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The December 2022 K-drama Connect which was released on Disney+ this month is one of the many unique shows to come from South Korea. Following a novel concept, the six-episode mini-series follows the life of Ha Dong-soo, a humanoid who is born as a creature called the Connect.

The half-human is kidnapped by a group of organ trafficking gangsters. Once on the operating table, Dong-soo manages to flee with one of his eyes extracted. Dong-soo’s other eye is transplanted into the body of a serial killer who is gaining a lot of popularity in the country.

Hell breaks loose for Dong-soo when he realizes that he can still see from his missing eye socket and he is the only person who can stop the serial killer from killing his next target.

If you are someone who enjoyed watching the first season of Connect on Disney+, here are 10 more tv shows like it that you could watch.

The Gifted

Similarities: Mutant, Fantasy

The Gifted focuses on a suburban couple whose ordinary lives are rocked by the sudden discovery that their children possess mutant powers. Forced to go on the run from a hostile government, the family joins up with an underground network of mutants and must fight to survive. In its first season the show is connected to the X-Men film series. The Gifted is set in an alternate timeline where the X-Men have disappeared.

The show has a total of 29 episodes over its two seasons and stars Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker star as the parents, alongside Sean Teale, Natalie Alyn Lind, Percy Hynes White, Coby Bell, Jamie Chung, Blair Redford, and Emma Dumont as their mutant children.


Similarities: Serial Killer, Thriller

seven-episode Norwegian series Monster is set in the dark and remote landscape of northern Norway. After a brutal murder reveals a mass grave which links old cases to missing people, local policewoman Hedda is put on the case with special investigator Joel Dreyer.

Dreyer comes from a completely different background of the metropolitan south in comparison to Hedda. Their different backgrounds, personalities and methods immediately set them against each other. But when the investigation begins to spiral out of control, both detectives resort to questionable moves in order to stay on the case and protect their secrets.

sweet tooth

Sweet Tooth

Similarities: Mutant, Post-apocalyptic Society

The 8-episode Netflix Original Sweet Tooth follows the adventures of Gus, a mutant child who is part deer and part human. He leaves his home in the forest to find the outside post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a cataclysmic event.

Gus joins a ragtag family of humans and animal-children hybrids like himself in search of answers about this new world and the mystery behind his hybrid origins.


Similarities: Serial Killer, Crime, Thriller

2022’s horrific crime thriller Dahmer is a fictionalized account of actual events. The show follows the crimes of a psychopath serial killer, Jeffery Dahmer. The show also takes a critical look at the systemic racism, white privilege, homophobia and the institutional failures that allowed Dahmer to murder and dismember 17 boys and men from 1978 to 1991. The show is pretty intense and graphic in its nature – viewer’s discretion is advised.

stranger things season 4

Stranger Things

Similarities: Creatures, Thriller

The sci-fi teen thriller follows the lives of friends Will Byers, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson and Lucas Sinclair as they navigate teenage life. Their worlds turn upside down (pun very much intended!) when Will mysteriously vanishes at the Hawkins National Laboratory as everyone believes.

The laboratory – unbeknownst to the public – has been performing human experiments under the guise of scientific research for the United States Department of Energy. Things begin to change when the remaining trio meet a mysterious girl, Eleven, who is able to interact with the supernatural world and is blessed with extraordinary supernatural abilities. She aids the trio in finding and rescuing Will, bringing him back to the real world.

Sweet Home

Similarities: Post-apocalyptic Society, Creatures, Thriller

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Sweet Home tells the story of Cha Hyun-soo who is orphaned after an extreme and unexpected family tragedy. Hyun-soo moves into a new apartment complex but soon there is an alien invasion in the town where monsters start taking over the world and killing people. 

Similar to a zombie apocalypse, the monster has a way to turn people into monsters too. The inhabitants of the apartment complex now have one sole goal and that is to stop the monsters that are lurking everywhere outside from getting inside. Sweet Home was also announced to have a sequel that will be released in 2022. 

Rick & Morty

Similarities: Sci-Fi, Post-apocalyptic Society

2013’s popular adult animated series, Rick and Morty, is a science-fiction, black comedy series about a genius inventor, Rick Sanchez, and his naïve grandson, Morty Smith. The adult-swim show narrates the adventures of the grandfather who is a genius but an alcoholic and careless scientist.

Morty on the other hand is a 14-year-old anxious boy who is not so smart. Together, the duo explore the infinite universes; causing mayhem and running into trouble.


Similarities: Creatures, Parallel Universe

Set in suburban London, the story of Humans over its three seasons takes place in a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a Synth – an android robot eerily similar to a human in nearly every respect.

The show focuses on the social, cultural, and psychological impact of the invention of anthropomorphic robots called the Synths. The show Humans explores a number of science fiction themes, including AI, human-robot interaction, and the laws of robotics.


Similarities: Mutants, Thriller

The fantasy 13-episode TV show, Prey follows the story of Dr Sloan Parker, a young bioanthropologist who is overwhelmed by the brutal murder of her mentor and friend, Dr Ann Coulter.

Parker continues the deceased doctor’s secret DNA research at Whitney University in Southern California. Dr Coulter believed global warming spawned a brilliant new species of human that is determined to eliminate Homosapiens, just as Homosapiens had killed off its competing previous species.

The Serpent

Similarities: Serial Killer, Crime

The 2021 British crime drama is set in the mid-1970s following the crimes of Charles Sobhraj, a French serial killer of Indian and Vietnamese descent. Shobraj’s modus-operandi was that he drugged and robbed travellers, particularly young backpackers, travelling through Bangkok, Thailand.

He also stole his victims’ passports and identities to travel the world and sells stolen gems with his girlfriend Marie-Andrée Leclerc. Charles Sobhraj gets to the height of his crimes when a Dutch diplomat, Herman Knippenberg, begins investigating the murders of Dutch tourists and uncovers clues leading to Sobhraj.

So there we have it, our 10 TV show alternatives to watch when you’re finished with Connect on Disney+!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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