23.5 (Thai GL) – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Overhead Sun

Episode 7 of 23.5 begins with Charoen and Tin catching Ongsa and Sun being super shy and giggly around each other. During the break, Sun joins Ongsa who gets extra nervous. Sun teases her for being cute which doesn’t help. She adds that Ongsa is quite charming online so no need to worry.

Instead, Ongsa texts her and apologises for not being chill in reality. Sun takes her phone to type something but ends up finding out that Ongsa’s passcode is Sun’s birthday and her photo is the wallpaper. Sun offers to take things slow so Ongsa isn’t overwhelmed and they end up sharing snacks.

In class, Ongsa and Sun continue to make heart eyes at each other when Miss Nida announces that they will be part of Team Blue for the sports day. Tin comments that he simply wants to stare at the hot guys and they end up catching Ongsa staring at Sun.

That evening, Sun drops her home and Ongsa is worried about it being late. They flirt as Sun suggests staying over only for Luna, Aylin, Alpha and their parents to interrupt! Once the adults leave, Alpha asks if the girls are dating and a shy Sun runs off.

The rest of the girls regroup inside and Ongsa tells Alpha all about Earth. As for dating, she claims they are in the talking stage but she is scared to ask for more. She thinks people will judge Sun for dating a girl, and especially her. The next day, the girls take her to Ton who promises to boost her confidence and make her the star by making her the palanquin girl for the sports day parade.

Of course, getting her ready becomes a mess. Sun walks in on Ton doing Ongsa’s eyebrows and she gets jealous. In class, a rumour starts going around that Ton and Ongsa are getting back together and Sun gets mad. During the break, Sun tells Ongsa she will do her eyebrows and not let anyone else do it for her. Ton interrupts by patting Ongsa’s head. A jealous Sun tells her to have a sleepover and drags her away which has Ton amused.

At the sleepover, Ongsa is super nervous and Sun offers to do her makeup. She tells her that she is pretty but Ongsa voices that she doesn’t know if she is worthy of her. Sun says she is enough. She puts on lipstick for her and they are about to kiss. But Ongsa gets nervous and claims she needs to rush home. Sun gifts her the lipstick and a flustered Ongsa leaves. 

At school, Ongsa wears makeup like Sun showed her and everyone showers her with compliments. Ton shows up with flowers and says she is special to him. This has Sun sulking all day and Ongsa thinks it is because she didn’t like her makeup. After she leaves, the rest of the group agrees that Sun is jealous but Ongsa can’t see it. They also notice that Aylin is helping them with sports day prep even though she is in Team Green. She says she likes Blue Team and Luna is touched.

It is D-Day, and Ongsa looks gorgeous in her traditional costume and everyone hypes her up. The class photographer shoves Sun aside to take Ongsa’s photo and even hits on her. Other classmates also show up asking for selfies and Sun gets jealous.

While Ongsa preps for the parade, the rest take a break. Sun messes up her snacks as she is mad that people are hitting on Ongsa, especially Ton. The group goads her by saying that since Ongsa is single, it is fine.

Once the parade is over, Team Blue wins and everyone congratulates Ongsa. They take group photos but Ton jumps in and stands next to her. He asks her out which is the last straw for Sun. She declares that Ongsa is hers and drags her to the side. She confesses that she likes Ongsa too much, wants to have the right to be possessive and asks her to be her girlfriend. Ongsa hugs her and asks her out as well and they agree to date.

The group cheers as it was all Ton’s plan to make Sun jealous so she would finally ask out Ongsa at the end of 23.5 Episode 7.

The Episode Review

We are finally in our official girlfriends era. Look at how cute and adorable they have been from the first second in. Alexa play Super Shy! It isn’t surprising that Ongsa is worried about others judging Sun or that she is not deserving of Sun’s love. But 23.5 Episode 7 deals with it well by having the rest, including her ex help her come to terms with it all. It is also quite fun to see Milk in such a role when she usually plays the cocky, confident girl boss.

But Sun being super jealous and possessive was not on our bingo card. It took us quite by surprise with the way she was even annoyed that their classmates were paying attention to Ongsa on the sports day. Honestly, could be a red flag but we don’t care. We’ve gone through a lot to get mainstream GL dramas, give us all the classic rom-com tropes! 

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