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The Girl From The Other Side is a remarkable fantasy series with a unique art style. It feels like a painting in motion with how the characters move and interact with each and their world. It follows two characters named Shiva and Sensei. The former is a human while the other is a monster. Despite airing from different realms, Sensei and Shiva develop a wholesome connection in this anime’s OVA and feature film. Regardless of the version you watch, you’ll be blown away by this work’s level of polish.

Fear not if you’re having trouble finding anime similar to The Girl From The Other Side! We’ve discovered 10 alternate shows that’ll give you a similar experience as The Girl From The Other Side.

Additionally, for each anime we’ve reviewed, we’ve included a link that allows you to view our full thoughts about the series to see if it’s worth your time.

So without further ado, we present 10 TV shows/anime that should whet your appetite when you’ve finished streaming The Girl From The Other Side!

Somali and The Forest Spirit

Similarities – Characters & Supernatural

For folks who adored the heartwarming bond between Sensei and Shiva, you’ll adore the relationship between Somali and Golem in Somali and The Forest Spirit. This is another anime that focuses on the relationship between two different species. It takes place in a world where humanity is at its breaking point and examines the relationship between a golem creature and a human girl.

Like The Girl From The Other Side, Somali and The Forest Spirit have gorgeous locales that are brimming with magical creatures and individuals. From the lush greenery to the beautiful skies, both anime oozes serenity and elegance. On that note, both pairs search for a place where they can belong, while encountering obstacles in their path that’ll challenge their newfound unity.

Although Sensei and Golem may look terrifying, both anime have humans who can look and act the part of antagonists. You’ll see many human characters showcase the inhumane treatment of humans and non-human beings. By portraying Golem and Sensei in an elegant manner, both highlight the idea that despite lacking similar appearances, everyone should be treated with respect and compassion.


Similarities – Atmospheric Experiences

Have you ever taken long walks to locations you’ve never been to before? If you ever wondered if there was an anime that captured that experience, then you’re in luck. Mushishi’s protagonist Ginko does just that in his series. He’s a wandering traveler who likes to visit different locations because of his strong appreciation for the natural environment.

Ginko will meet many fantastical beings, some large and others small. Each encounter will inspire viewers to head outside to explore areas they never knew existed in their neighborhood. That said, Mushishi is another great work that explores the relationship between humans and non-human organisms.

You’ll get to see the consequences and benefits of tampering with unfamiliar lifeforms in both anime. That said, Mushishi and The Girl From The Other Side have worlds that are shrouded in mystery and harbor forces that are beyond human comprehension. While they can look beautiful, they can be equally dangerous. For those looking for an incredible atmospheric series with strong fantasy elements, Mushishi’s worth watching.

Angel’s Egg

Similarities – Visual Storytelling & Themes

Viewers who enjoyed the visual storytelling in The Girl From The Other Side 10-minute OVA, will get a kick out of Angel’s Egg. This is one of those anime that can be difficult to understand upon several viewings. However, that’s fun to be had with an anime like Angel’s Egg. It’s open to many interpretations, allowing it to stand out from other anime.

Like The Girl From The Other Side, this anime explores loneliness and isolation. Many characters find themselves lost in a bleak, desolate world, searching for meaning and connection amid the destructive environment surrounding them. Shiva and Girl from Angel’s Egg both embark on spiritual journeys to find someone they can resonate with on a personal level.

That said, both anime use their dreamlike visuals to shroud viewers in an eerie atmosphere. This makes their worlds feel colorful and different from anything you’ve seen before. If you’re looking for a bizarre and mind-numbing anime to watch with incredible visual storytelling like The Girl From The Other Side, check out Angel’s Egg.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Similarities – Characters, Themes, Supernatural

The Ancient Magus’ Bride feels like the romance-heavy version of The Girl From The Other Side. This anime revolves around the relationship between Chise and her magical master Elias. What starts off as a mere student-teacher relationship blossoms into something more beautiful and dramatic by the first season’s conclusion.

Elias and Chise receive excellent development and attention throughout the entirety of The Ancient Magus’ Bride’s runtime. You’ll adore seeing Chise become more mature and understanding of her new mystical environment. Many characters she encounters have their own set of personal problems they’ll need to contend with. This adds depth to the world and makes it more lively.

The Girl From The Other Side and The Ancient Magus’ Bride tackle themes like family, identity, and belonging. You’ll see the protagonists from both series feel like outsiders due to their unique circumstances. However, through communicating with their partners and community members, they’ll manage to connect with the world around them and secure peace.

Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light

Similarities – Characters & Supernatural 

Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light is a touching fantasy series. Like The Girl From The Other Side, viewers are presented with another wholesome pair to follow a young girl Hotaru and her wandering friend Gin. Although Gin can’t physically connect with Hotaru, Hotaru will shower this individual with enough kindness and compassion that’ll warm any anime fan’s heart.

Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light contains beautiful animation and stunning visuals. Unlike The Girl From The Other Side, Into the Forest of Fireflies Light’s art style makes everything feel whimsical, softer, and happier in tone. Yet, both anime use their art styles to create an enchanting atmosphere that helps viewers immerse themselves in each series’s fantasy locales. Therefore, this anime’s a must-watch for those looking for a story that feels less mysterious and more joyful.

