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Kill La Kill is a fabulous anime from Studio Trigger. It contains epic fights, colorful characters, and beautiful animation. It’s about a girl named Ryuko, who ventures to find her father’s killer. She stumbles upon a well-acclaimed academy and challenges its head Satsuki Kiryuin to a fight.

She loses and takes refuge at an abandoned location. Then, she meets a sentient vest named Senketsu who attaches itself to her and grants her great abilities. With Senketsu and half of her father’s scissor blade, Ryuko must overcome numerous trials and enemies to avenge her father’s death.

Fear not if you’re having trouble finding anime similar to Kill La Kill! We’ve discovered 10 alternate shows that’ll give you a similar experience as Kill La Kill.

Additionally, for each anime we’ve reviewed, we’ve included a link that allows you to view our full thoughts about the series to see if it’s worth your time.

So without further ado, we present 10 TV shows/anime that should whet your appetite when you’ve finished streaming Kill La Kill!

Gurren Lagann

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Similarities –  Art Style & Action

This stylish anime is jam-packed with incredible characters and fun robot action. It contains excellent humor from witty jokes to well-timed slapstick that’ll have you laughing in your seat. In it, we follow two boys named Simon and Kamina. They uncover a robot called Lagann and use it to travel to the surface world.

On the surface, they meet a girl named Yoko. Yoko informs them that this world’s run by an evil tyrant named Lord Genome. Simon, Kamina, and Yoko vow to defeat Lord Genome and his goons to establish peace in the surface world. Viewers who enjoyed Ryuko’s countless battles in Kill La Kill will adore the fights Simon and his friends endure in Gurren Lagann.

If you’re looking for a fun and visually engaging sci-fi series to watch after Kill La Kill, check this one out.


Similarities – Art Style, Action, Comedy

This anime contains a nonsensical plot and a wacky atmosphere. Its over-the-top animation complements its cartoon-like art style flawlessly. It’ll leave you questioning what you watched multiple times. It’s an energetic thrill ride that never ceases, but it offers some calm moments to avoid feeling like a catastrophic mess.

That said, this anime contains some themes of romance. The elements aren’t fully explored, though. Fans will adore this anime for its comedic intent. It features boatloads of slapstick, jokes, and gags. It’s a series that’ll make you chuckle nonstop as its characters get roped into mind-boggling situations.

With a touch of stylized animation and incredible camera shots, you’re in for a treat with this anime.

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Similarities – Comedy & Action

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt offers a parodic take on the magical girl genre. It features sexually-themed transformation sequences, battles, and humor. Its characters are lackadaisical, foul-mouthed girls who would rather sit around all day than perform their duties. It’s their lazy habits that got them kicked out of their heavenly homes.

To earn a spot back in heaven, they’ll need to abandon their terrible habits and fight for them. This anime features a unique art style that resembles works you’d find on channels like CartoonNetwork and Nickelodeon. It helps the show stand out from others and may help certain viewers resonate with it more than others.

Panty and Stocking have clashing personalities. One chooses to sleep with any man she sees while the other adores sweets. Their differing ideals often clash, leading to some amusing moments between them. Despite their differences, fans will love it when they settle their differences and work as a team. It’ll remind them of Ryuko and Mako’s dynamic in Kill La Kill. Give this one a watch if you’re looking for something wackier.


Similarities – Characters, Fast-Paced Action

Slayers is an interesting anime that pokes fun at fantasy, action, and adventurous tales. It won over many viewers during its original airing due to its likable cast and profane humor. Although its plot isn’t anything noteworthy, viewers will find themselves falling in love with the show’s characters. Their interactions make this such an enjoyable show to watch.

Our story examines Lina’s daily adventures of stealing goods from thieves. One day, she gets ambushed by some bandits and gets saved by a heroic swordsman named Gourry. Gourry escorts Lina to Atlas City, where she finds a powerful item among her stash of stolen items. When some mysterious men find out about her possession, Lina and Gourry must prevent them from stealing it.

This is a show that wants you to giggle at its protagonist’s failures. Instead of saving lives, Lina and Gourry would rather find treasure and get rich off it. It’s the show’s comical focus that set it apart from other fantasy adventure series of its time. If you’re looking for a show that doesn’t take itself seriously, check out Slayers.

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Similarities – Story & Comedy

Revolutionary Girl Utena paved the way for a series like Kill La Kill. Its main star Utena harbors similar tomboyish traits as Ryuko and gets involved in a school district that’ll have her fight many students. Both anime can feel slightly episodic and include sub-plots that end up tying into the show’s overarching narrative.

