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Ever since K-dramas have been popularized, the genre has been enjoying immense success worldwide. With the ongoing trend of casting Asian characters as the main leads of American TV Shows, there is so much room for diversity in stories. Netflix introduced the world to their first Korean-American main lead in the form of Lara Jean with the 2017 hit movie, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Now, the movie has expanded into a universe of its own with a new spin-off series following the romantic journey of Lara Jean’s younger sister, Catherine ‘Kitty’ Song-Covey. XO, Kitty follows the story of Kitty, a 14-year-old teenager who transfers to an International school in South Korea in order to learn more about her late mother who studied there. As it turns out, Kitty’s long-distance boyfriend of 4 years also studies in the same school making her shot at romance much easier.

If you loved watching XO, Kitty, here are 10 alternatives that you can enjoy as you wait for the next season of this teen romance.

Kim’s Convenience

Similarities: Asian Family in the West, Comedy

Kim’s Convenience follows the funny and heartfelt story of the Kim family after they migrate to Canada from South Korea. Mr and Mrs Kim are Korean-Canadian convenience store owners who have worked hard to give their now-twenty-something children, Janet and Jung, a better life in Canada. This single-camera comedy finds laughter in the trials of running a literal ‘Mom and Pop’ shop while raising kids in a culture not quite your own.

Bitch X Rich

Similarities: Comedy, Drama, International High School

This K-drama follows the story of students at the Cheongdam International High School. Baek Je-na is a third-generation conglomerate and a gold spoon chaebol (heiress) of the highest class at Cheongdam International High School.

Meanwhile, Kim Hye-in grew up in poverty and is offered a chance to study at the Cheongdam International High School in exchange for her silence on a murder she witnessed. The show is a homicide mystery that follows Je-na’s rivalry with Kim Hye-in as they are pitted against each other in mental warfare.

American Born Chinese

Similarities: High School, Asian Family in the West

This Disney+ original follows the story of Jin Wang, an average teenager juggling his high-school social life with his immigrant home life. When Jin Wang meets a new foreign student on the first day of the school year, worlds collide as he is unwittingly entangled in a battle of Chinese mythological gods. The action-comedy explores issues of identity, culture, and family.

So Not Worth It

Similarities: Comedy, International Students

This Netflix Korean sitcom narrates the journey of students in a colourful dormitory in Seoul that’s home to students from around the world. Here, these students meet new friends, new lovers, and have new experiences. Se-wan is a teaching assistant who is in charge of managing the dorm while Jamie is a new student at the dorm from America.

Sam is the son of the president of a tteokbokki global food chain who grew up in Australia, and Minnie is a student from Thailand who has a lot of fantasies from watching Korean dramas. The sitcom also narrates the story of Hyun-min, a stateless Korean student who’s not able to enter the dorm and has to commute five hours each day to school.

Never Have I Ever

Similarities: Asian Family in the West, Comedy, Romance

Never Have I Ever is a Netflix Original sitcom and narrates the story of an Indian teenage girl brought up in the United States. Devi Vishwakumar is a 15-year-old high School student who is processing the trauma of losing her father.

The show follows Devi’s four years of high school while she grieves the loss of her father and pursues a romantic life in high school as she blossoms into adulthood.

The Summer I Turned Pretty

Similarities: Teen romance, Love Triangle

The teen romantic drama, The Summer I Turned Pretty tells the story of a teen girl named Belly who measures her life by summer. Everything good and everything magical happens between the months of June to August. Summer for Belly is the time she spends at a beach house with Susannah, and most importantly, with Jeremiah and Conrad.

They are the boys that Belly has known since her very first summer and they have been her brother figures, her crushes, and everything in between.

True Beauty

Similarities: High School, Romance, Comedy, Drama

This popular K-drama follows the story of a high school student, Lim Ju-kyung, a girl who used to be bullied at her old high school for being ugly. After getting a chance to move to school, Ju-kyung decides to master the art of makeup and transforms herself into a ‘pretty girl’.

The ‘pretty girl’ fame leads Ju-kyung to be a part of a clique in high school – something she had only dreamed about. The show tells the love story of Ju-kyung who falls for the only boy who has seen her without makeup.

Lee Su-ho is an attractive and handsome boy who appears cold because of his dark past but actually cares a lot for Ju-kyung. The two soon grow close and over their years together, Su-ho helps Ju-kyung find the meaning of her ‘true beauty’.


Similarities: Asians in the West, Comedy

This popular Netflix Original is a dark comedy show that follows the lives of Danny Cho and Amy Lay who, after an incident in a parking lot, get involved in a bitter feud. The road rage incident leaves these two to turn into antagonists as their vendetta makes them go to any length to avenge themselves. The show follows Danny and Amy’s lives as they spiral out of control, jeopardizing everything and everyone in their lives.

Ginny and Georgia

Similarities: Teen Romance, Comedy

The Netflix original is a dramedy that centres on the Miller family. Georgia Miller is a 30-year-old single mother of two – Ginny (15) and Austin (9). Together the Miller family moves to Wellsbury, Massachusetts to get a fresh start after Georgia’s husband dies.

While Georgia tries to live her teenage life as a person of colour living with her white mother and step-brother, things from the past soon start catching up to the family.


Similarities: Teen romance, Queer, Romantic Comedy

This coming-of-age, British comedy-drama follows the story of high school students Charlie and Nick who study at an all-boys grammar school. While Charlie is a high-strung student who is openly gay, Nick is the closeted jock rugby player. After the two boys are made to sit together in one class, their friendship grows and eventually turns into something more.

There we have it, our list of the 10 TV show alternatives to the teen drama XO, Kitty!

What do you think about our picks? Did your favourite make the list? Were there any honourable omissions? Let us know in the comments below.

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