into his trap.

With no weapons and leverage, plus Servet and his men after him, Shadow is stuck in a difficult position going forward. And what happened to Adem’s body? I’m sure it’s a case of Servet and his men burying him and hiding the evidence but it’s also a little suspect that no one has asked for Shadow’s ID (apart from Mesut) to verify his identity.

Still, the ending certainly leaves lots of intriguing possibilities going forward as this Turkish series looks set to ramp things up for a dramatic set of episodes to come.

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