12 Most Anticipated K-dramas Renewed For Another Season In 2024 & Beyond

The fact that South Korean Dramas have captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide is undebatable. Their compelling storylines, unique cultural elements, and talented actors keep the audience glued.

Although the probability of the multi-season was a rare occurrence in the past, K-dramas have recently embraced it, and viewers can finally enjoy more seasons of their favourite shows. Moreover, with global streaming platforms like Netflix bringing these dramas to the international audience, fans have  hope for the renewal of their favourite shows.

Several K-dramas are set to return with new seasons in 2024 and beyond, promising more drama, action, romance, suspense, and entertainment. 


This gripping crime thriller follows former marines and talented boxers Woo-jin and Gun-woo as they try to take down a notorious loan shark and his predatory money-lending organization. The first season was a hit due to its intense plot twists and charismatic cast, gathering the K-drama a dedicated fan base eagerly awaiting its next season.

The chemistry between Woo Do-hwan and Lee Sang-yi also kept us entertained. Even though the show was hit by a huge scandal following Sae-ron’s DUI issue, it still managed to be a hit. We can’t wait to see what the boys have been up to. 

Flex X Cop 

The first season had viewers tuning in every week to enjoy its thrilling action and humorous comedy following the escapades of an unconventional chaebol heir turned detective, Jin I-soo and his team as they solve various murder crimes in their city. Flex X Cop promises more laughter and excitement in the upcoming season.

This show further cemented Ahn Bo-hyun as a prolific actor who can draw in the numbers and deliver. Fans are excited to see what crimes the team will solve in the next season and if I-soo and Ga-hyun will date.


This 2016 K-drama is known for its intriguing storyline, which connects the past and present, captivating the audience with its unique story and strong performances. After years of radio silence, the production has hinted at the possibility of the series being renewed for another season in 2024. It has been mentioned several times as one of the best K-dramas, a classic.

The renewal of the show only goes to prove that it is never too late to give fans what they want. Fingers crossed that the team on Moonlight Scarlet Heart Ryeo will take a hint and finally give us season 2!

The Fiery Priest 

The Fiery Priest follows the antiques of a hot-tempered priest with a strong sense of justice. Kim Hae-II would instead take justice into his own hands rather than wait for the prosecution or the detectives to follow the legal channels in their investigations. The show has memorable characters and witty dialogues and promises to deliver more thrills in its upcoming chapter.

It is arguably one of the funniest K-dramas of our time, so we can’t wait to find joy in the new season.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo 

In the first season of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Woo Young-woo kept the viewers elated with her brilliant but unconventional handling of cases. The legal drama offers compelling courtroom battles with complex characters and a genius attorney with autism, and it is sure to continue surprising the audience in the next season.

Although the show was renewed back in 2022, the project had to be paused to allow Kang Tae-oh to complete his military enlistment. Now that he is back, it is full steam ahead, and we are already seated and waiting for Netflix to drop the release dates.

All of Us Are DeadAll Of Us Are Dead  

This worldwide acclaimed Netflix zombie post-apocalyptic K-drama made waves in its first instalment, and the fans cannot wait for its next chapter. The K-drama explores the struggles of a group of students trapped in their school during a zombie outbreak, and the audience is thrilled to experience another dose of the show’s emotional depth and intense suspense. Who will survive in the next season, the zombies or humanity? 

Squid Game

Squid Game is one of the buzzworthy K-dramas of recent years, as it captivated viewers with its thought-provoking social commentary and thrilling premise. As the viewers await its next season, the expectations are promising higher stakes in the games and more shocking revelations.

The production has a tricky challenge in making the second season different since the audience has in-depth knowledge of the game in season 1, and the surprise element cannot be replicated more so with the return of players already in season 1. 


Hellbound is set in a world where supernatural beings come to condemn people to hell and explores the themes of redemption, morality, and faith. Fans expect to witness new entanglements in season 2 amidst the sudden resurrection of the New Truth Society’s Chairman Jung Jin-soo and Park Jung-ja.

Due to the ongoing legal battle of Yoo Ah-in, Kim Sung Chul will replace him as Chairman Jung Jin-soo in the Netflix series.

Weak Hero Class 

In the second season of Weak Hero Class, our main hero, Yeon Si-eun, transfers to a new school, Eunjang High School, after the first season’s violent endeavours. He hopes for a new beginning where he can continue to be the weak boy and concentrate on his studies, but he is bound to face up with an even bigger and more violent group of bullies calling themselves Alliance.

The K-drama promises more action-packed adventures, intense battles, and an answer to every fan’s lingering question: will they enjoy the bromance between Yeon Si-eun and An Soo-ho in the second season?

Sweet Home 

The ending of the second season of Sweet Home left the viewers on a crippling cliffhanger upon the return of Eun-hyuk as a monster. Luckily, the audience will not have to wait long to see what happens next, as the series is scheduled to return to Netflix later in 2024.

Fans expect more thrill and heart-pounding suspense as the series continues in a chilling narrative centred on monsters. However, fans will have to wait until Song Kang completes his military enlistment in October 2025.

Not Others 

Not Others is probably the most surprising addition to the list of K-dramas renewed for a second season, given that the first season ended on a conclusive note. However, the mother-daughter duo will grace our screens once more as they navigate the tumultuous landscape of family bonds, love and relationships. 

Taxi Driver 

The first two seasons of Taxi Driver have been exhilarating as Kim DO-ki and his team take the vigilante route to revenge as they seek justice for their clients. The second season took us to Vietnam on a mission to help a father find his missing son. Fans are excited for another instalment of this compelling and impactful story in Taxi Driver Season 3. 

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