12 Upcoming K-dramas to Watch This September

September seems to be packed with amazing K-dramas that will keep viewers glued to their screens. If you are looking for a K-drama watch list this month then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are the K-dramas to look out for and the networks releasing them:

X in Crisis

Network : Wavve

Premiere date : 2nd September

X in Crisis is a 6 episode series of Wavve, centering around a man called Yoon who graduated from a prestigious university and worked at a big company. He thought he would live his life as a successful person, but he is now an ordinary, middle-aged man on the brink of bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, Heo Joon is a doctor in a neighborhood clinic. He always looks tired and seems indifferent to people, but he has a warm heart and gives advice to people from his heart.

Little Women

Network : tvN / Netflix 

Premiere date :  3rd September 

This K-drama is slated to take Alchemy of Soul’s weekend spot on tvN and Netflix, which will premiere on September 3rd 2022, and air every Saturday and Sunday at 21:10pm (KST). 

Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-Hyun and Park Ji-Hu will play the roles of 3 poor sisters whose lives are altered after they get involved in a case of a missing amount of 70 billion won. Go-eun will play the role of the eldest sister who believes money is powerful and wishes for an ordinary life without the stress of being poor.

Ji-Hyun will play the middle sister who is an ambitious reporter. Lastly, Ji- Hu will play the young sister who is a high school student talented in painting.

The Law Cafe

Network : KBS2

Premiere date : 5th September

The series is about the story of Kim Jeong-ho, a former prosecutor and landlord, alongside Kim Yu-ri, a beautiful lawyer who quits her job and opens  “Law Cafe” in the building that Kim Jeong-Ho owns. Can love brew between the ?  You will have to tune in to find out!

Once Upon a Small Town 

Network : Kakao TV/ Netflix

Premiere date : 5th September

This is an original series from Kakao TV but will also stream in selected territories on Netflix. In its simplest form, this is a story of veterinarian Han Ji-yul. After unwillingly relocating from Seoul, he meets a policewoman named An Ja-Young who is usually the first one to appear and provide help to residents in need. She helps Han Ji-Yool solve inconveniences related to his daily life in the village and they develop a romantic relationship together.

Narco Saints 

Network : Netflix

Premiere date : 9th September 

This is a crime thriller directed by Yoon Jong bin and based on true events. It focuses on Kang In-gu who is an entrepreneur just starting his business. He soon finds himself on a secret government mission to bring a notorious Korean drug lord to justice. Look out for Park Hae-soo from Squid Games as he is part of the cast, and also expect all episodes to drop in one go given it’s a Netflix original.

Mental Coach Jegal

Network : tvN

Premiere date : 12th September

This series is about Jegal Gil, who used to be a member of the national Taekwondo team but was banned after a scandal. He decides to be a mental coach and enters the athlete’s village for the national team. As he works with the athletes he learns important life lessons that change his perspective of life.


Network : tvN

Premiere date : 16th September

Blind tells the story of three people; Ryu Sung Joon an enthusiastic detective, Ryu Sung Hoon a judge and Jo Eun Ki a social worker. These three find themselves involved in a prolific serial murder case. TaecYeon from the hit show Vincenzo is part of the cast too so do be sure to check it out.

Love in Contract

Network : tvN

Premiere date : 21st September 

This series is about a woman who has a knack for helping her clients live a better single life. She operates in marriage contracts with her clients. Choi Sang-Eun is our protagonist and she finds herself entangled in a love triangle with her two male clients, Jung Ji-Ho and Kang Hae-Jin. How will this entanglement go?

The Golden Spoon

Network : MBC TV

Premiere date : 23rd September

This series marks Yook Sung Jae’s comeback drama following his military enlistment. The story follows the life of Lee Seung-Cheon, who is a high school student who was born in a poor family.

His fateful encounter with an old woman leads to him buying a golden spoon that changes his life by giving him three wishes.

One Dollar Lawyer

Network : SBS

Premiere date :  23rd September 

The series is about a talented lawyer with a unique sense of style but the most unusual is that he charges only 1,000 won (about $1 USD) to his clients. He believes in justice and goes after rich people who try to use money to get away with crimes.

Three Siblings Are Brave 

Network : KBS2

Premiere date : 24th September

This is a story of Kim Tae-Joo, who is the eldest in her family. She has a quick temper but a warm heart. She goes through life cutting off people who she doesn’t like. Years later, she meets Lee Sang-Joon and they attended high school together. It turns out Tae- Joo is his first love… will he use this second chance to win his first love?

The Empire

Network : JTBC

Premiere date : 24th September

This series is about Han Hye-Ryool, who is a good lawyer that comes from a rich family. She is married to Na Geun-Woo who is considering running for presidency. On the surface, he seems like a good man but he has scandalous secrets that can ruin the family. 

There you have it, our list of K-dramas releasing this month. It’s a busy time for new Korean dramas and it looks like there’s a great array of content here. Let us know which one you are looking forward to!

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