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We are seven seasons into this iconic Netflix Original and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down soon. Elite is a Spanish thriller drama which focuses on the different murder cases that threaten to upend the lives of the students at Las Encinas. If you are looking for more such scandalous and messy dramas, you’ve come to the right place.

Well without further wait, here are 10 TV shows with a similar premise to watch if you liked Elite.


Class (2023)

Similarities – high school, friendship, romance, drama, mystery

Class is literally the Indian remake of Elite, so expect a similar storyline, but set in Delhi. Three close-knit working-class friends, Dheeraj, Saba, and Balli get scholarships to the fancy Hampton International after their school burns down.

There, the trio faces initial isolation from the elite student body. However, as the academic year unfolds, all of them end up in a complicated relationship after a tragic event shakes the school community – the untimely death of the one girl who had been nice to Dheeraj.


Euphoria (2019)

Similarities – high school, friendship, drama, romance

Euphoria is an intense and mature treatment of the intertwined lives of high school students who all fare from different walks of life but are friends. It explores diverse themes such as drug abuse, gender identity, sexuality and toxic relationships through the eyes of Rue, a drug addict, Jules, the new girl, Nate, the short-tempered jock and the mean girls clique, Maddy, Cassie and Kat.

one of us is lying

One of Us Is Lying (2021-2022)

Similarities – high school, murder mystery, romance, friendship

The story centres on five high school students from different social circles who find themselves in detention. When one of them dies under mysterious circumstances, the remaining four – Bronwyn Rojas the studious one, Cooper Clay the jock, Addy Prentiss the prom queen and Nate the troubled kid, become suspects in a murder investigation. As they work together to clear their names, they uncover a web of secrets, lies, and hidden agendas.

the mess they leave behind

The Mess They Leave Behind (2020)

Similarities – high school setting, drama, mystery

The Mess They Leave Behind is a Spanish thriller that begins with Raquel Valero, a teacher who takes a job in a remote village. Her life takes a dark turn as she becomes entangled in the case of what happened to the teacher before her. A series of mysteries and dangerous secrets within the community start taking a psychological toll on her as the residents do their best to keep her in the dark.

Veronica Mars (2004-2019)

Similarities – high school, murder mystery, friendship

Veronica Mars centres around the life of Veronica Mars, a high school student turned private investigator. As the daughter of the county sheriff, her biggest problem is staying out of trouble and managing a relationship. That is till her best friend is murdered and no one seems to be able to find the culprit. Initially invested in catching her killer, Veronica turns into a teen sleuth who goes about solving uncrackable cases with the help of her friends.

pretty little liars

Pretty Little Liars (2010-2017)

Similarities – high school, drama, mystery, friendship, romance

Best friends turned estranged classmates, Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily are forced to get together after they start getting suspicious text messages from someone called ‘A’. The anonymous threat upends their daily lives as it somehow learns all of their secrets and starts messing with the girls. The only problem is that no one knew about these secrets except for their friend, Alison who died under mysterious circumstances which led to the group breaking up.

13 reasons why

13 Reasons Why (2017-2020)

Similarities – high school, drama, mystery, romance, friendship

The series centres on Clay Jensen, who receives a set of cassette tapes from his late friend Hannah Baker. It deals with the aftermath of her demise while the 13 cassette tapes left behind each explain a reason for her decision. The show delves into issues such as bullying, mental health and the consequences of actions, as Clay tries to unravel the complex web of events leading to her tragedy as each reason leads to a different culprit.

gossip girl

Gossip Girl (2007-2012) 

Similarities – high school, drama, mystery, romance, friendship

Gossip Girl is a drama series set in the upscale world of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. An anonymous blogger known as Gossip Girl documents the lives, secrets, and scandals of a group of elite high school students, focusing especially on Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Nate Archibald, Chuck Bass and Dan Humphrey. They are under constant scrutiny by the omnipotent platform that pounces on any and every weakness exposed.

Riverdale (2017-2023)

Similarities – high school, drama, mystery, romance

Riverdale is a dark and modern retelling of the iconic Archie comics with a surprising mystery in every season, quite similar to Elite. It begins with the arrival of city girl Veronica to the small town of Riverdale just after the shocking murder of Jason Blossom, the popular and beloved quarterback. The series uncovers the town’s deep, hidden secrets and sinister events while delving into the lives, relationships, and struggles of Archie and his friends, Jughead, Betty, Veronica and Cheryl.


Rebelde (2022) 

Similarities – high school, drama, romance, friendship

Rebelde is a reboot of the popular Mexican show of the same name which explores the lives of the students of Elite Way School. The kids are excited to start a new term and join the school’s musical program that guarantees a spot in the highly competitive show, Battle of the Bands. However, their dreams to become the next big pop band like RBD are dashed when the secret society, The Lodge decides to target them.

So there we have it, our 10 TV show alternatives to watch when you’re finished watching Elite on Netflix.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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