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In a month that’s given us depressing ends to She-Hulk and Rings of Power, 28 Days Haunted may actually take the cake as the funniest show this year… but for all the wrong reasons. Billing itself as a horror reality show (which should immediately get the red flags going), Netflix’s goofy ghost hunting team intend to catch ghosts on-screen – and they’re prepared to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Three separate teams head off to three different locations, each with three main players (1 “sensitive” and 2 paranormal investigators) to explore haunted locales across the US. They all follow the work of Ed and Lorraine Warren, who have been found out as frauds on more than one occasion, including the infamous Amityville Horror. Anyway, I digress.

The paranormal investigators have figured out that it takes about 28 days to pierce the veil between the living and the dead, so they intend to wait it out for that length of time in these areas, believing it’ll help them communicate with the spirits beyond.

All the usual hallmarks are here for ghost hunting, but immediately – nigh on the second these men and women walk through the door – the ghosts start haunting them. Flickering lights, a spooky radio, feeling like they’ve been “punched in the gut”; you name it, it’s all there on Day 1. While this could be true, one of the locations is literally a museum open to the public.

Of course, this is all intentional; it gets you interested to see what’s in store for the rest of the show, and judging by the fact these guys were in the houses for 28 days, across 3 different locations, it’s telling that they only managed to get enough footage to go for six 30 minute long episodes.

The editing here also leaves a lot to be desired. The show moves between areas with an annoying zoom out-zoom in function with all the different cameras, but then also uses an actual map to move across segments. On top of that, there are also talking head interviews for each of the investigators, explaining exactly what they’ve found or experienced at that given time.

And honestly, it’s hilarious to watch. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not is irrelevant but this show goes above and beyond to try and push its own narrative regardless of facts.

In the first episode, two of the paranormal investigators communicate with spirits, who speak through an old radio. “We need some names!” One of them bellows. The garbled reply is closer to: “#@sdjh!” and completely obscured. A small pause. “Was that Liam?” I lost it. Fits of laughter.

These sort of moments are littered throughout the series, with episode 4, as another example, seeing the group over at Captain Grant’s Inn finding a star pendant buried in a grave outside… which they immediately believes is a pentagram and has a “lot of energy” attached to it. Because of course it does.

But again, that’s part of the allure. This is not a good series and you absolutely should not take it seriously. But this is undoubtedly comedy gold.

There are some genuine laugh out loud segments here that are far funnier than anything that came out of She-Hulk earlier this month; this is car crash TV at its absolute best and should absolutely be renewed for another 10 seasons right now. Please make it happen Netflix.

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  • Verdict - 2.5/10

76 thoughts on “28 Days Haunted Season 1 Review – Netflix’s hilarious reality show is comedy gold”

  1. I was done in episode 3 when the gay guy with the tight jeans and thick glasses started crying because the fat skeptic with the beard hurt his feelings. WTAF BYE

  2. Hilarious!! The god helmet!!! No idea what could be causing the heart attack symptoms… maybe cut back a bit on the junk food.

  3. I am a firm believer in the paranormal. I am always excited to find new shows in regards to the topic because I have a strong interest in every bit of it. I have no clue what this is, but it’s garbage. It honestly had me cringing at some of their reactions. It’s no wonder so many dismiss the real deals in this industry. If you want a good laugh, this is your show!

  4. So, this show was an obvious take on the fake reality stuff done like Paranormal activity. It’s very possible these people did experience some activity that is unexplained. But clearly it was dramatized for effect. How convenient the activity ramped up exactly the same and peaked on day 28 for all three locations. Personally, I thought it was a disservice to those who do honest work seeking out proof and evidence of paranormal activity. But that’s Netflix, which has a knack for producing over hyped reality shows.

