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10 Revenge Shows to Obsess Over

The Glory is the latest revenge K-drama that has taken the world by storm. Netflix recently released part 2 of the drama and the show has been trending worldwide. The show follows Dong-en, a woman who was brutally bullied by a few wealthy students in her school. She spends the rest of her life plotting her revenge and getting justice for other victims of the bully gang.

The 16 episodes of the show take viewers on a slow-paced yet thrilling revenge and by the end of it all, you find yourself championing Dong-eun’s vengeance spirit. If you are done with the show and are looking for similar revenge K-dramas, fret not! We have that figured out for you, here are ten similar shows you can enjoy.

my name kdrama

My Name

Similarities – Revenge Thriller

This revenge drama is spearheaded by Yoon Ji-Woo, also known as Oh Hye-jin, a badass, in search of her father’s killer after she witnessed his death. She joins the organized crime syndicate that her father had been part of. Choi Moon Jin is the head of organized crime; he takes her under his wing and trains her for her father’s revenge.

Similar to Dong-eun, she has spent most of her adult life plotting revenge. Unfortunately, the truth she seeks proves to be more painful than she expected.

tomorrow kdrama


Similarities – Hard-hitting case

This K-drama revolves around Choi Joon-Woong, a young job seeker who finds himself in Jumadeung, between death and life. Here they escort the souls of the dead into the afterlife. They work together to prevent people from committing suicide. Most of the people they help have been bullied or facing hard realities that have traumatized them.

Their sense of justice and uprightness leads them to execute revenge for some of the victims., just like Dong-eun does as she helps others while carrying out her vengeance. The stories will leave you shedding tears of relief and happiness, and you also feel a need for justice for some of the stories.

Reborn Rich

Similarities – Revenge Thriller

Reborn Rich is an intriguing fantasy revenge drama that revolves around Yoon Hyun-woo, who was once a dedicated employee of Soonyang Group, but he gets framed and killed. He is reincarnated as the grandson of the Soonyang Group and uses his past memories as a 30+ year old self to exert revenge.

In The Glory, Dong-Eun takes her time to plan her revenge. This drama reflects this as Yoon Hyun-Woo takes his time learning about the business and how to take over. He takes advantage of the family’s greed and lack of unity to get revenge.

Big Mouth

Similarities – Revenge Thriller

This 2022 drama revolves around Park Chang Ho, an infamous lawyer known for his incompetence and named ‘Big Mouth’ because of giving promises he doesn’t deliver on.

The town’s mayor puts him in charge of a murder case, and he is framed as a notorious and mysterious swindler called ‘Big Mouse’. His wife would do anything to prove his innocence. His time in prison leads him to change his life trajectory to survive and plot his revenge.

In The Glory, Dong-Eun takes her time to do her Korean GED and teaching degree and prepares herself to execute her vengeance. The twists and turns in the drama will keep you at the end of your seat, wondering who the big mouse is.

juvenile justiceJuvenile Justice

Similarities – Themes, Characters

This is a 2022 drama that revolves around young offenders. We meet Sim Eun Seok, a juvenile judge who has an aversion to young offenders. And with a good reason, because at some point, her child had been killed by a young offender using a brick from a high building. It revolves around how some young offenders took advantage of the law and got away without caring about the pain and struggle the victims’ families would be left with.

Juvenile Justice is a thought-provoking show, with the juvenile judge acting like an executioner. The arrogance of some of the offenders will infuriate you. Like in The Glory, parents of the offenders try to cover up for their children’s mistakes. If you love seeing justice being delivered and with a good understanding of why, then you will enjoy this.



Similarities – Thriller

This 2021 drama revolves around what happens in the Korean military, primarily when they serve the mandatory 18 months. We have private soldier Jun Ho who is tasked with others to arrest military deserters to the military; they are defectors. Here he tries to understand the troubling reason why they choose to defect.

One of the deserters decides to get revenge against one of his superiors because of the bullying and the horrible hazing they had to undergo. The humour in the drama balances the serious issues that are addressed. Happiness, sadness, and anger are just some of the feelings it will leave you with.

Sky Castle

Similarities – Thought provoking themes, Revenge

Sky Castle is a great drama and revolves around wealthy families living in SKY Castle, a luxurious private neighbourhood with doctors and professors, all wealthy. The mothers want their children to enter prestigious universities and would do anything to make that happen. It addresses the amount of pressure parents put on their kids.

We also meet Kim Joo Young, who is set on revenge on these families and uses her role as a Grade Coordinator to execute it. Just like Dong-eun, she infiltrates the families using their children to get her revenge. Still, in the end, l believe her revenge finally did allow the families time to rediscover themselves.

Weak Hero Class 1

Similarities – Revenge Thriller

Weak Hero Class 1 is a 2022 drama on bullying and revenge. It revolves around Yeon Shi Eun, who uses his wits and psychology to deal with bullies. This gets the attention of the most muscular guy in class, not a bully, just one who comes to school to fulfill a promise to his grandmother.

Like Dong-Eun, he is fed up with the bullies and their stance that they did nothing wrong to him. This show is a must-watch, but have your tissues ready.

Revenge of Others

Similarities – Revenge Thriller

In this drama, a boy falls from a high building in school. This prompts his sister (Park Won Seok), whom he is not close to, to transfer schools to find out what happened to him. A ‘hero’ is said to be in the school as he avenges bullied students. A student who witnessed her brother’s death is found in the mix.

Just like Dong-eun, she takes it upon herself to ensure justice is served for her brother, a victim of bullying. It has twists and turns and helps to address the rampant bullying issues in Korea and how fast they are thrown under the rug.


Similarities – Main character, revenge

Eve is an intriguing K-drama revolving around Lee La-el, a wife and a ballerina. She is on a mission to get revenge for her family’s death. Having planned, studied and waited for 13 years, just like Dong-Eun, La-el uses the family’s daughter and her love for Ballet to infiltrate the family.

In the process, La-el seduces the CEO and starts an affair with him; it costs him a lot of money and his family. She uses her femininity and wits to execute her revenge.

So there we have it, our 10 TV show alternatives to watch when you’re finished watching The Glory.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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