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only friends

Scandalous and toxic dramas

Only Friends is the latest Thai BL drama to catch our eye and boy, has it been a rollercoaster of a ride! Fans had been waiting with bated breath ever since it was announced, and now that we are nearing the end, no one’s ready to say goodbye. But if you are looking for more such scandalous and messy dramas, you’ve come to the right place.

Well without further wait, here are 10 TV shows with a similar premise to watch if you liked Only Friends.

moonlight chicken

Moonlight Chicken (2023)

Similarities – Toxic romance, actors, multiple couples, angst

GMMTV sure is taking a different route from their usual high school fluff and lovey-dovey romances. And this time, we have SandRay and Nick in quite different roles in this bite-sized slice-of-life romance. Moonlight Chicken is as realistic as it gets with Jim, a diner owner and Wen, a mysterious customer having a one-night stand. The aftermath is as messy as the quartet in Only Friends with Jim’s fear of commitment and Wen’s complicated relationship with his roommate.

Kinnporsche (2022)

Similarities – Toxic romance, multiple couples, angst

Who doesn’t love a rich boy and bodyguard trope? In a high-scale production to rival Only Friends, Kinnporsche almost borders on an action thriller with Kinn, a mafia heir being impressed by the wayward bartender Porsche who saves his life one day. Despite initial rejections, Porsche eventually accepts Kinn’s job offer when his family’s safety is threatened. As Porsche falls deeper into the underworld, his relationship with Kinn oscillates between angst and playfulness.

Love Mechanics (2022)

Similarities – Pining, drama, romance

Love Mechanics is the latest instalment of the En of Love series which follows high school students of the Engineering faculty. Mark is heartbroken when his crush, Bar turns him down. To his annoyance, Bar’s friend, Vee constantly keeps locking heads with him. However, after a drunken night between Mark and Vee, the two end up in a complicated situation. Vee falls for Mark despite having a girlfriend while Mark chooses to isolate himself.

my personal weatherman

My Personal Weatherman (2023)

Similarities – Miscommunication, friends with benefits, toxic, romance

My Personal Weatherman aka Taikan Yoho is a J-drama that follows the complicated relationship between roommates Segasaki and You Tanada. It is a messy and raw exploration of the usual friends-with-benefit relationships, quite different from the initial interactions of BostonNick and SandRay in Only Friends.

Segasaki is a popular forecaster who is loved by all. But unbeknownst to his fans and co-workers, he is short-tempered and bossy which translates onto his relationship with his roommate, the shy and quiet manga artist, Yoh Tanada.

girl from nowhere

Girl From Nowhere (2018-2021)

Similarities – Toxic, messy, angst, revenge

Girl From Nowhere is an anthology series with the enigmatic and charming Nanno transferring to different schools. While her powers are a mystery, they veer into supernatural territory as she goes to extreme lengths to punish those who cross the line – whether they are students or teachers. Some even consider Nanno as the personification of karma. NGL, Nanno needs to teach Boston and Top a lesson, yes Top too.


Nevertheless (2021)

Similarities – Friends with benefits, toxic romance, angst, multiple couples

If you couldn’t wait for all the toxic and messy drama that Only Friends gave us every week, then you are going to love Nevertheless. A walking red flag, Park Jae-eon is a womanizer who, much like our Top, has no intention of settling down. His latest conquest turns out to be Yu Na-bi, a soft-spoken girl who has given up on love after breaking up with her over-bearing ex. The series explores modern dating and the challenges of navigating love and relationships.


Followers (2020)

Similarities – Multiple couples, romance, messy

Followers is yet another ensemble story that focuses on a group of unlikely people who cross paths and end up having surprising dynamics with each other due to the invasive age of social media. It begins with rising photographer Nara Rimi striking a friendship with Natsume, a small-town girl who hopes to become an actress and make it big.

Fishbowl Wives (2022) 

Similarities – Toxic romance, angst, drama

In Fishbowl Wives aka Kingyo Tsuma, Sakura Hiraga lives the perfect life – she is gorgeous and rich, her loving husband is successful and she has everything she could ever ask for. However, the truth is much different behind closed doors. She sees herself as a goldfish trapped in a fishbowl as her abusive husband and an accident have her giving up on her dreams. That is till one day, she chances upon a man who just may change everything for her.

one night morning

One Night Morning (2022)

Similarities – Romance, multiple couples, drama, friends with benefits

One Night Morning is an anthology series of eight couples, focusing on the different types of relationships. Their stories take off in the morning after spending a night together and how each of the couple shares a simple breakfast before going back to their ‘real’ life. The characters range from a man reuniting with a high school classmate to a blind date, courtesy of a dating app.

the warp effect

The Warp Effect (2022)

Similarities – Romance, multiple couples, drama, friends with benefits

Like Only Friends, The Warp Effect is a mature show with multiple couples showcasing different types of relationships. It all begins with high school student Alex breaking his promise to his mother and having sex while he is underage at a party. This leads to a curse or a boon, however way you want to see it, with Alex finding himself in the future which is seemingly perfect. But with polaroids from that infamous party, he and his friends must get together and fix the cracks.

So there we have it, our 10 TV show alternatives to watch when you’re finished watching Only Friends.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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