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With the current trend of genre fusion and rom-coms that take an angsty turn, it has been a while since we got a lighthearted K-drama like King The Land. A simple story with a strong cast whose chemistry was evident from the get-go, the rom-com is a fun little pick-me-up when you’re feeling down or in the mood for something that isn’t too deep. And as all good things must come to an end, King The Land’s 16-episode run has us hungering for more.

So, if you are looking for more such easygoing rom-coms, you’ve come to the right place. Well without further wait, here are 10 TV shows with a similar premise to watch if you liked King The Land.

whats wrong with secretary kim

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Similarities – Rich male lead, man falls first, opposites attract, boss and employee

Get ready for a delightful rom-com and the blueprint for office romance K-dramas. Lee Young-joon, a narcissistic vice-chairman of a company, is thrown into a whirlwind when his talented secretary, Kim Mi-so, decides to resign after working for him for years. As he struggles to understand her sudden departure, their journey takes unexpected turns filled with hilarious misunderstandings, office antics and a blossoming romance.

business proposal

Business Proposal

Similarities – Rich male lead, man falls first, boss and employee, bubbly female lead

If King The Land’s Gu Won and WWWSK’s Lee Young-joon had a kid it would probably be Kang Tae-moo. The suave and charming CEO goes on a blind date which goes horribly wrong as the girl Jin Young-seo is not who he expected. But to get his grandfather off his back, he decides to marry her.

Now, the only catch is that the girl who went on the date is not Jin Young-seo but a friend who went in her place. So, she not only lied about her identity, she is an employee in the company run by…you guessed it – Kang Tae-moo!

weightlifting fairy kim bokjoo

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo

Similarities – Man falls first, enemies to lovers, rom-com, bubbly female lead

Dive into the heartwarming story of Kim Bok-joo, a talented weightlifter with dreams of success, love, and personal growth. Quirky and adorable, she falls for a handsome doctor who happens to be the brother of her nemesis, Jung Joon-hyung.

Bok-joo must navigate the challenges of youth, sports and relationships as she strikes a tentative truce with Joon-hyung. With laughter, tears and the pursuit of dreams, this uplifting rom-com inspires and entertains, proving that strength comes in various forms.

strong girl bong-soon

Strong Girl Bong-soon

Similarities – Rich male lead, man falls first, opposites attract, boss and employee

Brace yourself for a unique and entertaining ride! Do Bong-soon, a young woman born with superhuman strength, dreams of creating video games. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she becomes a bodyguard for the eccentric CEO of a gaming company. This endearing drama combines romance, comedy and action as Bong-soon tries to balance her personal life and her new responsibilities.

dali and cocky prince

Dali And Cocky Prince

Similarities – Rich male lead, man falls first, opposites attract

Immerse yourself in the quirky and comical world of the elegant and slightly snobbish art gallery owner, Da-li, who accidentally crosses paths with the money-oriented and nouveau riche food company director, Jin Moo-hak.

After a series of misunderstandings and a promise to never see each other again, they are shocked to find out that Moo-hak has to collect the debt from Da-li whose museum is struggling. Witness the hilarity that ensues as they navigate their chaotic relationship while discovering each other’s true selves.

cheese in the trap

Cheese In The Trap

Similarities – Rich male lead, man falls first, headstrong female lead, enemies to lovers

Welcome to the ensemble K-drama that starts off with Hong-seol, a hardworking university student who encounters the enigmatic and popular senior, Yoo-jung. Initially charming, Yoo-jung’s personality begins to unravel, revealing a darker side. As their paths intertwine, secrets, jealousy and psychological mind games come into play, leaving us to wonder who holds the power in this intense college drama.

Hotel del Luna

Hotel Del Luna

Similarities – Rich protagonist, hotel business, enemies to lovers, boss and employee

Enter a haunted hotel that caters to ghosts and spirits with unresolved emotional issues. Jang Man-wol, a beautiful but mysterious woman, oversees the hotel and is bound to it due to a past incident. When the righteous and naive Goo Chan-sung becomes the hotel’s new manager, their destinies intertwine, leading to a journey of redemption, love and forgiveness.

secret garden

Secret Garden

Similarities – Rich male lead, man falls first, headstrong female lead, opposites attract

Prepare for a fantasy romance that defies all boundaries. Gil Ra-im, a skilled stuntwoman, and Kim Joo-won, a wealthy department store CEO, unexpectedly switch bodies after an encounter in a mystical garden. As they cope with their bizarre predicament, love blossoms amidst class differences and societal expectations, making this drama a magical and unforgettable experience.



Similarities – Opposites attract, headstrong female lead, hotel business, boss and employee

Step into the lives of Cha Soo-hyun, a prominent CEO and former daughter-in-law of a powerful family and Kim Jin-hyeok, a free-spirited young man with simple dreams. Their worlds collide during a chance encounter on a trip, leading to a heartwarming love story that defies societal norms and challenges the pressures of high society.

see you in my 19th life

See You In My 19th Life 

Similarities – Rich male lead, childhood trauma, headstrong female lead, hotel business 

Now, while at first glance there aren’t many similarities but thanks to the fact that both See You In My 19th Life and King The Land aired at the same time, fans couldn’t help but draw parallels. Both Moon Seo-ha and Gu Won would rather die than fall for the female lead.

But of course, they do while also having a complicated family history and running hotels. Well, See You In My 19th Life has a tad bit more angst as the female protagonist remembers her past lives which in turn affects her current life and complete strangers who have no clue why she keeps showing up.

So there we have it, our 10 TV show alternatives to watch when you’re finished watching King The Land.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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