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Studio Ghibli is known for creating adventures and memorable works of art. Princess Mononoke is one of its many cherished works. From its compelling characters, fantastical creatures, and alluring atmosphere, it’s a film that still leaves Ghibli fans in awe of the content it has.

Princess Mononoke takes place during a brutal exchange between a demonic boar and a remote village called Emishi. At the forefront of this war is Prince Ashitaka, who puts his life on the line to defend his tribe. Before dying, the demon boar curses Ashitaka’s arm, granting him demonic powers. This exchange forces Ashitaka to head west in hopes of finding a cure.

He arrives at Tatara and gets in the middle of a fierce conflict involving Tatara’s Lady Eboshi and Princess San. The former is promoting deforestation while the latter and the sacred forest spirits are against it. Attempting to establish harmony between nature and humanity, Ashitaka battles the latent demon within him as the opposing forces clash in a desperate struggle for survival.

Fear not if you’re having trouble finding anime similar to Princess Mononoke! We’ve discovered 10 alternate shows that’ll give you a similar experience as Princess Mononoke.

Additionally, for each anime we’ve reviewed, we’ve included a link that allows you to view our full thoughts about the series to see if it’s worth your time.

So without further ado, we present 10 TV shows that should whet your appetite when you’ve finished streaming Princess Mononoke!

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Similarities – Adventure

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (Nausicaä) is one of Hayao Miyazaki’s best works. This film offers wonderful characters, beautiful visuals, and a vast fantasy setting that will feel familiar to Princess Mononoke fans. From its interesting creature designs to its wonderfully designed locales, there’s much to explore with this anime.

Unfortunately, Nausicaä’s cast isn’t entirely fleshed out and many feel like they’re there to move the plot forward. At the same time, there are select scenes where the characters perform actions worth remembering and getting excited about. On the other hand, Nausicaä and Princess Mononoke have stories centered around the environment.

In Princess Mononoke, we see how human civilization’s expansion negatively affects its enchanted environments. Yet Nausicaä flips that plotline around and shows how toxic forestation leads to worse outcomes for humans and creatures. Both films maintain integral environmental messages that are worth dissecting and comparing.

Nausicaä is another anime that emphasizes the importance of protecting living organisms and nature. If this sounds up your alley, give it a watch.


Similarities –Nature & Supernatural

Mushishi is like Princess Mononoke as it delves into the importance of preserving and cherishing nature. This anime features a likable protagonist who gives off a relaxing vibe, replicating the areas he visits while traveling.

This series also delves into supernatural concepts and features wondrous creatures for its protagonist Ginko to encounter. Like Ashitaka, Ginko leaves a lasting impression on everyone he meets. He’s not as action-packed as Ashitaka as he’s more of a pacifist.

However, Ginko is passionate about the world and its creatures like Ashitaka and will do anything it takes to protect it. On that note, the fantastical elements in his world feel like they were ripped out of traditional folk talk and mythology. Everything in this world looks stunning and gallant.

If you adore nature but are looking for something that feels calmer and less action-centric, check out Mushishi.

Made In Abyss Season 2_Episode Recap & Review_TheReviewGeek Feature Image

Made In Abyss

Similarities – Vast World & Deep Storytelling

Made In Abyss is a show that throws its child protagonists into a world rich in beauty and horror. Like Princess Mononoke, Made In Abyss features a good mix of action, exploration, and tension. The creatures in this anime have unique designs but demonstrate ferocity.

While you’ll always be afraid for our cast’s lives as they traverse through the abyss, you’ll smile seeing them enjoy themselves during their travels. Besides hunting prey and avoiding beasts, our cast will take time to chat about their struggles with others and meet people with jubilant spirits.

That being said, you’ll feel exhilarated seeing its protagonists Reg and Riko fight foes and beasts. It will remind some fans of those monster-hunting games where you and your friends must take on savage creatures to attain their parts. If you’re looking for a series with an engrossing narrative and world, check out Made In Abyss.

10 TV Shows/Anime Like Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter

Similarities – Action & Atmosphere

Hunter X Hunter is one of Yoshihiro Togashi’s finest creations. As with other shōnen, this series sets up multiple hurdles and enemies for its protagonist Gon Freecss and his allies to defeat. This series contains a complex storyline, a well-developed power system, and a great world worth witnessing.

While Gon doesn’t have the same enthusiasm for nature as Ashitaka, both males have this strong fighting spirit and will to protect their loved ones. Furthermore, the enemies they meet all have supernatural abilities and will stop at nothing to get in their way.

Hunter X Hunter balances its dark and cheery atmosphere well. There will be times when the series has our characters compete in harmless challenges and other occasions where their lives are on the line. Some of Hunter X Hunter’s bouts carry more weight and emotion due to how well they’re written or how they tie into the overarching plot of its many story arcs.

Princess Mononoke fans looking for an action-packed thrill ride with a hint of fantasy and adventurous elements should give this show a watch.


Similarities – Animals & Themes

Beastars was a surprise for many anime fans. Many overlooked it for being a boring cliché show that was tailored toward animal lovers and no one else. Upon watching the show, they realized that it’s one of those anime where it’s best not to judge it based on its promotional material.

Beastars was one of the shows that made fans give Netflix another chance because of its phenomenal writing, characters, and intriguing take on an animal-based society. While the characters in Beastars feel more human than the animals depicted in Princess Mononoke, both anime place animals at the forefront of their plot and issues.

For instance, Beastars tackles realistic issues that are on par with the problems addressed in Princess Mononoke. From discrimination to societal morals, this series offers viewers plenty of things to ponder and apply to our current world. Furthermore, the characters’ reactions to these issues feel authentic, allowing fans to empathize with them.