Revolutionary Girl Utena is a much older work than Kill La Kill though. Some animation sequences often repeat, making things feel stale and less refreshing. The fights in Revolutionary Girl Utena hold meaning and weight to them. While they may not look as immaculate as Kill La Kill’s it’s the messages they leave that’ll leave a great impression on audiences. If you’re looking for a retro anime series that bares a striking resemblance to Kill La Kill, Revolutionary Girl Utena is worth checking out.


Similarities – Action & Art Style

Promare takes aspects from several works like it and creates a decent world from it. The anime’s not ground-breaking and its storyline isn’t as fleshed out as other works from Studio Trigger. However, this anime will fulfill viewers’ needs for something bombastic, action-packed, and immersive. It takes place in a futuristic society ruined by flame-wielding mutants called Burnish.

Somewhere in the world, a civilization living in Promepolis thrives thanks to its leaders’ efforts. He assigned a team of firefighters deemed Burning Rescue (BR) to defeat the Burnish. Our protagonist Galo views Promepolis’s leader as a hero for saving his life and is a part of BR’s squad. Upon encountering a terrorist group, Galo hopes to uncover the truth about his hero and homeland.

With its slightly enjoyable plot, unique art style, and captivating animation, Promare’s an anime worth watching.

Akame Ga Kill

Similarities – Story, Characters, Action

Akame Ga Kill is another anime that doesn’t offer the best narrative. Its characters have shining moments but don’t attain enough development time. While it lacks in those categories, it makes up for it with excellent animation, fights, and slice-of-life shenanigans. Like Ryuko, the characters in Akame Ga Kill aren’t afraid to showcase their lighthearted sides.

They’ll be engaging in various activities no different from the ones you see people participate in today. From swimming to visiting nearby shops, you’ll get a kick out of the things our characters do in this anime. That said, the anime’s at its best when its cast tackles numerous life-threatening missions. The enemies in this show provide our cast with great challenges.

Some don’t receive as much depth as others. However, some introduce themselves as formidable threats worth fearing. Akame Ga Kill also features some essence of fanservice. However, it’s not as much as Kill La Kill. Give this one a shot if you’re looking for a dark anime with some gruesome fights.

highschool of the dead

Highschool of the Dead

Similarities – Comedy, Atmosphere, Action

Highschool of the Dead is a cheesy anime. It may wind up becoming someone’s guilty pleasure though. While its storyline isn’t complex and follows standard tropes found in zombie flicks, it offers enough tension to keep you invested. In it, we examine a group of surviving high school students as they attempt to survive in a post-apocalyptic environment.

They’re deadset on uncovering the cause of the outbreak and making sure their loved ones are safe. Like Kill La Kill, this anime contains some bloody and gruesome battles. You’ll see our characters perform over-the-top stunts while taking down the zombie menace. Highschool of the Dead can feel a bit dirty regarding its overuse of sexual and explicit imagery.

Despite that, the animation’s fluid and the setting’s gloomy tone will keep you engaged. Check this one out if you’re interested in more mayhem involving sensational girls and zombies.

One Punch Man

Similarities – Action & Comedy

One Punch Man is a nonsensical show about a man who can defeat anyone with one punch. While its plot sounds boring, fans will be surprised by how well it’s written. The man in question’s named Saitama. Despite having these magnificent powers, he resents them because he’s not as cherished as other heroes in his world.

One day, Saitama meets a cyborg named Genos. Genos informs Saitama about the Hero Association and how it could help him get his name out there. Therefore, we follow Saitama and Genos’s quest for fame alongside other heroes in the association. These two will fight many menacing foes with powers of your wildest imagination.

The show features some clever-written situational humor. You’ll ball your eyes out with the jokes, gags, and one-liners present in One Punch Man. Every superhero receives some time in the spotlight. However, you may wind up adoring Saitama the most because of his intense strength and likable personality. Give this show a show if you adored Kill La Kill’s over-the-top nature.

Project A-Ko

Similarities – Story, Characters, Atmosphere

Project A-Ko feels like the retro version of Kill La Kill. Everything from Project A-Ko’s characters, comedy, and storytelling will remind folks of Kill La Kill. With some excellent action scenes, incredible superpowers, and beautiful visuals, this is an anime every diehard Kill La Kill fan must see in their lifetime.

Project A-Ko takes place in a future metropolis called Graviton City. Here, we follow Eiko and her best friend Shiiko. They’re high school students with an inseparable bond. One day, an intelligent student named Biko intends to take Eiko’s place as Shiiko’s best friend. To accomplish this, Biko plans to defeat Eiko in combat.

Not only will Eiko need to contend with Biko’s dangerous scheme, but she must prevent a band of aliens from harming her city. The plot’s simplistic, cheesy, and predictable. However, this anime is beloved by folks who found Mako and Ryuko’s chemistry wholesome and enjoyable. With some decent fights and hilarious situations, this is an animated work worth checking out.

So there we have it, our 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch when you’ve caught up with Kill La Kill!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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