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Single’s Inferno season 2 has set the internet ablaze as viewers rally their favourite members to find a happy ending with their crush. Unfortunately, season 2 is sadly coming to an end on January 10th and we are keen to see who ends up with who.

If you are wondering what to watch next, we have got your back! Here are 10 similar shows to add to your watch list as we cross our fingers and wait for season three!

Eden, Descendants of Instinct

If you thought Single’s Inferno was hot, you need to watch Eden! The show follows a group of hot singles as they move in together in one house and interact with each other. They get to play games and win dates. They are not allowed to reveal their age and occupation until later on in the show.

Transit Love /EXchange

This is a reality dating TV show where contestants have history together. They once dated and later went their separate ways. During the show, the contestants move into the same house and have a chance to either win their ex back or start a new relationship with someone they like. However, there is a catch, they are not allowed to tell anyone who their ex is.

Bed on The Beach

On this show, young singles stay in a luxurious holiday home on an idyllic island. Their main goal throughout the show is to interact with each other and find love without the usual day-to-day distractions.

His Man

This show was the first gay reality dating show in Korea. Eight hot single gay men live together in the same house. They interact with each other and have the ultimate goal of finding “the one” in the show. Season one was an immense hit and fans are desperately waiting for season 2.

Pink Lie

This show tries to test if there is truly unconditional love. Single young men and women move into one house and they are allowed to have one lie. This is something they don’t want the rest of the members to find out. It can range from anything including occupation, age or family ties. As they interact and start dating, feelings grow but what happens when the truth is revealed?

Love Catcher

What would you choose between love or money? In this show, 10 contestants move in together for 8 days. Some of them are looking for love, known as “love catchers”, and others are looking to win 50 million won. In order to win the “money catchers” have to identify and partner up with a “love catcher”. On the other hand, love catchers need to avoid money catchers and find a partner who is in it for love.

Change Days

This show has an interesting take on a reality dating show. The show brings together couples who are on the brink of a breakup. They spend time together in one house. They are allowed to exchange and date other partners as they contemplate whether they want to end or save their relationship.

Love Mafia

If you love a good messy reality dating show then you should add this to your watchlist.  In this show, young single men and women join the love school. However, there is a twist, two real-life couples are among them.  The real couples also known as the mafia have to ensure that they derail the single couples from getting together and winning 10,000 dollars. If the mafia couple succeeds, they get to keep the 10,000 dollars.

I am Solo

The contestants in this show are looking for a marriage partner. The six men and women are invited to the Solo world. While at the Solo World, they show their charm in hopes of finding true love and someone they can spend the rest of their lives with.

Divorced Singles

We all deserve as many chances as possible when it comes to love and this show is proof that a divorce is not the end of finding love. The show follows 8 divorced men and women living in the ‘divorced singles village’. They hope to get a second chance at love and experience heart-fluttering moments once again.

So there we have it, our 10 TV show alternatives to watch when you’re finished watching Single’s Inferno on Netflix.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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