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This month, K-drama fans are spoiled with many amazing shows lined up to entertain them this holiday. Whether you are looking for captivating action or a sweet romance series, you are bound to find something to your taste. Here is a list of all the upcoming Korean shows, let us know which one you can’t wait to see.

Recipe for Farewell

Network: Watcha

Premiere Date: 1st December

This is an endearing series based on Kang Chae Rae’s non-fiction novel “Oneuleun Jom Maewoolji Molla.”  It tells the story of Chang Rae whose life is turned upside down when his wife, Da Jung, is diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer. He starts preparing her meals and even though cooking is not his forte, he does his best to make his wife the best meals. On her last days, he ensures she has a meal made with love and care from him.


Network: Disney+

Premiere Date:  7th December

Fans of Jung Hae In are elated to see his handsome face back on the screen in this dark thriller. He plays the role of Ha Dong-soo who is a humanoid who falls victim to organ harvesters. He finds Oh Jin-seop, the man who took his right eye. It turns out that Oh Jin-seop is a serial killer and Dong-soo keeps experiencing horrific visions of the murders he is committing. Dong-soo decides to use his connection to Oh Jin-seop to help the police track and bring him to justice.

The Forbidden Marriage

Network: MBC

Premiere Date: 9th December

The handsome and talented Kim Young Dae brings to life the story of Lee Heon in this historical drama. When Lee Heon was a crown prince his wife sadly passed away, seven years later he is still mourning her. He is captivated by a young swindler woman who claims the spirit of the king’s late wife exists within the royal palace to save her life.

Once she is brought before the king, she acts like she is possessed by the late king’s late wife. How long will she be able to continue this ruse?  Tune in to find out!

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Part 2

Network:  Netflix

Premiere Date: 9th December

Part two of this series picks up where we left off in part one as the grand heist on the mint of a unified Korea goes down. Netflix will be releasing six new episodes where we will hopefully learn the fate of the professor and his comrades.

Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow 

Network: Netflix

Premiere Date: 10th December

Our favourite show of the year is back and fans are still swooning over the four hotties in the fictional kingdom of Daeho. Season 2 is set three years after the sad ending in season 1. Jang Uk is now a hunter of the soul-shifters and a young woman seeks his help to free herself from the prison she is in. Most of the cast from season 1 have reprised their roles and we hope to enjoy part 2 of this mystical tale with the same fervor as we did part 1.

Work Later, Drink Now season 2

Network: TVING.

Premiere Date: 10th  December

Season 2 will still follow the lives of three female best friends who enjoy their alcohol together after work. We get to see whether Ahn So-hee is still dating Kang Buk Gu and the fate of Han Ji Yeon and Kang Ji Gu… do they find love?

Single’s Inferno 

Network: Netflix

Premiere Date: 13th December

This is a dating reality show from South Korea that broke the internet when it was released last year.  This season we get new hot people who try to find love on a deserted island.  They can only escape to paradise if they can manage to pair up as a couple. Netflix has promised that this season will be hotter so we are definitely looking forward to seeing what the young, sexy singles are up to on the island.


Network: SBS

Premiere date: 19th December

This is a mystery romance that follows the story of Kim Hye Joo who is married to Nam Jung Do. Nam Jung Do is a lawmaker and is unaware of the deep secrets his wife is harbouring from her past. As the dark secrets rear their ugly head in the couple’s new life, they are forced to face some tough challenges.

Big Bet

Network: Disney+

Premiere date: 21st December

Big Bet is an action-packed crime thriller that tells the story of Cha Moo-sik who is trying to reclaim his throne as the casino king. He finds himself entangled in a murder case that threatens to destroy everything he has worked for. He asks for the help of his loyal right-hand man, Jung Pal to try and avoid Oh Seung-hoon who is hunting him down. If you are a fan of Son Suk-ku from the Liberation Notes then catch him in this new drama.

Understanding of Love/ The Interests of Love 

Network: JBTC

Premiere date: 21st December

This is the story of four employees at Nara Bank’s Yeongpo branch who are in a scandalous office romance. They all have different ideas of what love is and is supposed to be. Ha Sang Soo is not keen on love while Ahn Soo Young is scared of the fickleness of love. This is Moon Ga Young’s latest project after pairing up with Yeo Jin Goo in Link: Love, Eat, Kill.

The Fabulous  

Network: Netflix 

Premiere date:  23rd December

Initially, this drama was supposed to air in November but due to the Itaewon tragedy, it was pushed to December. The series follows the lives of people working in the fashion industry. The male lead is played by the dashing Choi Minho from the South Korean boy group SHINee. The ever-gorgeous Chae Soo Bin plays the female lead and everyone is excited to see the chemistry between the two.

The Glory 

Network: Netflix

Premiere date:  30th December

This is Song Hye Kyo’s latest comeback project after the disaster that was Now, We Are Breaking Up. The series follows a young girl who was forced to drop out after intense bullying. Years later, she sees the perpetrator enjoying her life as a wife and mother. To exact her revenge, the lady becomes the homeroom teacher to the bully’s child.


Network: TVING and Amazon Prime Video.

Premiere Date: 30th December

One of the most awaited series this year, mostly because of the star-studded cast that includes the multitalented and drop-dead gorgeous Cha Eun Woo. This series is about Won Mi Ho played by Lee Da Hee. Won Mi Ho is an arrogant chaebol and soon her father gets tired of her selfish behaviour and banishes her to Jeju Island. On the island, evil roams free and she meets a young pastor and a monster. She soon finds herself fighting between good and evil.

Missing: The Other Side 2

Network: tvN

Premiere Date:  Sometime in December

In season 2, the trio – Kim Wook, Jang Pan-seok and Lee Jong-A – reunite to bring solace to the missing souls living in 3 Gongdan village. They team up with Detective Shin Joon Ho to investigate the murders of the missing souls trapped in the village. They hope that once the truth is revealed the souls can rest in peace and find their way to the light.

There you have it, our list of K-dramas releasing this month. It’s a busy time for new Korean dramas and it looks like there’s a great array of content here. Let us know which ones you are looking forward to!

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