Shadows House

Similarities – Tone, Characters, Mysterious Universes

Shadows House follows the life of the house’s servant Emilico. She’s a living doll who is the face of the household despite being related to cleaning tasks. While all seems fine with the house, Emilico and her companion Kate uncover a horrid truth about the house and its administrators. Like The Girl From The Other Side, Shadows House explores themes like identity and self-discovery.

Many inhabitants in the Shadows House struggle to find their place in the world. They’ll question if they’re real or just shadows of their masters. Similarly, Shiva must grapple with the idea that she’s not fully human. Furthermore, both anime have an uneasy and suspenseful tone. They use their visuals and storytelling techniques to make viewers feel anxious.

Both anime feature great female leads and highlight the significance of friendship and compassion in a harsh world. Where Kate shows empathy for her fellow shadows, Shiva relies heavily on her relationship with Sensei. For those looking for an anime that leans more toward the horrific and mysterious side of things, check out Shadows House.

Land of the Lustrous

Similarities – Unique Visual Styles, Engaging Worlds, Themes

Land of the Lustrous is an anime with incredible CGI-rendered visuals. Viewers will be shocked by how fluid everyone’s movements are in this anime because it all looks polished. Additionally, Land of the Lustrous provides viewers with a gripping plot and memorable characters you’ll grow to love. It takes place in a world where crystal beings (Gems) inhabit a pleasant world.

The Gems must defend their homeland from the Lunrarians, evil beings who want to turn the Gems into decorations. At the center of it, all is Phos, a Gem who wants to assist in the war. However, she and a wise gem named Cinnabar were denied the opportunity. We follow these gems on their journey to find a suitable role for this war. Both anime have engaging worlds that will pique your interest.

From the split-up world of The Girl From The Other Side, the crystal-dominant landscapes found in Land of the Lustrous, you’ll find yourself immersed in both universe’s creativity and grandeur. Both anime tackles notions concerning identity from the gems worrying about their crystal forms to the characters in The Girl From The Other Side grappling with the concept of what it means to be a human. Give this anime a watch if you’re looking for something unique in the anime industry.


Similarities – Themes & Characters

Kakushigoto is a wholesome and funny anime about the bond between a father and his daughter. The father, Kakushi, is an inappropriate manga artist who wants to prevent his daughter from discovering his work. Although this anime is littered with comedy and slice-of-life aspects unlike The Girl From The Other Side, it tackles similar themes regarding found family, loss, and isolation.

The central theme revolving around parents and children is prevalent in both anime. Kakushi is just as caring as Sensei. Although Sensei isn’t Shiva’s biological father, he and Kakushi go to immense lengths to keep their respective children safe from harm. They’ll also teach them valuable life lessons in the process.

Although Kakushigoto can be overly hilarious at times, it has emotional moments that’ll entice viewers to shed tears. This allows the audience to connect with its characters and expect deeper moments between Kakushi and his daughter down the pipeline. In addition to having an engaging art style that compliments its comical and heartwarming vibes, Kakushigoto is a great anime to watch if you adored seeing Shiva and Sensei connect with each other in The Girl From The Other Side.

Night On The Galactic Railroad

Similarities – Themes & Artistic Storytelling

Night on the Galactic Railroad is an atmospheric experience that will remind you of the vibes you received from The Girl From The Other Side’s 10-minute OVA. In it, two anthropomorphic felines named Giovanni and Campanella travel to space via a fantastical train. The more worlds they explore, the deeper the connection between our two characters becomes.

Like The Girl From The Other Side, Night on the Galactic Railroad tackles existential themes like loneliness and isolation. Giovanni will struggle to understand his place in the world. He’ll find himself in many challenging situations that will force him to confront new topics he’d rather not involve himself in. Both anime include strong symbolism and dream-like sequences.

From The Girl From The Other Side’s use of dark imagery and atmospheric scenes to Giovanni and Campanella’s cosmic and philosophical endeavors in Night on the Galatic Railroad, you’ll be bewildered by the deep messages these anime convey through their visuals. Give Night on the Galatic Railroad a shot if you’re looking for something deep and mesmerizing.

Whisper of the Heart

Similarities – Importance of Friendship

Whisper of the Heart is a coming-of-age anime that centers around Shizuku. She has a strong passion for writing and meets a boy named Seiji who loves literature just as much as her. After Seiji shares his life goals with Shizuku, she vows to find something worth pursuing in her life. This anime highlights why it’s important to establish strong connections with others.

It also demonstrates how tight-knit bonds can help a person grow. Seiji is a supportive individual like Sensei. He’ll help Shizuku develop confidence and assist her in finding her life-long dream. Viewers will admire their relationship. Some may even compare their wholesome connection to the ones they have in real life with their spouse, family, or friends.

Both anime address the concerns one might have with growing up and worrying about the changes that stem from the process. Shizuku will learn how to balance her new passions with her schoolwork and social life. As for The Girl From The Other Side, you’ll see characters like Sensei and Shiva struggling to navigate through their world’s complexities. Give this a watch if you’re in need of another pair of charming characters to love as much as Shiva and Sensei.

So there we have it, our 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch when you’ve caught up with The Girl From The Other Side!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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