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Period dramas and time travel

After 2 years of waiting for a certain pandemic to calm down, fans were finally delighted to hear that Outlander would be returning with the super-sized season 7 with 16 episodes. Unfortunately, that happiness was ripped out as suddenly as it arrived with season 7 part 2’s release date being a tentative ‘early 2024’.

Well, if you have already watched the first 6 seasons and read the existing books, and have no clue what to do next, we have your back. So, after much research, we have found more such romantic period dramas with a dash of fantasy to chow on while we eagerly wait for the remaining episodes of the time-travelling show.

Well without further wait, here are 10 TV shows with a similar premise to watch if you liked Outlander.



Similarities – Period drama, romance, politics, royalty

Political intrigue, ambition, infidelity, betrayal and queer relationships make up the gossip circles in every corner of the newly built Palace of Versailles. The indulgent Louis XIV decides to move his court to Versailles as a way to control his subjects and flaunt his grandeur. However, it backfires as the immense migration has the nobles planning a coup.

the tudors

The Tudors

Similarities – Period drama, romance, politics, royalty

The Tudors is an ambitious TV show encompassing the reign of Henry VIII, his hunger for conquest when it comes to land and women, and his need to solidify his position as the greatest king of England. However, unbeknownst to him, a lot of different factors come into play as the likes of Cardinal Wolsey and Cromwell all have their own agendas.

The show begins with a young Henry itching for war as the naive French king constantly clashes with him. Meanwhile, he seems to be scorning his first and ageing wife, Queen Katherine of Spain in favour of pretty servants and lady’s maids till he sets his sight on Lady Anne Boleyn.



Similarities – Period drama, romance, royalty

The Bridgerton buzz of season 1 was unlike any Netflix original and for good reason. Not only was it adapted from the popular chick-lit books of the same name, helmed by Shondaland and had steamy scenes that had everyone’s heart racing but Jane Austen-worthy romance, thrilling secrets and a POC cast that opened a whole new discourse on ethnic casting in period dramas.

Lady Whistledown, the Gossip Girl of the Regency era sets her eye on any scandal she can get while Daphne Bridgerton, the latest debutante gets involved in a fake dating trope with Simon who has no interest in love. Meanwhile, her sister Eloise is hellbent on finding Whistledown’s identity with the help of her friend, Penelope.



Similarities – Period drama, romance, politics & war

If you loved the Frasers’ adventure in America, take a look at the period drama Poldark which follows the British captain, Ross Poldark who returns home after the American Revolution only to find that the home he knew has completely changed.

His father is dead and the only thing he has passed on to Poldark is a huge debt, his estate is falling apart and the love of his life is set to marry his cousin. However, things seem to be looking up (if only momentarily) when he ends up falling in love with Demelza, the new scullery maid.

game of thrones

Game of Thrones

Similarities – Period drama, fantasy, romance, politics & war, action

Honestly, even Game of Thrones and Outlander fans have no idea why the two shows are so often clubbed together. Well, it may have something to do with the fact that Outlander premiered when GoT was at its peak and those who love fantasy immediately found a new show to obsess over.

But if you’re still yet to get on the Game of Thrones bandwagon, it is a teensy bit on the larger scale with explicit magic, explicit violence, explicit sex scenes, and well yeah you get the gist. While the in-fighting has the Seven Kingdoms distracted, a dangerous threat is rising in the North, about to end the world for good.

moon lovers

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Similarities – Period drama, romance, royalty, time travel

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is an angsty Korean drama starring popular actors like Lee Joon-gi, IU and Kang Ha-neul in a time travelling romance. IU stars as the righteous Ha-jin from the 21st century who accidentally travels back in time right in the dangerous court of King Tae-jo which is full of political intrigue, bloodlust and betrayal. While she tries to survive, she winds up in a complicated love triangle with the 8th prince and his elder brother.

mr queen

Mr Queen

Similarities – Period drama, romance, royalty, politics, time travel

It is no exaggeration that Mr. Queen may be one of the best K-dramas to come out during the pandemic. It has everything from time travelling and secret identities to conspiracies and enemies to lovers’ trope.

After a womanizer has an accident, he wakes up to see that he has time travelled to the Joseon era. If that wasn’t bad, he is stuck in the body of that time’s queen. While he tries to survive and find a way back home, he must also handle all the mess the queen is in including her husband who wants to kill her.


the umbrella academy

The Umbrella Academy

Similarities – Time travel, romance, action

While Claire does her best to not mess with the timeline, the Hargreeves have no qualms as they are busy trying to change the past and the future as they always end up in a time period when the world is about to end.

The Umbrella Academy begins with the supernatural Hargreeves siblings spiralling from young superheroes to disillusioned and pessimistic adults who are just trying to survive. That is till one day, their missing brother suddenly arrives from the future to share that they are the only ones who can stop the world from ending.



Similarities – Period drama, romance, supernatural

While we all thought that the German Netflix show Dark’s younger brother 1899 was anything like it, we were all so wrong. Sure, we have a mystery that keeps getting even more complicated with each passing episode, but 1899 leans more towards the category of alternate realities.

While we cannot give away more of the plot to explain why it is similar to Outlander without spoiling it, 1899 is labelled as a supernatural show where the passengers start losing their minds and seeing things after they come in contact with the missing ship Prometheus.



Similarities – Time travel, romance, conspiracies 

Honestly, the makers of Dark and 1899 really need to stop making such intriguing shows where the initial premise is super boring till the jaw-dropping plot twist at the end has you beating yourself up for not starting it earlier.

Well, with that introduction, guess we have to be extremely vague with Dark as well but it is totally worth the watch. Basically, four families that just happen to know each other end up being interconnected from generations before. While searching for the neighbour’s kid Mikkel, Jonas accidentally finds himself in a time-travelling conspiracy that could end the world.

So there we have it, our 10 TV show alternatives to watch when you’re finished watching Outlander.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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