  5. This is indeed the funniest show I’ve ever seen on ghost hunting.
    1) Warren’s son-in-law is just a showpiece himself. All he does is repeat what Mr. Know-all / journalist Sagers says once in a while or says,”yes, sure”. He is doing it for the money, it shows.
    Only stands with an angry/serious face to surf on the waves of angry tv show host like Gordon Ramsey.
    2) The “pentagon” was buried a few minutes prior only. He could have dugged it out wuth bare hands. Would’ve saved time.
    3) The plastic God’s helmet, my 9 year old nephew also has it. I will ask him he sees the dead with it lol !
    4) The grave had Mercy written on it.
    5) Grave was moss-free in the next scene. Ghosts like it clean lol ! Additionally,
    6) Yelling as a demon/ghost/spirit has the desired effect lol
    7) Editing is really bad. Objects have been moved in the middle of “dramatic / stressful” conversations lol
    8) Overnight random people become psychics. Only a salt bath is required.
    9) All stories pop out during dreams only. How convenient ! No evidence or conversations required with spirits.
    10) God’s plastic helmet with UFO lights is like the virtual 3D glasses.
    11) Very conveniently, they discount Charlie’s killings as a demonic possession. Wow! Judgment is out!
    12) Evidences are very obviously planted like the newspaper cutting, which someone in the comments section has pointed out, is the same that they have been showing to us since the beginning. Else, no good quality “newspaper” clipping would have been so prim and proper in such humidity.
    Producer thinks we will gobble all this up. No.
    Watch this comedy show for the greedy Tom Spera who is trying to milk his in-laws’ cow and made the most pathetic show ever!

  6. As someone who lives in CT, I am very familiar with the history of Captain Grant’s. The way that these 3, “ahem” investigators approached this property is completely emblematic of this completely horrible, inane show! It is so insulting to those who have a sincere interest in the Paranormal! First of all, anyone who lives in New England would be completely familiar with the metal stars that are posted next to military graves, especially those who served in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars! That was not a pentagram! Shawn also clearly led the “investigation” from day one with his biases as well as what the producers of this risible debacle wanted to present. What is keeping Adelaide in that house, Shawn? It is called grief, an emotion that requires depth and character to have, so I guess you wouldn’t get it. I used to have respect for Aaron, Tony and Shane-Holzer Files was great. But shame on everyone associated with this show! You have done a disservice to anyone who has a sincere respect for the Paranormal. Hucksters and hacks one and all!!!

  7. This and The Dead Files are the only two legit shows I was willing to watch. I can pick up on too much even through the TV screen and before the episodes have finished. That’s not usual for me. I had to stop watching the show multiple times to even try and complete the season. Which I was curious to do given my natural capacity to tune in to such unusual things at a not-so-fun level and wanting to find another way to challenge that. In the last episode, as they wrap it all up, I would have to disagree with the statement, “a diverse display of impressive results.” Instead, I would say it was a very humbling display of serious results. Oh, and that house with the circular room and serial killer…? There is Wayyy more occult history involved FYI. Thanks.

  8. The show 28 Days actually throws any validity the field has ever gained back 28 centuries.
    This is an insult to all legitimate people in the field. We watched it because we really needed some good laughs and it did not fail in that aspect. It was hilarious only until it got pathetic. Imagine a demonologist becoming possessed. Aren’t they supposed to know better?
    How can a psychic medium run from their job? Isn’t that what they are suppossed to do, stay and solve the “mysteries” of the unknown? As far as not knowing where they were going- obviously contrived.
    Are people really buying this? They must think the viewing public is stupid.
    They owe an awful lot of apologies to those in the field who are actually genuine.

