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Slayers is an anime with a parodic take on the action, fantasy, and adventure genres. The story follows a proficient sorceress named Lina, who travels the world to look for marvelous treasure. She’ll meet a couple of companions along the way and get roped into various battles with powerful demons and god-like antagonists. It’s a show with a great mix of jokes, slapstick, and gags to keep you entertained.

Fear not if you’re having trouble finding anime similar to Slayers! We’ve discovered 10 alternate shows that’ll give you a similar experience as Slayers.

Additionally, for each anime we’ve reviewed, we’ve included a link that allows you to view our full thoughts about the series to see if it’s worth your time.

So without further ado, we present 10 TV shows/anime that should whet your appetite when you’ve finished streaming Slayers!

Magic Knight Rayearth

Similarities – Magic, Comedy, Adventure

CLAMP is known for bringing folks fun female protagonists who get involved in some type of magical scenario. Magic Knight Rayearth is another series from them that’ll entertain folks who enjoyed the adventure of Lina and her friends in Slayers. This anime’s narrative follows the isekai formula to a tee. It transports its three female protagonists Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu to a magical world called Cephiro.

They receive powers and armor and are tasked with finding the Rune Gods to help them combat the High Priest Zagato. Afterward, he’ll help them return to their world. Like Slayers, this anime features great world-building, intricate mythologies, and distinct magical systems that’ll draw viewers in. Magic Knight Rayearth’s universe feels lively with the number of creatures you’ll find in it.

Both anime have a great mix of humor from witty banter to amusing character interactions. Magic Knight Rayearth also knows how to balance its lighthearted scenarios with its serious ones, allowing it to create a well-rounded tale for its audience. Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu are great female protagonists from their strengths to their personalities. Many who adored Lina and what she represents in Slayers, will find this trio of heroines as likable and entertaining as her.


Similarities – Comedy, Characters, Adventure

Konosuba feels like the modern-day Slayers. It’s an anime with a parodic and comical take on the isekai genre. It gives viewers funny characters, a plot that teeters between serious and comical, and fabulous animated segments. In it, we follow Kazuma who speaks with a water goddess named Aqua after dying due to pathetic causes.

Aqua gives him a chance to be reborn as a person in a fantasy world and Kazuma accepts and brings Aqua along with him. The two meet a bizarre mage named Megumin and a quirky princess named Darkness to round out the team. We examine their misadventures involving large frog beasts to cunning wizards. Like Lina and her friends, the gang in Konosuba has delightful chemistry. They know how to fight as a team and how to bicker like one too. Both anime like to poke fun at fantasy tropes and conventions in the genre.

In Konosuba, Kazuma’s party often confronts foolish and unnatural foes, and the series mocks several RPG elements like over-the-top magic, spells, character classes, and monster designs. This will remind folks of the times when Lina and Gourry meet drunk priests, demonic entities, and dimwitted dragon people. Lastly, both anime touch upon ideas like friendship, loyalty, and the power of teamwork. Give Konosuba a shot if you’re in need of an anime that feels like a spiritual successor to Slayers.

One Piece

Similarities – Action, Adventure, Comedy

One Piece is a popular Toei Animation work with a major following. It has over 1,000 episodes worth of content, making it a tough anime to binge for those who want something quick. Nevertheless, folks who enjoyed Slayers for its adventurous, comical, and serious aspects will find One Piece equally enjoyable. This anime follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew (Straw Hat Pirates).

They’re sailing across a vast ocean called The Grand Line to look for the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger’s treasure, One Piece. Whoever finds it will become the new king. As one can expect, the Straw Hat Pirates must endure many harsh battles with other pirates, several marines, and terrible tyrants if they want to claim it. Both anime feature expansive and detailed worlds.

Their worlds contain multiple kingdoms and environments that will intrigue you. Like Lina and her allies, the Straw Hat Pirates will travel to different locales to obtain new information, allies, and abilities that’ll help them prevail in tougher bouts. Each member of the Straw Hat Pirates has unique backgrounds, personalities, and skills that make them unforgettable and worth rooting for too. If you don’t mind sitting through a boatload of episodes, One Piece is a great anime to check out.

Ruin Explorers Fam & Ihrie

Similarities – Characters, Adventure, Comedy

If you enjoyed Lina and her quest for treasure, then you’re in for a treat with Fam and Ihrie’s endeavors in their series. This anime offers a similar art style, sense of adventure, and storytelling. In it, we follow Fam and Ihrie, two girls who like getting paid to traverse areas with deadly circumstances. After tackling several quests, Fam and Ihrie set their sights on the “Ultimate Power.”

Like Slayer’s Lina, Fam and Ihrie like taking tasks for profit and are skilled magic users in Ruin Explorers Fam & Ihrie. The world they inhabit has similar monsters, spells, and wizards, helping it feel lively. Both anime highlights the significance of establishing close connections. Although Fam can be impulsive and Ihrie logical, their tight bond allows them to overcome difficult hurdles.

Both anime feature a great deal of slapstick and situational humor to lighten their narrative’s tone. For instance, Fam’s aimless approach toward scenarios leads her into problematic situations, resulting in Ihrie’s becoming aggravated with her. This echoes the problems Lina has with Gourry’s dimwitted comments and approaches to situations.

