23.5 (Thai GL) – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

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Episode 2 of 23.5 begins with Sun spamming Earth while in school and Ongsa gets distracted. Her friends, Charoen and Tin try to figure out who is texting her but she laughs it off. They realise that she is Alpha’s sister and tells her all about the popular group – Fixed Stars. Alpha is the president while clumsy Mawin is the VP. It also has Ton who everyone loves while Luna is the it girl.

Their teacher, Nida tells them they need to join a school club but Ongsa daydreams about Sun. Curious, her friends make it their mission to find out who she is crushing on. Every night, Ongsa tries to ghost Sun online. However, Sun acts cute and she can’t help but flirt. Aylin pops by and Ongsa asks her about the clubs. She wants to join the astronomy club but Aylin shares that there is a rumour that it is cursed.

It is the day of signing up for a club. Charoen joins Ton’s club while Tin joins the student council. Ongsa and Sun bump into each other with the latter asking her to give her company. Luna suddenly announces that she is reopening the astronomy club after 5 years with the help of Bambam, their teacher and resident fortune teller.

Nida is furious as 10 students have resigned in the past and Bambam keeps injuring herself — a sign of the curse. Bambam simply claims that she will get insurance for everyone.

Ongsa and Sun are interested in outer space and decide to join it but the clubroom is abandoned with only Luna present. They need a fourth person to kick off the club and Ongsa suggests Aylin. Luna tries to convince her but Aylin simply says no.

Ongsa worries about the curse but Sun cheers her up. They start joking and Sun declares that Ongsa and Earth have the same sense of humour. Sun goes on about Earth and how she wants to meet him which has Ongsa worried.

At home, Ongsa keeps breaking her promise to ghost Sun who keeps flirting. They bond over their love for stars when Sun suddenly asks Earth to visit Bangkok. Ongsa agrees, swept in the moment. She gets mad at herself and throws her phone in the trash only for her to regret it in the morning.

Ongsa tries to go online but her iPad is broken and Alpha’s laptop has no WiFi. She thinks she is cursed and tries to resign. At school, Sun changes her mind with her puppy dog eyes and Ongsa stays. She still thinks she is cursed and Tin and Charoen take her to give merit. The monk says that haplessness is a state of mind but just then a bird poops on her. 

Elsewhere, Luna continues to sway Aylin. She tells her that she too believes in aliens and that exploring space alone can be lonely. She also offers free insurance. Meanwhile, Sun is waiting for Earth’s reply and is sad he has disappeared. Her friends think she has been dumped and she wonders if it is the curse.

Now even Sun wants to leave the club but Aylin shows up and says superstitions are not real. She joins the club and Luna is ecstatic but there is one bad news – Bambam has fallen off the stairs. Nida helps her but she is haughty as she only wants to keep the club running. She does need help walking and gives in as she accepts Nida’s help.

At home, Alpha gives back Ongsa’s phone which she got from the garbage collector. Ongsa is delighted and texts Sun who tries to play hard to get but says she missed Earth. Ongsa is so happy that she falls off her bed.

They go back to texting again when at school, Tin & Charoen show up with amulets for Ongsa as they believe that Bambam’s accident is the curse. Ton shows up and says he can protect Ongsa and they are confused. He reveals that he is her ex and she dumped him. Sun shows up and is shocked that they dated while Ongsa believes the curse has struck again at the end of 23.5 Episode 2.

The Episode Review

Ongsa is just like us. Getting all giggly and falling off the bed. She already has our hearts and must be protected at all costs. By the way, Sun is so smooth with her hinting that she missed Earth. She has that solarizz, sorry, that was bad. But yes, she is the perfect romantic interest for Ongsa as they are so different yet similar.

Oh, and will we see something between the teachers with what is hinted at in 23.5 Episode 2? That would be pretty fun and refreshing. Again, they are the opposites of each other but their interactions are pretty funny. We wouldn’t mind rooting for Nida and Bambam.

We were wondering if Sun, Ongsa and Earth would be the love triangle of the show but that wouldn’t have lasted anyway. So, in comes Ton. Wonder how that changes the equation since Sun doesn’t romantically like Ongsa at the moment to be jealous. Bet her reaction is a complete red herring.

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