  9. OK I’m gonna put it all the rest for you folks. I had contemplated not posting a review simply because I know one of the “investigators”. I feared I could have a lawsuit for defamation. However, after talking with an attorney everything I have to say from this point on is documented and factual. I was married to Amy Parks. she is not a medium sensitive or anything! At no time in her life prior to the time we met in 2000 did she ever say anything to anyone about any psychic or medium or sensitive abilities. Amy and I met because she was from the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area and I had just moved to southwest Florida. I walked into a bar that my band frequented and was introduced by a mutual friend. Very attractive and sexy young lady she was. After getting to know her I learned that she was in Florida because in Pennsylvania she had overdosed on heroin because she was a heroin addict. Her mother, after being called to the hospital because her daughter had overdose on heroin, found out that Amy was a heroin addict and had multiple warrants for her arrest in the Pittsburgh area for writing bad checks to get drugs amongst other things. Her mother after getting her out of the hospital, then drove her to Florida to stay with a family member. After staying with a family member for a little while she ended up moving down to the Englewood Florida area where she was living with some mutual friends that we had. A husband and wife. Two weeks after meeting Amy she asks if she can move in with me because the wife of the couple she was living with thought she was trying to hit on her husband. I found out later Amy had actually had sexual encounters with the husband. Amy now we’re married we had a child I ended up with sole custody of the child because Amy could not keep her legs together while I was out working to pay all of our bills! Within a couple of weeks of Amy and I separating she actually moved in with one of my very best friends, the drummer in my band! Turns out this relationship has been going on for quite a while. Amy then had another child with this man. He tried to get rid of her several times because of her behavior. Finally one day he booted her out she went back to Pennsylvania with the daughter I move back to my home state with my child. She has never been to see a band concert she was thousands of dollars behind in child support and one day she decided to come up and take my son to Pennsylvania to visit his grandmother. She stayed at my house for a couple of days with her daughter who is in an infant. She ended up taking off in the middle of the day with both children and drove around for a week claiming to be possessed by a demon with a Native American name. We had an amber alert, she had attacked her boyfriend in Florida with a knife. She ended up wrecking the car thinking she was in West Virginia but she was actually at Virginia Beach. She was put in a mental institution. This is the first time anyone had ever heard of Amy’s so-called psychic abilities. Just as she was losing everything and everyone that was important to her she decided she wanted to be a psychic medium. Since then she has thousands of dollars again behind in child support. She has never been to a band concert with my child she has never been to a state competition for him. I was shocked when she showed up for his graduation. And I’m still getting child support because I had to go to the Department of Social Services and call the governors office to get them to garnish your wages for her back child support. I cannot speak for the other so-called investigators on the show but I will tell you this Amy discredit all of them. Her mother recently passed and even at the funeral while everyone’s grieving she’s walking in after not seeing her family not participating in any family events starts telling them how she is already talk to her mother and help her go to the light! She is trash she is a liar she is a fake! Again I cannot speak to the rest of the crew on the show but if Netflix didn’t vet their crew any more than what is totally documented and out there for the public to see it just tells me that they have Absolutely no credit as far as I’m concerned. As far as the two guys that were being mean to her I heard because I will not watch more than five minutes of his father. Did I being mean to her she’s a fake and she deserves to have her ass handed to her.

  10. I watched the whole season . I enjoyed it . But I would love to see them in Salem Massachusetts. Or Waverly Hills in Louisville Kentucky.

  11. “Doctors couldn’t say what nearly caused a heart attack.”

    Might have been the fact that his colesterol is 378..


    Funny shit bra

  12. Okay I definitely have to put my thoughts out here, what a waste of time, listen I believe in the super natural but really these people don’t even act good at all. That one dude that gets a headache has given me a damn migraine when you skip through a series because you can’t take the hideous pain they are putting out the pentagram just matter of factly seriously plain horseshit

  13. Absolutely great comic relief! Jereme is a star in this, ripping off his shirt dramatically and then pointing and yelling at the wall, ‘you get back, YOU GET BACK.’ This is how he attempts to send a demon back to hell. mmmmkkkaayyy….
    Agreed this is terrible but it is definitely great if you need a laugh and a whole lot of WTF moments in they actually think anyone is really going to believe this bs.

  14. Absolute Comedy gold. The nightlight for me has to be Jereme’s near death experience of heart attack symptoms (which medical experts couldn’t explain…while this guy’s BMI is higher than his IQ) only for him to return to the Location the following morning and polish off a hefty portion of deep fried mozzarella sticks and soda hahaha what a legend…the second best part was just after Brandy broke down crying about sharing a Moment with her maternal soulmate in the graveyard and Jereme looks to the camera with a cheeky side eye as if he’s possessed…mega lolz. Get this show a second season for the love of God. I tell you this for free, If Brandy is a psychic and Jereme is a firefighter, then I’m Gandhi’s aul boy. I’ll be watching season 2 fo sho 👌

  15. Some people thank this stuff. Is fake I thank this stuff is real so y’all people that thank it is fake go stay in a place like that bet y’all won’t last a day

  16. I have one more episode left, to watch, but I couldn’t resist reading all of these comments, first, when I saw them. I tried to be patient and watch, and wait and be patient….to see if something paranormal could be documented, but it was clear from early on that this was going to be a big “nothing burger”. But I do still plan to watch the last episode, so I guess congrats to Netflix. We all watched…so mission accomplished, I suppose.

    P.S. Shout out to Jereme for the comic relief. I laughed out loud a few times, too, watching this guy. I think he might have a future career in spoof horror flicks.

  17. The Lumber Baron Inn in Denver ‘boasts’ the unsolved murders of two young women in the seventies…around the same time and in the same area where Bundy was busy. Perhaps they were two more victims? After all, I’m sure that, as prolific as ol’ Teddy was, he left quite a few unclaimed victims lying around.