If you adored the animal and natural aspects of Princess Mononoke, then Beastars should keep you entertained and invested.

You can read our thoughts on Beastars in our full-season review here!

Wolf Children

Similarities – Themes

Wolf Children is a phenomenal fantasy anime that delves into the qualms of single-parenthood. With its likable characters, cozy atmosphere, and emphasis on wolves, there are many aspects of this film Princess Mononoke fans will adore.

This story revolves around the relationship between Hana and Ookami. The former is a human while the latter is a werewolf. They eventually have two children named Ame and Yuki, but run into trouble when Ookami passes away. Not wanting her children to suffer a similar fate, Hana moves out to the countryside with her kids.

Unfortunately, more trouble and mischief await this furry family. Both anime offer different depictions of interspecies relationships and the struggles that come with that. While Hana’s family indulges in some fun activities, Ame and Yuki aren’t well-mannered children.

This is an excellent film the whole family can enjoy as it offers important lessons and delves into topics many parents will appreciate.

Sword of the Stranger

Similarities – Setting & Themes

Original and unique works are hard to come by in today’s world of reboots, remakes, and retellings. With its clever writing, art style, and soundtrack, Sword of the Stranger stands out among manga and anime adaptations.

Sword of the Stranger follows Kotarou and his pet dog Tobimaru. They spend their lives stealing from unsuspecting citizens and partaking in mundane chatter. Unfortunately, their peaceful lives are interrupted by assassins aiming to murder them for their crimes. On the run, they meet a ronin named Nanashi, who offers them shelter so they can heal their wounds.

While Nanashi is unwilling to help them further, Kotarou bribes him to become their bodyguard until Tobimaru’s healed. Meanwhile, a deadly swordsman pursues Nanashi, Kotarou, and Tobimaru. This swordsman wants to fulfill his master’s prophecy and capture Kotarou. Accordingly, the anime revolves around their journey through a perilous world.

Like Prince Ashitaka and San, Koutarou and Nanashi are enjoyable protagonists who receive a great deal of screentime. Visually, this anime appears more brutal than Princess Mononoke. However, it touches upon similar topics regarding loyalty and conflicting interests. That said, this film feels more realistic with its historical depictions.

If you’re searching for an action-centric anime with a slice of history and brutality, check out Sword of the Stranger.

Yona of the Dawn

Similarities – Action & Adventure

Yona of the Dawn offers a likable cast, adventure vibes, and an engaging world with mesmerizing locales and scenery. Like Princess Mononoke, this anime contains a good mix of feudalism and grand character development.

This anime follows Princess Yona, who lived a joyous life in the Kouka kingdom. Her cheerful life ends abruptly when a maniacal act of treason threatens to shatter her problem-free environment. With her friend Son Hak, Yona flees and plans to survive in the wild. This saddening development encourages Yona to train so that she can enact revenge upon the people who wronged her.

Princess Mononoke and Yona of the Dawn follow protagonists who come from royalty. These characters develop excellent strategies during their fights and give their foes everything they got. The magical life Yona stumbles across on her journey will make Princess Mononoke fans smile brightly. Yona’s world is full of life and fans will be amazed at the many lifeforms Yona and her friends encounter.

If you’re looking for an action-adventure anime with a strong female protagonist, beautiful animation, and an enjoyable soundtrack and storyline, give this show a shot.


Similarities – Action, Characters, Fantasy

Inuyasha is a classic adventure series. This anime features likable characters, fun action scenes, and a beautiful fantasy setting. If fans adored seeing San and Princess Ahistaka’s interactions in Princess Mononoke, they’ll feel right at home with this show. In it, our protagonist Kagome Higurashi finds herself transported 500 years back in time during Japan’s Sengoku era.

Kagome gets into a heated exchange with a demon, causing a wish-gifted jewel to shatter into many pieces. To redeem herself, she enlists the help of an animal and human hybrid named Inuyasha and others. As one can tell, Kagome and Inuyasha’s dynamic resembles that of Ashitaka and San. These two will butt heads numerous times, but find ways to make accurate decisions to complete their tasks.

Inuyasha features more comedy than Princess Mononoke, though. Considering when it was released, fans can expect the usual 90s anime humor from raunchy jokes to hilarious facial expressions. That said, viewers will enjoy the adventure and action segments inserted into this show. While there are a few duds here and there, fans will walk away from this show entertaining.

The Boy and The Beast

Similarities – Interspecies Relationship

The Boy and The Beast is a fun action-adventure anime that will remind people of classic Disney films like The Jungle Book. This is another tale that delves into the underlying connection between humanity and animals. Like Princess Mononoke, the characters in this film are well-rounded, sparking interesting personalities and fighting potential.

At the same time, The Boy and The Beast deliver some emotionally-heavy scenes which brilliantly show through with its characters’ facial expressions and social interactions. The Boy and the Beast features a compelling coming-of-age narrative that’s sure to keep you invested.

From its focus on the student-teacher relationship of its main stars to its beautiful surroundings, The Boy and The Beast is an impressive and wholesome work of art. This anime follows Ren, a nine-year-old who is shunned by his entire family. With no one to turn to, Ren flees into the city’s streets.

He’ll run into an intimidating anthropomorphic bear named Kumatetsy, who leads him to the Shibuten beast dimension. To become a candidate to replace Shibuten’s Lord, Kumatetsu takes Ren on as his apprentice despite Ren having different goals. As the years pass, these two will realize they share more in common than they first thought.

So there we have it, our 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch when you’ve caught up with Princess Mononoke!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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