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Higurashi When They Cry is one of the most mysterious and nerve-wrenching horror anime. It not only places humans of all ages in mind-numbing scenarios, but it also has a unique way of telling its story.

Furthermore, the story follows a boy, named, Keiichi Maebara who moves into a village called Hinamizawa. Although the residents seem sincere and compassionate, Keiichi will realize firsthand the darker truths hidden within the village’s history.

If you’re having trouble finding anime similar to Higurashi When They Cry, fear not! We’ve discovered 10 alternate shows that’ll give you a similar experience as Higurashi When They Cry. For your reading pleasure, we have included the similarities they all share too.

So without further ado, we present 10 TV shows that should whet the appetite when you’ve finished streaming Higurashi When They Cry!


Similarities – Mystery & Gore

Regarded as Final Destination’s anime equivalent, Another features some of the most creative deaths in anime. With its grim atmosphere and gloomy background, it has plenty of content for those who enjoy a good scare. 

Another follows Kouichi Sakakibara, who decides to befriend a girl named Misaki Mei. Although his classmates warn him not to get close to Misaki, Kouichi refuses to listen to their plea. However, after many deaths pop up around town, Kouichi becomes more enthralled by Misaki’s connection to the town’s unstoppable curse. 

Although most of the characters, outside of Misaki, aren’t fleshed out as much, the mystery surrounding the town’s many deaths will entice viewers to continue watching. Like Higurashi, Another features immense gore, some even begging you to turn a blind eye.


Similarities – Setting & Tone

Shiki feels like a distant relative to Higurashi When They Cry. Not only do both anime take place in a village rich in lore and dread, but both delve into supernatural concepts.

Shiki takes place in a village where everyone seems to be friendly with one another. However, after a strange family moves in, multiple death reports start popping up, including the demise of a young girl named Megumi Shimizu.

While most villagers argue influenza is the reasoning behind the deaths, a doctor named Toshio Ozaki feels the strange family is at play. To prove his theory, Ozaki teams up with a village boy to uncover the horrid truth behind his village’s many deaths.

As mentioned earlier, Higurashi and Shiki are set in villages drenched in grief and angst. Both of them also dabble in supernatural concepts regarding deities and mythical creatures. On the other hand, Shiki’s tone never ceases to shift toward a lighter angle and chooses to maintain its horror tones throughout the entirety of its runtime.

Summer Time Rendering

Summer Time Rendering

Similarities – Murder Mystery With Some Time-Looping Elements

Summer Time Rendering follows Shinpei Ajiro, a boy whose adopted into the Kofune family because of the death of his parents. After leaving his home island to continue his studies, he returns only to discover that his stepsister Ushio drowned. However, doubt clouds Ajiro’s mind when he notices bruises on his deceased sister’s neck.

After other incidents pop up, Ajiro’s other stepsister, Mio, shares an old folktale with him regarding their Shadows and how they can predict the demise of their hosts. Not knowing what to do next, Ajiro must uncover the truth behind his home’s strange occurrences while protecting his remaining stepsister from harm.

As of this write-up, Summer Time Rendering is still airing to the delight of many mystery fans. While it hasn’t grabbed the attention of many viewers, it’s introduced a few neat storytelling techniques to help it stand out.

Summer Time Rendering utilizes first-person storytelling tricks like heavy inner monologues to set the stage for its viewers. This technique allows many fans to digest the information and immerse themselves in the mesmerizing scenery. Although Higurashi never applies this technique, it also tells its story differently with its question-and-answer arc format.

Higurashi and Summer Time Rendering also tackle concepts like time-looping, murder, and survival. The folklore behind the Shadows is highly reminiscent of the curses spread by Higurashi’s Oyashiro-sama. If you’re looking for another anime filled with conspiracies and an engaging overarching mystery, it’s not too late to binge Summer Time Rendering.

Tokyo Ghoul

Similarities – Brutality & Psychological Breakdowns

If there’s any other series that garnered a fan base large enough to rival Attack On Titan, it’d be Tokyo Ghoul. From its vibrantly gothic art style to its visually mind-numbing action scenes, Tokyo Ghoul was a fine treat for horror and action fans.

Our tale follows a college student named Kaneki Ken, who wakes up in a hospital bed after a terrifying confrontation with someone in an alley. When discharged, Kaneki leaves the areas feeling changed. He later discovers that he’s become a vampire-like creature called a Ghoul. Having to balance two different livelihoods, Kaneki must do whatever it takes to survive.

Like Higurashi, Tokyo Ghoul features endless gore and places its main character in situations that make viewers cringe. Furthermore, both series delve into the psychological aspects of horror by showcasing their characters breaking down in the most bizarre ways possible. While the mysterious aspects of Tokyo Ghoul aren’t as prevalent as Higurashi’s, the plot leaves some room for speculation and theory crafting.

Madoka Magica

Similarities – Deceptive Anime With Similar Themes

Puella Magi Madoka Magica paved the way for deceptive series like School-Live! to thrive. As with Higurashi, to some extent, Madoka Magica uses its cutesy character designs to subvert its viewer’s expectations and reel them into its storyline.