  18. On episode 5 currently as I’m sat watching it……entertaining? Some what…faked? More than likely fat guy pretending to be possessed or influenced, fat guy with beard….digs up blue star but soil already looks like it was dug prior….I will not be watching a second season…absolute shite

  19. Fake as they come but you knew that already…. remember the “disclaimer” in the begining…”S O C I A L E X P E R I M E N T”.

    if you are feeling sad or depressed this will give you a good laugh.

  20. Let me just say i believe all of the psychic, medium, telepathic BS is comical….

    These random people have magical powers? GTFOH.

    Second, i truly believe this was a sad green light from Netflix to appease the “Psychic Community” to add to the INCLUDE ALL Generation we live in today.

    Ghost Hunting has always been a joke. These losers just reinforce it lol

  21. Overall a good series to endulge in gripping right from the start but what really heald it together for me was Jereme, He was the most entertaining and fearless guy in the series. Only finished watching it to make sure Jereme was okay and was not possessed.without Jereme 5/10 but with Jereme 100/10

  22. Not sure if this has been bought up but did anyone notice when he found the pentagram he had the same color paint in his hand as the pentagram?? Hmm coincidence?? I think not..

  23. Do you ever wish you could go back in time and rewatch something for the first time again? I will have that feeling for 28 Days Haunted for the rest of my life. I was expecting the show to have the spooky, creepy ambiance that accompanies the Halloween season, but what we received was a comedy unlike anything ever witnessed. No other comedy, standup routine, or clown show could have come close to preparing me for this series, and it was glorious.

    I was already grinning ear to ear at the start of Episode 1 when one of the paranormal investigators did their initial interview still blindfolded, and that only exacerbated as they started their ‘experiments’. Not to mention the warning about the “hostile paranormal environment, do not attempt” sent me into a giggling fit at the beginning of every single episode. But again, I was not adequately equipped to handle Jereme with anything close to a straight face. That man is my hero. A firefighter through and through and don’t you ever doubt it, he just needs a lot of carbs and energy to tackle both raging fires during the day and demons at night. Cargo shorts and bare feet all day and all night too. My dude even slept in those shorts. Once he returned from the hospital with heart attack symptoms to an immediate coke and mozzarella sticks, I knew we were in store for greatness. My god, the god helmet. I only remember tiny bits and pieces from that scene because I was doubled over in fits of laughter. I was WEAK, my stomach hurt, tears streamed down my face. I had to pause it in the middle to regain composure, just for Jereme, sitting alone in that helmet, to start screaming and swiping at the air around him 😂😂😂.

    This is only a tiny screenshot of the goldmine throughout the whole series. I will pose this question – Was it so funny because of how serious everyone in the show was, or was it because production passed off something so corny as serious? The biggest disservice to humanity would be to not give us a second season, or at least a behind the scenes. It can be even cornier, I don’t care. We just need more; everyone needs a great laugh whenever they can get it. And oh will you get it…

  24. Well, firstly I am relieved to know that the majority of people watching this show realized it for the crap it was. Come on…these so-called sensitives coming to startling revelations about the events that ACTUALLY occurred in these allegedly haunted locations, like the shop where Charlie whatshisface murdered his entire family. That was an unbelievable tragedy and to make light of it by faking these events with bogus spiritual connections is just a travesty against the victims who if they DO actually haunt the place would be offended beyond belief. That’s just wrong. Either they were fully informed beforehand and the blindfolds were faked, or they did some homework before the show’s taping and went over some of the most haunted places most likely to be included in the show and then memorized the events as they occurred which would not be difficult at all. Either way, it was complete nonsense. Good f too a few laughs except where Jereme comes in. Jesus man, this guy is about as useful as a nail without a hammer. He was a “tough guy” at the beginning, with his priestly sermon which I thought was hilarious, then he toddles off to the emergency complaining of a heart attack? For crying out loud man if I ate as much as that guy did I would have a heart attack too!! He needs to be turfed from the show and PLEASE for God’s sake get some more believable paranormal investigators on the show, not these Scooby Doo rejects. If the show ever wants to have even a shred of credibility, this is paramount. Otherwise, it’s just a comedy as stated in the review. Something else to consider is not using famous locales. Use unknown locations with paranormal events that have been legitimately experienced and send them in there so we put the “sensitives” to the test Let’s see them talk to the spirits then.

