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Strong Female-led Dramas

Are you tired of high school teenagers running around in circles over misunderstandings and petty revenge? Love triangles bore you between idol-filled visuals and zero-substance plot? Well, then Maestra: Strings of Truth is for you. It has everything from betrayal to heartbreak and affairs and revenge. All led by the no-nonsense Cha Se-eum who is a renowned conductor. But beneath it all, her facade starts to break as her past seems to be catching up to her. 

Well if you are looking for more such thrilling female-led dramas, you’ve come to the right place.

Well without further wait, here are 10 TV shows with a similar premise to watch if you like Maestra: Strings of Truth.

Her Private Life

Similarities – Workplace, strong female lead, romance, secrets, obsession

One wouldn’t say Her Private Life is too similar to Maestra: Strings of Truth, but one can’t help but see the parallels between Se-eum and Jeong-jae, and Deok-mi and Ryan. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to wonder if Ru-na is obsessed with Se-eum just like Hyo-jin in Her Private Life. 

Sung Deok-mi is the perfect curator any museum could ask for. But she has a secret, she moonlights as a fansite for the idol, Shi-an. When rumours crop up that she is dating Shi-an himself, her boss, Ryan Gold steps in to save her from the idol’s rabid fans. They pretend to fake date to pacify the fans. However, another fansite, Hyo-jin believes that they are faking it and goes out of her way to find evidence.

Search: WWW

Similarities – Female-oriented, strong female lead, romance, career, secrets

This female-led K-drama is all about women empowerment and corporate drama as it follows three women – Bae Ta-mi, Cha Hyeon and Song Ga-kyeong, successful directors who use any means possible to stay ahead of the game. And like all office dramas, we do have romance as the women have to choose between love and their career.

Viewers can see a little bit of Se-eum in each of the female leads. Like Se-eum, Ta-mi is a workaholic, Cha Hyeon seems to be cold but she is actually sweet and Ga-kyeong has a turbulent marriage.

Doctor Cha

Similarities – Strong female lead, affair, love triangle, career, illness

If Cha Jeong-suk and Cha Se-eum met, they would most likely bond over their similar problems and end up becoming best of friends. Like Se-eum, Jeong-suk has a cheating husband who refuses to let her go, a career that is affected by a decision that is out of her hands, and an illness that directs the main conflict of their respective dramas. Though, Jeong-jae could take some tips on how to be a better man from Roy Kim.

Cha Jeong-suk was meant to be saving lives, but having gotten pregnant, she is stuck being a housewife while her husband cheats on her and her family takes her for granted. When a medical emergency gives her a second chance at life, she decides to take it and pursue her dream of becoming a doctor, even though she is way older than your average intern.

To All The Guys Who Loved Me

Similarities – Strong female lead, love triangle, career, rich male lead

Like Cha Se-eum, Seo Hyun-ju is a no-nonsense female lead who has no time for other people’s petty drama. She is a webtoon planner and disillusioned with men, claiming that all of them are the same and she is better off single. But where would the fun be in that?

In comes the rich CEO, Hwang Ji-woo who is your typical tsundere character, cold and ruthless who attracts women. Then there is Hyun-ju’s childhood best friend, Park Do-gyeom who works with her and is a kind-hearted person. Both men end up falling for Hyun-ju and must change her mind about love. 

Inspector Koo

Similarities – Female-oriented, strong female lead, same actress, mystery, secrets

If you want more of Lee Young-ae as a confident but bizarre female lead, say hello to her previous K-drama, Inspector Koo. But while Se-eum is cold and passive, Koo Kyung-yi is a wacky investigator who goes from solving insurance frauds to murder. In this black comedy, our heroine goes about solving cases just because she enjoys it. Her latest case falls right in her forte as the serial killer plans to frame her kills as an accident and all fingers point at a mysterious college girl.

One The Woman

Similarities – Strong female lead, romance, affair, mystery, revenge

One The Woman is a hilarious thriller with a case of mistaken identities as the corrupt prosecutor Jo Yeon-joo gets into an accident and is mistaken for the chaebol daughter-in-law, Kang Mi-na who goes missing at the same time. With her in-laws, the Hans, mistreating her, thinking that she is Mi-na, Yeon-joo goes about putting them in their place. At the same time, she realises that the Hans may have something to do with the fateful day that led to her father’s imprisonment.

While One The Woman is completely different from Maestra: Strings of Truth in terms of the tone and the setting, the basic elements are quite similar if you are in the mood for strong, grown-up leads, messy marriages, betrayals and revenge.


Similarities – Strong female lead, mystery, secrets, bizarre male lead

In a world where monsters and ghosts exist, the arrogant chaebol heiress, Won Mi-ho gets swept into a fight against evil when she is exiled to Jeju Island. Alone, Mi-ho is attacked by strange beings who are far from human. Van, a mysterious figure shows up from nowhere and easily dispatches the demons earning Mi-ho’s attention as she tries to buy his protection. They are joined by Father Johan who believes that Mi-ho is destined to rid the world of evil completely.

The World of the Married

Similarities – Strong female lead, romance, love triangle, affair, revenge, secrets

It wouldn’t be too much of a stress to advertise Maestra: Strings of Truth as the musical version of The World of the Married. Complete with messy affairs, love triangles, toxic romance, betrayal and secrets, the Lees would put A-jin, Phil and Jeong-jae to shame. 

Like Se-eum, Ji Sun-woo thinks her life is perfect, having married into a good family, having a good husband, a wonderful son and a successful medical career. But the illusion is broken when she realises that her husband is having an affair with a much younger woman. What is worse is that all of her friends know about it and in fact have been hanging out with her husband and his mistress. Heartbroken, Sun-woo sets out on a path of revenge.

The Glory

Similarities – Strong female lead, love triangle, affair, revenge, bizarre male lead, same actor

The Glory is as similar as it is different from Maestra: Strings of Truth. Romance takes a backseat even though two far-from-perfect men are interested in the female lead. The ones least expected betray her. And while she decides to handle the conflicts all on her own, she begrudgingly ends up taking the help of others. Oh, and Lee Moo-saeng plays a deranged character in both shows.

Moon Dong-eun is brutally bullied by her classmates to the extent that she is disfigured, her future is ruined and all she has in mind is revenge. Years later, she shows up right when there is a discord brewing between the bullies who are all successful in their own fields. She systematically starts pitting them against each other and orchestrates their downfall.

cold blooded intern

Cold Blooded Intern

Similarities – Female-oriented, strong female lead, toxic marriage, secrets, career

What is fascinating about Cold Blooded Intern is that it seems Cha Se-eum’s personality is split into two characters and dropped in an equally pressurising workplace. Go Hae-ra is kind but selfish while Choi Ji-won is cold and ruthless. And their relationship plays out exactly like the warring moods of Se-eum whose kindness spills through her cold exterior.

Go Hae-ra is a middle-aged woman with a useless husband and a distant teen daughter. For once, she decides to put herself first and resumes working as an intern at a marketing company. However, fate has other plans for her, as the director is Choi Ji-won, a past acquaintance. And to make matters worse, she has a cruel proposal for Hae-ra, she must get rid of some other employees for shocking reasons to be accepted.

So there we have it, our 10 TV show alternatives to watch when you’re finished watching Maestra: Strings of Truth.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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