Madoka Magica also tackles lighthearted and mature themes wonderfully and isn’t afraid to depict its characters performing cruel and unusual practices. Both Higurashi and Madoka Magica also delve into concepts like time travel and utilize it in meaningful and unique ways. Although there is a small smidgen of hope for our characters to claim happiness, getting to that conclusion proves difficult for them.

The story features two middle school students named Madoka and Sayaka meeting a mysterious feline creature named Kyubey. Kyubey offers them a deal to become magical girls and promises that it’ll also grant them one wish. Madoka and Sayaka accept Kyubey’s request. However, they’d grow to regret making such a decision.

Death Note

Death Note

Similarities – Supernatural & Mystery

Death Note is a well-written, mind-numbing anime with enough mystery and suspense to satisfy the most intelligent fan. What it lacks in Higurashi’s raw action scenes, it makes up for it with cleverly written characters and their back-and-forth mind battles.

The story follows Light Yagami, a boy who finds a mysterious book called Death Note. This book allows its user to murder anyone it pleases as long as that individual’s full name is written inside. Wanting to rid his world of criminals, Light decides to take the book with him. Taking on the alias, Kira, Light eventually kills many criminals and is deemed a hero in many’s eyes. However, his charade doesn’t last long, as there’s a young detective named L Lawliet he’ll have to take down first.

Like Higurashi, Death Note’s an anime that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. It’ll present you with situations that’ll have you wondering what the series will follow up with next. Both series also dive into the supernatural by introducing god-like deities.


Similarities – Child-Like Protagonists & Murder Mystery

Erased took the anime community by storm with its incredible opening cinematic and murder mystery premise. While it doesn’t feature grotesque or violent scenes like Higurashi, it left fans with a compelling puzzle worth solving.

The story follows a boy named Satoru Fujinuma, who gains the ability to travel back in time, minutes before many individuals’ demise in hopes of saving their lives. One day, he is wrongly accused of killing someone close to him, which results in Satoru traveling to the past.

This time, he is sent 18 years into the past and discovers a former classmate’s murder case has ties to the crime he is being blamed for. Thus the anime follows Satoru’s mission to discover the truth behind both deaths and possibly prevent his classmate from being murdered.

Like Higurashi, Erased proposes a stellar mystery that fans can solve by piecing together the information shared in the anime. Erased also tackles similar ideas regarding companionship. Be warned as the series isn’t for wholesome hearts, as the series also depicts forms of child abuse. However, if you can stick through with it, you’ll end up enjoying your time spent with the series.


Elfen Lied

Similarities – Horror & Supernatural

Although Higurashi When They Cry contains immense gore and makes its viewers feel uneasy, Elfen Lied takes it a step further. Elfen Lied depicts characters of all age groups getting murdered in the most horrendous ways possible.

Like Higurashi, it’s a series that’s not afraid to showcase the darker aspects of society. It covers topics ranging from child to animal abuse to mental health ideas regarding depression and loneliness. Although Elfen Lied is the equivalent of a blood bath, it offers intriguing subject matter and characters.

Elfen Lied follows Lucy, a human being with telekinetic powers, whose being experimented on by the government. Although she escapes, she suffers a critical head injury that leaves her with a split personality. While traversing a beach, she meets two college students who decide to take her in, but unbeknownst to them, they’re now in the middle of a giant government conspiracy.

Ghost Hound

Similarities – Chilling Setting 

Ghost Hound is another horror series that features young adolescents investigating their homeland in search of answers to the mysterious phenomena happening around them. Like Higurashi, Ghost Hound aims to present viewers with scenarios that’ll boggle their minds.

Both anime take place in a village oozing with culture and supernatural superstition. These are in the form of shrine maidens, retelling of old folklore, and other forms of traditional imagery. Ghost Hound’s many characters feel fleshed out and have many backstories worth dissecting.

This anime also contains a brilliant soundtrack that fits wonderfully with the spooky atmosphere it presents. Ghost Hound lacks gore and paces its storytelling a tad slower than Higurashi does. However, it focuses more on psychological conflicts and disturbing imagery.

Hell Girl

Similarities – Unique Story Stucture

If you’re looking for another horror anime that delivers meaningful short horror tales, creepy imagery, and portrays the dark side of humanity, Hell Girl’s a great anime to check out. Hell Girl provides viewers with outrageous short horror tales that’ll make viewers question their sanity.

The story examines the mysterious life of Ai Enma and her colleagues. They work for the esteemed Hell Correspondence website. This website receives occasional requests from individuals to send their rivals’ souls to hell. To pay for these services, these individuals must submit their entry into heaven. Therefore, the anime explores the lives of Ai and her friends as they dispatch people one by one to hell. 

Hell Girl provides a deep dive into the minds of killers and their perception of said horrific actions. This anime explores concepts about the afterlife and death. It also requests the viewers’ undivided attention because its ending won’t make any sense.

It’s a series rich in mystery but not afraid to make its viewers feel uneasy. It will leave a lasting impression on anyone who watches it and is definitely worth checking out. 

So there we have it, our 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch when you’ve caught up with Higurashi When They Cry!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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