  25. It held my interest, but I was annoyed that Jeremy ate most of the time. When he wasn’t eating, he was sleeping with a plate of food sitting next to him. How is this guy a firefighter? Of all the lies, THAT was the biggest lie of the entire show.

  26. The two women yes I believe. Sadly the rest nooo. Sprits angles demons
    What ever you want to believe..Just be live. But know I think all of this was shit. And if these paranormal expert’s did not know about these places beforehand.. well shame on the. 23yrs was the longest I think? The father in law and son in law commentating. To well reality show like.

  27. And who is the douchebag in the leather jacket authenticating everyone’s glorious and timely conclusions after 28 days? What a loss of time and intelligence on my part. Shame on you if you follow…*as I dribble on my shirt.

  28. I just finished all of the episodes for this show and i found this review and read it and through the comments. They were hilarious. i definitely could tell it was fake from the get-go. I love the plots of the whole thing tho, especially at the end where it makes it seem like Jereme is possessed at the end LOL. Like if he really was “possessed” wouldn’t you help him and show more footage about it, if not just help him!! it was hilarious tho! Would definitely recommend it but not because it’s real (because it isn’t).

  29. Here’s the review I left of it on another site :

    It was entertaining, I’ll give it that. But that’s it. It’s not real in the slightest. The one hot spot in the yard is the one small spot that doesn’t have grass right in the middle of the yard. The random pristine newspaper clipping hiding in the cellar or whatever room that was. The vase that went flying, the door shut, the swinging candle, and the cabinets opening were all terribly staged. None of that was legit. And the soundbox only picked up perfect words in order…. I watch legit paranormal investigators on YouTube and whatnot. You can clearly see the difference, especially in equipment.

  30. What is Jereme bringing to the table. I’m watching him, waiting for something, anything for him contribute. Nothing. I feel for his partner. She’s doing all the heavy lifting while he putters around behind her in his bare feet, looking for his next meal.

  31. It’s a nice show to watch if you like this kind of things.
    I do not believe it’s 100% fake.

    At least the four psychics (Shane, Amy, Brandy and Sean) seem good people with real abilities trully interested on helping spirits, and I totally believe they felt and saw whatever they say.

    But yeah, Netflix exaggerated in the effects for the watchers (and the psychics, I believe): the newspaper in the wall, the pentagram, the stuff falling and crashing in Captain’s Inn… and JEREME! What the hell, man?

    They could make it simpler next season, to be more believable.

  32. After watching Zak Bagans, Jason Hawes and each of their crews stumble through various and sundry “ghost adventures” for the last 20-some years, I pretty much thought I’d seen it all. No such luck…the “28 Days” gang has taken the pursuit of poltergeists to a whole new level of futility. To spend 672 hours and add absolutely nothing to the litany is a case study in how to waste time. Not sure who green lights new shows for Netflix, but they should make sure their resumes are up to date.

  33. I do believe there is energy/spirits in this world. I personally have never had an encounter or saw anything unusual, and I live in a an old farm house built in 1874 in the town of Jackson, and state of Maine. I don’t like how people making these shows disrespect spirits, and make it all a joke! If these people from the show ACTUALLY saw/heard certain things, then they should have all the people in one room that can all say/show the occurrences that they say happened. And if they had cameras in every room, then there shouldn’t be any way to fake what occured. The viewers of this show should be able to see EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of footage. Why should we only see 3 hours of footage, when 3 different teams consisting of 8 people total, only have 3 hours of footage after 28 days! There should be 24 hour footage for 28 days. So do the math… 28 days×24 hours per days= 672 hours of filming. Correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t mean to be a negative nelly, I just hope that whomever made the show will have some respect for the deceased and not make a farce of them

  34. This is bullshit…couldn’t see the ghosts or nothing paranormal. It was all about dreams or graphics. The end is bullshit too..they wasted time finding the names and stories about the ghosts and at then..one spread holy water on mirrors, other said prayers or asked the ghosts to go and one was screaming at a supposedly powerful demon. And guess what you don’t even if he left or possessed the man.
    It’s just a waste of time.

