23.5 (Thai GL) – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Promise Me…Sun

Episode 12 of 23.5 begins with Ongsa saying that she and Sun will be fine. Even if Sun moves to outer space, she will find a way to contact her. 

At school, Luna clings to Aylin who doesn’t mind. Charoen prefers being Ton’s fan and he takes her rejection in stride. Mawin and Tinh also reveal that they will be focusing on their final exams for now so they will think about dating later. Sun and Ongsa arrive hand in hand and everyone is delighted that they have patched up. Suddenly, Tinh and Charoen have an idea of filming every moment so Sun can watch when she is away.

How does the group prepare for Sun’s departure?

The first filming site is the Astronomy Club with Nida assuring Bambam that Sun is still a student in their school. As Tinh films everyone, Aylin sneaks close to Sun, surprising everyone. She explains that they are in different classes and the Astronomy Club is the only common thing. She wants to have more memories with Sun who accepts her as a friend. Everyone ends up in a group hug. 

While heading home, Sun shares she wants moral support from Ongsa while she studies for her entrance exam. Tinh and Charoen film them and Ongsa thinks Sun wants a kiss. But Sun laughs as she pushes her away and reveals she wants a dish made by Ongsa. The only problem is that Ongsa can’t cook.

At home, her family tries to help but Ongsa is a lost cause. Alpha suggests going to the basics and learning how to use the rice cooker. The next day, Ongsa shows up with plain rice. Everyone is confused but Sun gladly eats it as she appreciates Ongsa’s cooking. Everyone finds it romantic while Aylin and Luna bicker about their picky choices.

That night, Ongsa sleeps over while Sun tries to study. Sun feels Ongsa watching her and teases her which has both of them blushing. They play around as Sun asks for more attention and Ongsa starts showering her with kisses and tickles.

A couple of days later, Sun drops by Ongsa’s place and announces that she got into the exchange program. They cheer but reality hits Ongsa when Sun wonders how many clothes she needs for a one-year trip.

How does Junior Year end?

Another tragedy strikes as Charoen drops the hard disk containing Sun’s footage in a basin of holy water she planned to bless her friends with. The worst part – she didn’t realise for a whole day. Tinh and Charoen profusely apologise but Sun doesn’t mind. She shares she has all the memories she needs in her head and she will think of them all the time.

Meanwhile, Luna is sore and tired from studying. Aylin uses the chance to give Luna a neck massage and she is pleasantly surprised. Luna pulls out the same alien hat that Aylin wears and puts it on. With Aylin being a senior next year while Luna goes to college, Luna is worried. But Aylin assures her that she will be fine with her friends. They do the E.T. touch before Aylin changes it into a heart.

Once the exams are over, everyone celebrates. Aylin decides on a restaurant and they all agree to go. Tinh thanks Mawin for tutoring him while Ton continues to flirt with Charoen who doesn’t take it seriously. He then tries to thank his fans but ends up throwing candy at Bambam. Nida chases him around and everyone laughs. Ongsa thinks to herself that while she is uncertain about the future of her relationship, she won’t overthink things. 

What happens to everyone after Sun leaves for the US?

The group is already in Grade 11 and Sun has moved to the US. Sun gives Ongsa wake-up calls every morning. Aylin is in the same class as the rest. One day, Luna leaves her a love note and Aylin shoves it in her mouth to stop the rest from seeing it. Some girls laugh at her but she doesn’t care as Ongsa, Tinh and Charoen are busy trying to get the note out of her mouth.

Mawin often visits and helps Tinh with his college applications. Bambam is still careless and while Nida bickers with her, she takes care of her. Ton continues to follow Charoen claiming he doesn’t want anything in return. Aylin is scared about college life and Luna tries to assure her. However, Aylin just kisses her and reveals she is not scared anymore. 

How does 23.5 end?

Almost a year has passed when one morning, Sun doesn’t call Ongsa. However, Aylin spoke to Sun the day before. Ongsa almost panics before accepting that she is more confident now. On her way to school, she finds a new student waiting for a taxi and helps her get one. As Ongsa waits alone, Sun shows up in her scooty. Turns out, her course is over and she is back!

At the end of 23.5 Episode 12, they have a happy reunion with Ongsa driving the scooty with Sun sitting behind her. Sun asks if she has given anyone else a ride and Ongsa shares she hasn’t, that Sun is her only passenger.

The Episode Review

And with 23.5 Episode 12, this adorable Thai GL (Girl Love) comes to an end. It hits all the right notes such as a a sweet preparation for Sun’s departure, tying up loose ends and still keeping it funny. With the previous episode being heavy on angst and bittersweet, the finale mercifully opts out of that and keeps it lighthearted. The drama gives us wholesome moments for almost every character (we still stand by the fact that poor Alpha was extremely overlooked) as well as closure for them.

Aylin continues with her alien interests but ends up being comfortable with her friends and family. Ton takes Charoen’s rejection well but continues to shower her with attention (which though, can be considered icky as he cannot take a no). Mawin finally confesses his feelings and we get a vague ending of Tinh hanging out with him, hinting that he reciprocates Mawin’s feelings. As for our main couple, Ongsa gets the biggest glow-up as she is able to cheer Sun on without letting the distance affect her. 

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