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10 More Whodunits

Broadchurch is a thrilling, well-written crime drama with both Olivia Colman and David Tennant firing on all cylinders.

If you’ve finished watching this one and are looking for alternatives – fret not! We’ve combed through the archives and saved you the hassle with our top 10 picks for alternate viewing.

To keep things simple for skim-readers we’ve added what similarities these have.

Of course for all the shows we’ve reviewed, we’ve also added a handy link so you can check out our full thoughts on that series and see if it’s something you want to invest your time with.

So without further ado, we present 10 TV shows that should whet the appetite when you’ve finished streaming Broadchurch.

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C.B. Strike

Similarities – Intriguing Cases & Characters

At its heart, Strike is a no nonsense crime thriller featuring a tortured protagonist and some deep character writing.

Season 1, dubbed The Cuckoo’s Calling, revolves around the mysterious circumstances of a young model killing herself. The first episode wastes little time getting to the heart of this drama either, with the chemistry between Private Detective Strike and his assistant Robin absolutely palpable and helping to drive the show forward.

Across the following seasons their will they/won’t they relationship keeps things tied together while an array of different investigations present themselves. Strike is at its strongest when it focuses on the characters though, but there’s certainly a lot to like with this one.

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Beyond Evil

Similarities – Small Town Mystery

Beyond Evil is a great example of how to take a simple concept and absolutely run with it. Between the exemplary acting, tight writing and numerous twists and turns along the way, this Korean drama is easily one of the best shows of the year. It’s hardly surprising then that it’s been nominated for 7 Baeksang Awards.

At its core, Beyond Evil plays out as a simple murder mystery. Police detective Dong-Sik is haunted by the death of his sister Yu-Yeon 20 years prior. With the case still unresolved, a string of new murders seem to be connected with her death. It also coincides with the arrival of junior detective Joo-Won.

He suspects Dong-Sik killed Yu-Yeon and sets to work piecing together evidence to incriminate him. Only, as he soon comes to learn, those at Manyang substation are a tight-knit family and watch out for one another.

Beyond the killings, Beyond Evil is a tale of forgiveness, healing, and respect. There’s no big romance or montage sequences, there’s just 16 episodes of crime investigating and character development. Beyond Evil completely exceeds expectations, solidifying itself as one of the best Korean dramas of all time.

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The Tunnel

Similarities – Characters & Mystery

Much like Broadchurch, The Tunnel revolves around two different agents working together. In its simplest form though, The Tunnel is a good old fashioned murder mystery. Where this show excels the most is with its characters and opposing organizations.

The story here wastes little time getting to the crux of the issue. A French politician is found dead, lying directly on the border line between the UK and France. With both countries divided over who should take on this investigation, it falls to British man Karl Roebuck and French woman Elise Wassermann to team up and investigate.

While the later episodes do move a lot closer to thriller territory, there’s actually a lot to like with this one.


Similarities – Small Town Mystery

Moody, atmospheric and well written, if you’re looking for something tonally similar to Broadchurch – look no further.

The story here takes place in a town called Fortitude. Surrounded by the bleak beauty of the polar landscape, Fortitude portrays itself as one of the safest towns on Earth. However, a violent crime rocks the community, setting up an intriguing whodunit to follow.

Ironic, given its surrounding setting, Fortitude is a glacially paced show that you need to go into with some patience. However, the show soon reveals that there’s more here than meets the eye. A must-watch for sure.

Happy Valley

Similarities – Hunting A Killer

Happy Valley is another British-based crime drama, centering on a strong-willed police sergeant in West Yorkshire called Catherine Cawood. Still reeling from her teenage daughter Becky’s suicide 8 years prior, Catherine is a woman on a mission. When she learns Tommy Lee Royce (the man responsible for the brutal rape of Becky prior to her suicide) has been released from prison, Catherine sets out to try and find him.

As Catherine’s vengeance becomes obsession, unbeknownst to her Tommy is actually involved in the kidnapping of a woman known as Ann Gallagher. What ensues is a cat and mouse chase as Catherine tries to track down and apprehend the suspects before it’s too late.

The second season then picks up 18 months after these events for a new crime but along the way, Happy Valley excels with its relatable, strong characters and gripping drama. This one is definitely worth a watch.

The Fall

Similarities – Characters & Thriller Elements

The Fall is a psychological thriller that revolves around the lives of two hunters. On the one hand, we have a serial killer called Paul Spector who stalks his victims in and around Belfast.

On the other end of the chase is Police Superintendent Stella Gibson, a senior investigating officer. With precious time ticking away, Stella’s team works tirelessly to try and build a case, only to meet various complications in and out the Irish police service.

Well-acted and dripping in tension, The Fall is less a whodunit and more about the chase itself, documenting the trials and tribulations along the way.

It’s a wonderful series, although the third and final season does jump the gun a little. Despite that, The Fall is an enthralling watch.

True Detective

Similarities – Mystery

True Detective is an excellent crime drama mini-series. It’s one of those gems that always comes up in “best of” discussions when mentioning detective series. And for good reason too.

This anthological series revolves around various different police investigations, unearthing personal and professional secrets of those involved along the way.

The first season in particular, revolves around a strange ritualistic murder that took place in 1995. Set deep in the heart of 2012, the series cleverly weaves these timelines together to form a clearer picture of what happened. To give much more away though would be a disservice to the story.

The other two seasons revolve around three officers brought together after a strange murder (season 2), and a missing persons case (season 3).

The acting is outstanding across the board too and True Detective has a great pacing that keeps things consistently engaging and interesting.

The Killing

Similarities – Character & Murder Mystery

On the last day of her job, Detective Sarah Linden is called to a crime scene where she finds a bloodied sweater out in a field. Inevitably, this then leads to a murder investigation.

While Linden is very much a by-the-book officer, her new partner in crime is anything but. The younger, street-smart detective Stephen Holder joins the hunt, transferring from narcotics to help piece together what’s happened.

With both officers butting heads and looking at the investigation through a different lens, this interesting dynamic is explored in more detail and given great range across the season. Both actors are fantastic in their roles too, and this really helps to elevate this absolute gem of a show.


Similarities – Characters & Mystery

Unforgotten is a classic British crime drama, blending elements of a whodunit with a more grounded, methodical stance to investigative work.

At the heart of this is DCI Cassie Stuart, who finds herself wrapped up in a different case each season. The first begins with a literal skeleton found in a cellar, prompting her to quickly enlist the help of Sunny to help piece together what’s happened.

As the seasons progress, we find out more about these characters and their home lives, feeding back into that aforementioned grounded feel this series is so good at typifying. If you enjoyed Broadchurch, you should find a lot to like here too.

Mare of Easttown

Similarities – Small Town Mystery

Mare of Easttown is fantastic. It’s a typical small-town whodunit but elevated by the acting chops of Kate Winslett, who plays investigator Mare Sheehan.

Hailing from a small Pennsylvanian town called Easttown, Mare finds herself thrown head-first into a murder investigation when the body of young Erin is found by a stream. How did she get there? What happened to her? Was this a suicide? Or is there a murderer on the loose?

Moody, atmospheric and incredibly absorbing, Mare of Easttown is a great crime drama and well worth a watch.

You can read our thoughts on Mare Of Easttown in our episode recaps here!

So there we have it, our 10 TV show alternatives to watch when you’re finished with Broadchurch.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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