  35. There’s stuff going on in the footage that was even missed in post production. IE 24:44 of E1, the candle sconce is still but as soon as he says something (confirming something he thought the spirit said) it starts swinging. Neither of them are near it. I’m a believer. Even though it’d be sooooooo easy to fool anyone with TV/movies nowadays because I’ve made my own boss a ghost of himself messing with himself jokingly, with a shotty green screen and decent editing software.

  36. I watched the first 2 episodes and my wife and I started laughing at some of their so-called “experiments” to talk to the spirits.
    This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen in a while. You can tell the show is just a show trying to make some money :)) Fake as FK. In some of the scenes, you wish that you could be there and just slap them on the back of their head and call them professional stupid.

  37. I believe in ghosts, UFOs, big foot, lake monsters, fairies, pixies, leprechauns, elves, shoemakers, smurfs, lavamen and Lord Kinbote: but only because I’m mental.

  38. I watched a bit and found it hilarious that these supposed experienced ghosthunters were constantly scared. Every little thump, “Did you hear that?!!!” “I’m outta here!” Like, isn’t this your job? Haha. And why would ghosts care about Jesus? There are millions of religions and gods on this planet. Absolutely ludicrous to think speaking of Jesus would do anything. We’ve constructed religion on this planet. If there’s an anti-Christ then there’s an anti-Buddha, too. The strangest part of this is that they can’t possibly be actors. Can’t imagine any one of them being capable of remembering more than two lines a year. I guess that’s the real mystery for me. How did the producers find this group of goofballs in the first place? I would love to see this filmed again but with scientists and proper skeptics. I am a bit of a believing non-believer myself (having had a terrifying ghost experience years ago), but this show is making me question everything (especially my sanity).

  39. In the baron lodge in episode 6 before they go into the tunnel to find the news article, Shane is looking at the actual newspaper clipping before they actually found it, see episode 6 minute 6:43 you can tell it’s the same article they found by the shape and the hand drawn sketch on the bottoms left of the newspaper article, this series is a complete farce. Disappointed because I loved Shane in the Holizer Files which seemed quite real.

  40. I love paranormal investigation shows. This was a bit cheesy however… I do believe there are things we can’t see. I have personally lived in a haunted house (6 months later after some seriously strange s!*t, I bolted. Later I found out later a worker died on the place I loved 25 years ago.) I have experienced other haunted homes and have seen the occasional spirits. There are some things that can’t be explained. If you are really into this genre research Cockatoo Island and Monte Cristo Historic house in Junee (I have personally experienced some wired things there!!).

    I agree with one of the reviewers comments on bullying Amy – don’t mess with evil energy, the boys should have respected her request.

    This show is pure fun – a spoof on what is really out there that we can or can’t see.

  41. First, bullying the medium Amy was not OK. What is Shawn’s scrawny a** contributing- are his risks the same?

    Garble, garble…Liam? *giggle* what?!

    Brandy put up with so much crap. Where did they find Jereme? If you really want a malevolent spirit to leave you alone, at least quote some sacred scriptures. As if it would go away by just yelling at it? You’re going to banish it?

    My stomach hurts from laughing. #donotattempt

  42. I watched the whole series this morning.
    1) Sean, I don’t think the word on the mirror was spelling “ I C U “ but an old English word “C U * T”
    2) what did Jereme tell the DRs?
    “I see dead people” !!!
    3) the way the camera was on Ray, I thought they were going to say he was the serial killer.

  43. My husband is a distant relative to the Lawson family, and we have been to the Madison Dry Goods Store. There is activity there and it is a neat place to visit. The people who own the store are great people and love to talk to anyone who has questions. The store is a neat place to visit, especially for anyone who loves the feel of an old country store/mom and pops store. The first floor has clothes, books, candy, etc. The second floor is the museum part. The third floor has nothing right now. In one of the episodes they talked to Trudy J. Smith who wrote books about the Lawson Murders, one was written along with her dad. She is an amazing woman, and very nice. If you get the chance read the books. Also, it was never proven that Marie was pregnant. Some of the family gets very upset when someone talks about the murders. The oldest son was not murdered that day, but he died years later and is buried behind the family. I hope this helps!

