23.5 (Thai GL) – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

When Earth Has No Sun

Episode 11 of 23.5 begins with Ongsa finding Sun in the park and apologising. However, Sun is at her limit as she goes on a rant – she has been forgiving and understanding since Day 1 such as Ongsa lying about Earth. She constantly compromises such as keeping their relationship a secret and giving up her dream to travel. And she did it all happily cause she thought it would make Ongsa happy.

But instead of being angry, Sun is sad that Ongsa finds their love shameful and embarrassing. 

Ongsa explains that she never wanted Sun to give up her dream and tries to reason why she did all those things – she was worried about how people including her parents would perceive Sun. Sun points out that Ongsa never asked how she felt and all these actions hurt her instead. Sun gives the bracelet back and breaks up with her. A dejected Ongsa returns home but doesn’t talk to her parents while Alpha comforts her. 

At school, Aylin joins the group at lunch the next day. Ton teases her and Luna is clingy but she is able to adjust. Sun walks by them and sits with her other friends much to the group’s shock. Alpha tells them about the breakup and everyone is shocked.

Tinh wonders if love is sustainable or if it expires since even his parents got divorced. Mawin tries to comfort him as Tinh hopes Sun and Ongsa can make it. Mawin uses the moment to confess that he likes Tinh. 

Elsewhere, Ton gives Charoen a frangipani flower but she points out it is inauspicious. His fans spot him and he proudly declares that he is hitting on Charoen. But this backfires. She doesn’t understand why he likes her and that his feelings don’t feel genuine.

Ongsa’s pity party continues during gym class and her friends try to help as she laments about wanting Sun back. Suddenly, Sun’s basketball hits Ongsa and she tries to give it back. But Sun just walks past her and takes another ball.

This has Ongsa sulking the whole day. She screams on rooftops, claims the sun is her only sun, and spams Sun with messages of loving her. Fed up, Sun confronts her. Since Sun still loves her, all of this feels like emotional blackmail as she doesn’t want Ongsa to suffer. And despite all this, Ongsa has never tried to understand her. This is what hurts Sun as she tears up and walks off.

Back home, Ongsa’s family stages an intervention. Her parents assure her that they are fine with whoever she loves. But they don’t appreciate her lying and hiding things from them. She starts crying as she was afraid they would be disappointed. Her parents tell her that she can tell them anything and her dad adds that she should not care about what others think.

Confident, Ongsa runs to Sun’s place. She keeps calling out to her and texting but Sun is conflicted. After a while, Alpha comes to take her home, saying she can try talking when Sun is ready. 

At that moment, Sun comes out and Ongsa apologises for everything. She accepts that in worrying about others, she hurts the one she loves. Now all she wants to do is love Sun and believe in their love. Ongsa gives her back the bracelet and both cry as they hug.

At home, Luna comes over for a study session. They bicker and Ongsa’s parents find them cute as Luna and Aylin remind them of themselves. During the study session in Aylin’s room, she falls asleep. Luna is amused as she pokes her cheeks. She suddenly tries to kiss her but Aylin stops her. Luna teases her and Aylin kisses her before pretending to sleep again.

As for Sun, despite patching up, she is conflicted which she confides in her parents. She constantly gives her all and even goes to the extent of changing herself. But what if Ongsa makes her feels bad about and they again fight? Her parents advise her to find a balance and learn to love without losing herself. If two people love each other, they can overcome all obstacles by compromising. She can love Ongsa and still follow her dream.

Understanding this, Sun meets up with Ongsa. She apologises for wanting Ongsa to change into the person she wanted. She tells her that she will join the program and Ongsa is happy for her. But at the end of 23.5 Episode 11, Sun is not sure how their relationship will fare since she is going far away for a year.

The Episode Review

Well, that was a solid resolution to all the red flags that popped up in the previous episode. 23.5 Episode 11 reminds us that despite everything these characters are high school teenagers. They are still experiencing life, falling and experimenting. What may be selfish can be considered an act of love according to them. And this is dealt with quite sensitively as both girls’ shortcomings are addressed realistically. 

Only after Sun repeats herself multiple times does Ongsa realise that she has never compromised or adjusted even though she loves Sun. However, her fear of being negatively received by her parents is extremely valid. Similarly, Sun doesn’t realise she has done anything wrong till she talks to her parents.

She may have been super understanding but that doesn’t make her a saint or make it okay to out Ongsa to her parents. And while her apology is a little indirect, she understands her mistake and agrees to accept Ongsa for who she is. Pretty mature for a couple of silly goofheads, no? We love some character growth.

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