365 Days: This Day Ending Explained – The shocking truth about Laura and Massimo revealed!

365 Days: This Day Plot Synopsis

365 Days: This Day is the sequel to the 2020 erotica, 365 Days. It picks up with Massimo and Laura getting married after the latter survived her car crash. While Olga starts messing about with Domenica, Massimo and Laura end up happily married…but that happiness doesn’t last for long. Trouble is brewing as Massimo slips into old habits. When Laura spies Massimo heading off at a party with another young woman, she suspects the worst.

Thankfully, Nacho is there to help. Complete with gorgeous good looks, he takes her under his wing and whisks her off on an adventure she’ll never forget.

Who is Nacho?

Early on in the movie we learn that Nacho is a gardener and that his father is “a wealthy man”. Although that is accurate, the shocking (well, not really) truth is that Nacho’s real name is Macelo “Nacho” Mato.

He’s the son of Don Fernando Matos, who happens to be part of the local mafia. As fate would have it, these guys are also the rivals of Massimo’s family. Because Laura came willingly to him, Nacho’s original plan to kidnap her didn’t come to fruition and he actually grew real feelings for her over the time they spend on the beach. He taught her how to surf, she had erotic thoughts about him, the usual.

This sudden realization over who Nacho actually is shocks Laura and she feels betrayed. Eventually she asks to be return to Massimo, wanting to end these “gangster games.” However, she’s not allowed to and is forced to attend a meeting with Nacho’s father, where Massimo is scheduled to be in attendance.

Was it really Massimo at the party that night?

All of Laura’s actions up until this point have been driven based on one particular instance at the party. She walked in on Massimo having sex with his former lover Anna at the party and was too shocked to say anything. When she left without saying anything, refusing to speak to Massimo, the truth soon becomes clear.

Now, Anna’s play in all this is that she wants to unite their families. Massimo refuses and even accuses Anna of being behind Laura’s disappearance, given she’s left with Massimo’s gardener, Nacho.

It turns out that Anna was actually having sex with Massimo’s evil twin brother, Adriano. Massimo never bothered to tell his wife about his crazy evil twin (as you do) and as such, it was all one big misunderstanding. Just to hammer home how crazy he is, Adriano sports a really annoying tick, where he clicks his tongue when he speaks.

What happens at the meeting?

As the film reaches its crescendo, Don Matos uses Laura as a bargaining chip. Nacho’s father is not happy about Massimo expanding his business so much and wants him to hand everything over to Adriano.

It turns out Laura’s car accident was deliberate, and a warning from the Don. He eventually admits that Adriano would be far easier to control. Massimo is enraged, standing up and shouting across the table. Adriano was responsible for heir father’s death and there’s no way he’ll leave the business in his hands.

When Nacho shows up, Don Matos requests Laura be brought in. Only… there’s a problem. It turns out the wrong bodyguard took Laura and she’s currently with Adriano and Anna. Uh oh.

What happens at the standoff? Who dies?

Adriano takes Laura off to an empty, secluded building. Whilst there, Anna comes out the shadows and stands alongside the evil twin, both sporting handguns.

Wanting to get Laura back, Nacho and Massimo put their differences aside and rush to the scene, sporting guns of their own as a big ol’ stand-off ensues. So what happens here?

Well, a lot happens actually. Adriano holds Laura up at gunpoint. When he lets his guard down, Laura makes a run for it. Laura is shot in the stomach as a result, while Anna is shot in the chest. Adriano is then shot by Massimo while Nacho turns the gun on Massimo… and thinks twice about firing.

As Nacho walks away, Massimo tends to his wife, who’s bleeding out on the ground.

Does Laura survive?

Under the rules of plot armour, one would assume that Laura has survived, especially if a sequel is on the way for this one. It could well be that she was wearing a bulletproof vest, or just that the bullet missed vital organs and she survived as a result.

It’s assumed that both Anna and Adriano have both died though, as they’ve served their purpose in this movie. But then again, we could all be wrong and there could be another twist at play here. Who knows! We’ll have to wait and see if this one is renewed.


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20 thoughts on “365 Days: This Day Ending Explained – The shocking truth about Laura and Massimo revealed!”

  1. I hope there is A fourth 365 Days And nacho and laura end up together. Nacho is so sweet and he loves Laura, whereas MIassimo Is too much of a hot head. But laura keeps nacho waiting. Is she just Stringing him along? I can’t stand this. Its hurting him too much. He’s willing to give her everything he has to give.

  2. Sandra
    10/05/2022 at 4:58 pm
    Does anyone know what kind of shoes Laura is wearing in the final scene when she gets shot?
    Hello, the type of shoes Laura is wearing is women Tod’s sneakers.

  3. Does anyone know what kind of shoes Laura is wearing in the final scene when she gets shot?

  4. I don’t understand how Nachos who fell in love with Laura just leave Laura while she’s laying there covered in blood while

  5. This love with Massimo is costing Laura way too much.. lost a pregnancy, shot twice, always having to look over her shoulders, she is away from Poland etc.. it’s not everything you love that you have to keep. She needs to divorce the mafia boss and move on with her life. she may not be lucky next time her criminal boss has an enemy gunning for her, she may not survive a 3rd shot. Who knows what vital organs have been damaged by these needless shots. Run, Laura! run!
    That she was attracted to Nachos is sufficient proof that Massimo is not her soulmate, she can love another. she needs to leave Massimo, Nachos and all the criminal Italian sexy men alone. Go home, Laura, don’t look back. choose life and peace

  6. The ending.was poor. Laura went through alot and not fair she got shot. I hope she makes it and live happy.with Massimo. Or divorce him somshe can be safe away from Mafia.

  7. Laura doesn’t deserve to die & the bullet should of missed the vital organs so she can go on to have children with her husband. Would be great to see her grow her business, be in her friends wedding, & get pregnant around the same time as her friend. There’s so much to go on & add from & longer storyline & don’t forget the sex for everyone I’m sure would be asking too.
    Laura has been through alot & deserves a good & happy ending.

  8. Yes..Sad that Laura died. So does she somehow survive? To make it work for Part 3? Wanna really sell Part 3, make big bucks? Have Michele Morrone’s ex wife, Rouba Saddeh star in part 3. She’s hotter than all the women in both 365 days movies. Get a REAL BEAUTY co-star for Part 3….cast Rouba Saddeh.

  9. I would like for Laura to pull through and her and Massimo clear things up and start a family and live happily ever after

  10. This movie was too fast. Should have been drawn out longer…..so in 3, can we please have some more dialog, storyline and yes of course sex…..but elongate these characters. Tell us more; give us better twists….

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