  44. What a load of crap. You can’t hear anything because of the sound effects. I managed to watch the first episode but I won’t be coming back to watching it. Take off the sound effects then you might get more people watching the show more. I would only give this show 1 star ✳️ and that’s being generous. Lose the sound effects 😡

  45. having a secondary camera crew recording during your investigation is very strange …. these camera guys got balls of steel if all this stuff is happening around them and stick around 🙂 . it reminds me of the Blair witch project in the sense that it was a scary movie when it first came out . a lot of people didn’t know if it was real or a movie , but we all know now that it was fake and just a movie, and more than likely so is this show . there is some creepy stuff that happens caught on camera but i find it hard to believe it wasn’t added in digitally or just setup magic tricks. the ghost boxes response gave me goosebumps at first but most likely just added in to the script .

  46. 3 for 3,

    Literally all three of the teams “perfectly” nailed the story of a place they have never been and weren’t allowed to read about. Give me a break. This is like watching “an extraordinary league of idiot ghost hunters” its bad. its a joke and the punchlines are the people who watch this garbage and believe it.

  47. This is classic! Where did they find these actors?! They are hysterical! It really is a shame that it’s so silly, as it could have been awesome. This Jeremy guy is like no other lol! Great faces and language! Very bizarre sets and footage. No disrespect to the spiritual world, but there is none on this soap opera unfortunately. Maybe next time they’ll do this more seriously and believable! I can’t wait to finish the last 2 shows as it made our night fun, even though we wanted a scary vibe. We got great comedy instead!

  48. Comedy Gold!!!!!!! I have never laughed so damned hard. Next time hire better actors but keep up the cheese.

  49. This was literally one of the funniest things I’ve seen in ages!

    Loved “The God Helmet” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. Man I really loved this show it kept me glued and on my toes throughout the whole show.
    The only part I didn’t like or care for is when Shane and his buddy were pressuring Amy to do stuff she wasn’t comfortable doing they belittled her and looked stupid doing it like I would love to smack that skinny ass punk right in his shit is how I felt and feel the man with no abilities the man who real hasn’t seen or faced dark shit before besides on this show only a week minded man who take that approach

  51. Interesting how Jereme returned from the hospital and when he walked in his drink still had ice in it and he had a half eaten container of food that he dove right into haha! He is a bad actor. The Lawson family story is well documented there is no way they didn’t research it previously with their background. Also the ground where the pentagram was found had scarce grass and looked soft as if they planted it. This show was fake, but fun to watch during October.

  52. watched it because family name Warren and their background gave some credibility butt butttt buttttttt and nothing good happens after BUT thought I was watching professional wrestling waiting for jimmy hart to come out have watched a few of these shows and the movies about the Warrens ….WWE sorry hulk hogan we all know pro wresting is real

  53. hey, I liked it but what do I know? Well, the location in Colorado was fascinating with Shane’s mediumship findings, if real. I do think Ray was picking on the girl medium and liked Shane to the point of adoration. That location made me feel sorry for the girls Marianne and Cara – poor things!

  54. Do yourselves a favor and refrain from spending your time on this sh$t.
    I’m a true believer in this kind of stuff but this was just too much of BS.
    BTW… Just by doing a quick internet check, for the group in Connecticut, Adelaide, you are referring as Captain Grant’s wife, was actually his daughter. Why not checking facts before going live with this crap??!!

  55. You know I may have believed it in part but fundamental mistakes were made to realise it was not reality.
    1.who digs up someone’s land without permission – illegal for a start
    2. Dark entity apparently was trying to possess him, he went to hospital and came back free of any dark entity holding onto him, this doesn’t happen it follows them until it destroys them
    Lol funny really they must think we are all gullible

  56. I’m an interesting case because I’ve been told I’m a “sensitive” since I was a kid by various family members, partners and strangers but I am super skeptical and can’t seem to “trigger” the random knowledge/information I get. Until I can prove otherwise, I just consider myself very perceptive and good at reading between the lines when interacting with people. My skeptism has led me to try various things and candle scrying was one of them. Newsflash, you can’t use it to “communicate” because the candle will always flicker when you speak.

    Believers shouldn’t like this show because it uses poor practices/bad science to try and support the claims of paranormal activity and skeptics shouldn’t like this show because its hours of their life they’ll never get back. Like Houdini, who debunked many “psychics” because he validly wanted to contact loved ones who had passed, I tune in because I hope to find something reputable and I’m always disappointed.

  57. watching more when they talk to Charlie…. just saw another light orb go across the screen just as they were sitting down to start in the tabacco room.

