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Young Royals is the latest Netflix hit show that everyone is currently talking about. The show just-released season 2 which has been favorably received by viewers and critics who can’t wait for the next season to drop.

The show follows the story of Wilhelm who is a Sweden prince as he joins Hillerska Boarding School and falls in love with his classmate, Simon. With the two of them coming from different worlds, it is not easy to make their relationship work. 

If you have finished the latest season and are wondering what show to watch next, we have got your back. Here are 10 similar shows to add to your watch list as we cross our fingers and wait for the next season!


Similarities – LGBTQ+ ,Romance & Teen Drama

Heartstopper is a British teen romance comedy adapted from a webcomic by the same name. The Netflix original series follows the lives of two teenage boys Charlie and Nick. They attend Truham Grammar school and they soon start developing romantic feelings for one another.

The show focuses on their relationship as they navigate their sexuality, homophobia and the decision of whether to come out or not. If you need something light and fun after finishing Young Royals then you should add this show to your watch list. It is well worth a watch.

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Similarities – Teen Drama, LGBTQ+ & Mystery 

The show follows three students who join an elite high school through a scholarship. The three students find it hard to fit in with their rich classmates who ostracize them. This is similar to what Simon and Sara are going through in Young Royals. The show also has LGBTQ+ and mental health themes.

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Heartbreak High 

Similarities – Teen Drama, LGBTQ+ Romance & Comedy 

This fun Australian drama follows the lives of students in Hartley High. The show particularly focuses on a group of students who are forced to take a sex education class after the discovery of an incest map on the school ground.

The show touches on serious mature issues such as drug abuse, mental health and sexuality. 

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Love, Simon

Similarities – LGBTQ+, Romance & Teen Drama

Love, Simon is a 2018 movie starring Nick Robinson in the role of Simon. The movie follows the life of Simon as he struggles with his sexuality and forms an online relationship with an anonymous boy from his school. The significant similarities with Young Royals stem from the representation of teen romance and LGBTQ+ and the struggles of a young boy to accept his sexuality and come out to his friends and family.

The movie paved the way for the spinoff series love victor and should be added to the watch list if you are planning to watch Love Victor. 

Love, Victor

Similarities  LGBTQ+, Romance & Teen Drama

This popular Hulu drama follows Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino) as he navigates hurdles with his sexuality and his family’s approval. Although there are no royals in the series, the drama is very similar to Young Royals in that both Victor and Wilhelm navigate love troubles with their love interests and the struggles of getting their mother’s approval.

In addition, both boys find comfort and relief in their friends, who support them every step of the way. With three seasons to watch, the show will give fans of Young Royals something to watch as we look forward to the next season. 

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Similarities – Teen Drama, Romance & LGBTQ+

Euphoria is one of the biggest shows this year and is currently in its second season. The show follows a group of students at East Highland High School. The students are navigating being a teenager in current America and finding their identities. Of course, they are also discovering love and dealing with heavy matters such as toxic relationships and drug abuse. 

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Sex Education

Similarities – LGBTQ+, Comedy ,Teen Drama & Romance 

The show follows the lives of parents, staff and students of Moordale Secondary School as they navigate life issues, particularly sexual intimacy. One of the students in the school is Otis who is a young boy with little to no sexual experience and his best friend Maeve.

Together, the pair start a sex therapy clinic to help other students, as well as themselves, deal with their sexual problems. Similar to Young Royals, Maeve is dating a boy who is not publicly out of the closet and this causes some friction in their relationship.

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Never Have I Ever 

Similarities – Teen Drama, Romance, Comedy & Loss

Never Have I Ever follows the life of the main protagonist Devi who attends Sherman Oaks High School. She is reeling from the death of her father and is grieving on her own terms. She has a crush on Paxton Hall-Yoshida who is the school’s heartthrob.

Just like Wilhelm, her mother has high expectations of her as an Indian-American Tamil girl. Later in the show, she finally gets to date her crush and she soon realizes relationships are not that easy or rosy. 

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Gossip Girl 

Similarities –Teen Drama, LGBTQ+ & Romance

The show follows the students of Constance Billard where the elite children of the who is who in New York study. They may not be royalties but their net worth is no joke and there is always a new scandal on the horizon.

Just like Wilhelm who is constantly watched, there is always someone secretly watching the students at Constance Billard hoping to get something new to report to Gossip Girl.

The Crown 

Similarities – Royal Romance, Drama 

Although this is not a high-school drama, the show carries some similarities to the struggle that comes with dating and marrying into the royal family. Whether fictional or in real life there is a heavy price that comes with carrying the crown and in some cases, love is what is sacrificed.

So there we have it, our 10 TV show alternatives to watch when you’re finished watching Young Royals on Netflix.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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