Lost Universe

Similarities – Adventure & Comedy

Do you want an anime with an entertaining trio who fight intergalactic evil-doers in comical and entertaining ways? Lost Universe sounds like the series you’ve been looking for. Like Slayers, it’s situated in an adventurous and dangerous world with a touch of comedy. In it, you’ll follow the multiple quests of Millie and her partners Kane and Cannal as they explore the galaxy searching for mysteries and treasures.

Both anime evoke an epic feel to their storytelling, keeping the audience engaged and entertained. Millie, Kane, and Cannal have great chemistry, quirky personalities, and plentiful screen time. From its fun deadpan humor to one of its cast’s impulsive actions, Lost Universe delivers enough humor and charm to hold you over. This is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys anime with engaging action scenes, witty humor, and fun storytelling.

Rune Soldier

Similarities – Characters, Fantasy, Adventure

Rune Soldier is another entertaining fantasy anime like Slayers. It has a rich and detailed world brimming with mythical creatures, magic, and epic battles. In Rune Soldier, we follow the adventurous trio of Louie, Merrill, and Genie, while we follow the adventures of Lina, Gourry, Zelgadis, and Amelia in Slayers. Both groups develop a phenomenal bond over the course of their respective tales.

Louie and Lina have similar personalities. They’re both short-tempered, brash, and have a tendency to rush into things without thinking them through occasionally. They also cherish food and money, which leads them down comedic and troubling paths. Additionally, these anime have great comedy variety from witty one-liners to comedic shenanigans.

Both groups utilize magic to defeat their enemies. The magic system in both anime is complex and fascinating. For instance, Rune Soldier’s system is based on using runes to cast spells, while Slayers has its characters recite chants to use their spells. This gives each anime a sense of wonder and will help viewers stay engaged.

Sorcerer Stabber Orphen

Similarities – Fantasy, Adventure, Action

Sorcerer Stabber Orphen takes place in a fantastical setting. Like Slayers, Orphen’s world contains magic, dragons, multiple regions, and entertaining characters. It follows Orphen, a young magician who embarks on a quest to return Azalie to her former self since he’s disgusted by the Tower of Fang elder’s lack of resolve to save her.

Like Slayers, Sorcerer Stabber Orphan features a colorful world brimming with magic, dragons, crazy fights, and amusing inhabitants. Both series have our characters traversing through multiple regions. Each location is oozing with a historical and cultural richness that will keep you invested. The characters are dynamic and rich in personality. You’ll love seeing them interact with the world.

Both anime include intricate magic systems. In Sorcerer Stabber Orphen, magic is based on high-level sorcery practices and is considered a prestigious art form. Viewers will be pleased with this series’s utilization and understanding of magic. If you’re looking for an anime with less cheesy exchanges and great world-building, check out Sorcerer Stabber Orphen.


Similarities – Characters & Action

Gokudo is another anime set in a fantasy world where magic, monsters, and magical creatures exist. Like Slayers, this anime is filled with multiple races, cultures, and unique landmarks. Furthermore, both anime feature adventurous protagonists who accept quests and job requests to earn money and advance their goals.

Gokudo, this anime’s protagonist, can be as selfish and impulsive as Lina at times. Gokudo’s not afraid to speak his mind and is willing to do whatever it takes to complete his missions. Both anime feature amusing jokes, witty one-liners, and comedic moments that will lighten the mood. Magic is a key element for both anime’s storylines.

Each series features a unique magic type, with spellcasting being an essential aspect of battles. In Gokudo, magic is based on elemental forces, with the protagonist using his sharp wit and quick thinking to outsmart his opponents in battles. With its great mix of action, comedy, and magic elements, Gokudo is a great anime to watch after Slayers.

Hunter X Hunter 2011

Hunter X Hunter (2011)

Similarities – Action-Adventure & Fantasy

Hunter X Hunter (2011) is a great action-adventure series with robust story arcs. It follows Gon, a boy who sets out to become a professional hunter like his father Ging. Gon hopes he’ll be able to understand why his father left him at a young age. His journey won’t be easy, but with the help of his comrades, he’ll try his hardest to see it through until the end.

Like Slayers, this is another anime with a compelling group. Everyone from Gon to Leorio has great goals, personalities, and skills that make them enjoyable to watch on screen. Although it’s less wacky than Slayers, Hunter X Hunter delivers some lighthearted scenarios to allow folks to unwind from its serious topics and story-driven arcs. The arcs in this anime are deep and interesting.

Each centers around a different theme and setting, offering Gon and his companions numerous challenges that’ll aid in their growth. In addition to having a complex power system and a world brimming with mythical creatures, this is the perfect shonen anime to check out if you enjoyed Slayers’s serious aspects.

Scrapped Princess

Similarities – Characters & Action

Scrapped Princess follows Pacifica, who is known for being the Scrapped Princess. This is not a splendid title to have under one’s belt. It means Pacifica will bring great danger to the world, according to an ancient prophecy. This is why a religious group is after her. Fortunately, she has her two siblings to rely on, as they travel the world to learn about the prophecy’s truths while fighting enemies.

Like Lina, Pacifica is a strong female protagonist who finds herself saving the world from crooks. Both anime feature a great blend of humor and action, with each episode containing great witty one-liners, intense fights, and comedic moments. The humor helps lighten the mood and adds to the overall enjoyment of the anime. Additionally, both anime feature great characters with rich histories, goals, and incentives that drive their actions throughout their respective tales.

So there we have it, our 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch when you’ve caught up with Slayers!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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