2215 Documentary Film Review

An Incredible Achievement

Running 2215 kilometers across 55 days, from the Southern tip of Thailand right through to the Northern most point of the country is a difficult ask for trained elite marathon runners let alone the average person. 2215 is the incredible true story behind popular Thai singer Artiwara Kongmalai who undertook this incredible feat for charity. Determined to push his body to the absolute limit, this documentary depicts the exhausting side of being a pop star whilst capturing those long runs out on the road and the ensuing mental challenge long distance running conjures up.

The documentary itself begins with an introduction to Artiwara and an explanation around why he has decided to undertake this incredible feat. Intent on raising enough money to give to hospitals across the country, 2215 follows all the bumps and bruises along the way including inevitable  injuries, mood swings and the mental exhaustion of honouring pictures and autographs for thousands of adoring fans. All of this culminates in a heartwarming, feel-good finale and a look back at the incredible achievement this man managed.

For the most part, 2215 uses all the usual conventional tricks you’d expect from a documentary like this. The hand-held cameras inside Artiwara’s trailer give us an intimate look at life away from the road whilst the numerous tracking shots and slow-motion segments outside help to show the running itself. There’s also a variety of different interviews here too with crew members and fans rallying around Artiwara, willing him on to complete this feat while sharing their own thoughts and feelings on the run.

There’s an equal amount of focus here between Artiwara’s life and the running itself which may either make or break this documentary for you. Those expecting something like Barkley Marathons or Desert Runners that showcase a lot of running with long, sweeping shots of the landscape may be left wanting here. Given the amount of time Artiwara spends high-fiving and greeting fans, more than anything else this documentary really serves to show how exhausting and full-on life as a celebrity can be.

Despite this, 2215 is a really enjoyable documentary, shedding light on the behind the scenes shenanigans and various trials and tribulations Artiwara had to endure in order to make it through his task. Long distance running is a challenge at the best of times and seeing this incredible achievement up close and personal makes it all the more special. With a good focus and a simplistic approach, 2215 is a heartwarming running documentary, one that hammers home the message of never giving up and fighting for your dreams no matter what.


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  • Verdict - 8/10

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