  58. Almost feel this show is a psyop to get people to be more skeptical. Even the “skeptic” in this show is a caricature of a real skeptic because he believes there’s a materialist basis for paranormal activity, lol. Love the horror movie implication at the end that one of these bumpkins might be possessed. It’s also weird that someone who thinks they’re an exorcist has so little heart involved in reciting boring ass scriptures. Put some effort into the fakery! Some people actually believe this with all their being and are far more convincing.

  59. I have not finished watching it but in Episode 4 at the dry goods store when they hear footsteps…. and they are talking to Charlie….. and when the camera looks at the bottom of the staircase there is a light orb the crossed the threshold….. just before they showed the photo of his family.

    does anyone comment on it in the show? i watch these shows only because i am skeptical…. BUT when i saw that light orb it made me believe there maybe something to this show …. my 2 cents. would like to hear other opinions…. but curious if there is a comment to come yet about it.

  60. I am a fan of paranormal investigation shows. I love them. Furthermore, I am also a skeptical believer. I was hopeful when I clicked ‘play’ on 28 Days Haunted, but I knew it was bunkum within 15 seconds of the first episode starting. At the beginning of the episode, as they showed the preview of what the audience was in store for, I found myself thinking; “This is either the best paranormal evidence ever captured on film, or it’s completely fake”.
    There are dozens, if not hundreds, of paranormal investigation shows on YouTube and TV, some of which have been doing investigations for over of a decade. None of them have caught anything anywhere close to what was being shown on ’28 Days Haunted’, Occam’s Razor then dictates that the show is certainly mostly, if not completely, fake. I mean, come on, the whole show is shot in the exact same way as Netflix’s other reality shows, only they have more authenticity than this drivel.

    It makes me sad, as I think it would be neat to have a long form paranormal investigation show where the investigators spend a month in a location. But this is not that show. You can practically see the remote controlled floor knockers and dimmer switches being controlled by some intern off-screen.

  61. This is the worst of the worst ghost hunting shows out there. I’ve seen all the reality ghost hunting shows. I’ve even watched reruns over and over of some
    of my favorites. Hence the reason Travel channel is my favorite. But, this show makes me wonder. Great idea, horrible execution. Oh and the 2 buffoons forcing a sensitive to do something out of her comfort zone for ratings, shame on you. Btw, ANYONE can mirror scry.

  62. How they did not recognise the Lawson family photo ? Come on , I’m in Australia not even a murder / ghost fan and recognised it straight away. The most famous family mass murder probably ever. Ridiculous show , couldn’t even find it funny , just sad and pathetic.

  63. Your review was very narrow to what was actually shown and seems to focus on the captains home, which is the least active home of the 3. Your description and overall take, including your direct comment about the Warrens, shows a general biase to paranormal investigations. I feel your review does a diservice to those who have not seen this and discredits the original intent of the piece and the experiment.

  64. This is the worst. I have seen bad, but this is worse. You assholes.
    To pretend that you are qualified, and psychics… damnit. Shut up, chudds.
    This was the shittiest produced program. Feel bad about being a part of it, d-wadds.
    Shit-piles, like this, ruin legitimate events.

  65. This is honestly the worst ‘ghost hunting’ show I’ve ever seen. I pretty much have seen them all by now… I’m just dumb like that. I have left 4 comments total on various websites in hopes they will see just how much hatred I feel for this show. Not only due to all the mistakes, but because they do everything in the first 15 minutes that skeptics and the like make fun of us believers for. This show is on a huge platform that definitely has the money & they still managed to churn out second hand embarrassment, obvious fakery, editing flaws to this degree like it’s a public access show. I mean did anyone even WATCH, or listen for that matter, the trash they ended up with PRIOR putting it up on netflix? Does that person still have a job at netflix? Lol… but honestly they could have done a ton of good for the community.. instead they chose to embarrass not only themselves, but the Warren’s and those crappy actors you forced on us. Ps. Apparently everyone and their mom is a medium… or demonologist. jeremy!!Jeremy!!! Jeremy!!! If I never heard that name again it would be too soon.

  66. Sensitive people actually exist and dark energies can be attached to places. Yes on day one a lot was happening because it wanted them to leave and not investigate any further. I don’t think it’s funny at all, as a believer and a medium I think what they were feeling was genuine and as everyone has their own opinion and is entitled to it we should be respectful of others. Telling people to not believe that this was real is not something you’re entitled to do, I think people should judge it on their own without being told what to do as you were able to. Write a review but like I said let’s be respectful of each other as people can believe in whatever they want to.

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