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Bocchi the Rock is a phenomenal comedy anime that gained a massive following in 2022. This anime features incredible animation, and charming protagonists, and gives viewers a wonderful depiction of the music industry. It follows the journey of Hitori Gotou, who dreams of becoming a phenomenal musician. To do so, she makes new friends and plans to overcome her greatest hurdle yet, social anxiety. With her friends and supporters, Hitori plans to set the world ablaze with her musical talent.

Fear not if you’re having trouble finding anime similar to Bocchi The Rock! We’ve discovered 10 alternate shows that’ll give you a similar experience as Bocchi The Rock.

Additionally, for each anime we’ve reviewed, we’ve included a link that allows you to view our full thoughts about the series to see if it’s worth your time.

So without further ado, we present 10 TV shows that should whet your appetite when you’ve finished streaming Bocchi The Rock!


Similarities – Themes, Slice of Life, Comedy

When Bocchi was airing, many people couldn’t help but compare it to K-On. This series served as the pioneer for the moe subgenre and helped get people on board with the whole cute girls doing cute things formula. Like Bocchi The Rock, K-On features an all-female cast with remarkable personalities and traits that help them stand out.

It offers an optimistic view of life and tackles themes regarding friendship. The girls aren’t as socially awkward as Bocchi though. They enjoy hanging out and participating in joyous activities. The anime spends a great deal of time fleshing out its cast and helping them improve in specific areas. The show also offers a great stance on music and competition.

If you’re in need of a relaxing anime to watch after Bocchi The Rock, give K-On a shot.


Similarities – Characters & Comedy

WataMote is a hilarious anime that delves into issues regarding social anxiety, low self-esteem, and loneliness. Its protagonist Tomoko Kuroko hopes to accomplish a similar goal as Hitori in Bocchi The Rock. She seeks popularity and respect from her peers. Tomoko’s methods of achieving this goal are more questionable than Bocchi’s.

She can also come across as slightly perverted at times. While some may not enjoy Tomoko’s methods, others will find her struggles to achieve fame funny and somewhat relatable. Many will get a kick out of seeing Tomoko fail to impress others too. While the side characters aren’t as well-written as Bocchi the Rock’s cast, they take part in some enjoyable antics that’ll get a kick out of you.

If you’re looking for another amusing anime series that follows a socially anxious female protagonist, give this one a shot.


Similarities – Story, Characters, Comedy

HitoriBocchi follows a girl named Bocchi Hitori. She has a difficult time adjusting to middle school life because of her extreme social anxiety. She often finds herself fainting and vomiting due to her nervous habits. Her former elementary school friend Kai Yawara doesn’t want to offer Bocchi any help as she wants her to solve her anxiety problems alone.

Despite lacking faith in herself, Bocchi’s determined to make new friends. Therefore, fans will watch as Bocchi attempts to break free from her societal pressures to secure a happier life for herself. This anime tackles social anxiety wonderfully. It offers some incredible animated techniques that depict Bocchi’s downward spirals and high achievements.

It offers a simple premise that doesn’t delve into anything too deep. However, some will relate to the issues Bocchi faces and will cheer for her to overcome those obstacles. If you’re looking for another laidback show with a relatable protagonist, give HitoriBocchi a shot.


Similarities – Characters, Slice of Life, Comedy

Where HitoriBocchi offers slight humor, Nichijou doubles down on it. This show can go from over-the-top to down-to-earth in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t aim for an original storyline or anything too deep. It simply follows the daily antics of five female friends who love to participate in mundane activities from reading to traveling.

It’s a cozy series from start to finish. However, fans will enjoy the show’s humorous qualities the most. Our characters endure various forms of comedy from amusing slapstick to sharing cleverly written jokes. Their facial reactions will make anyone laugh for a good while, especially those who aren’t fans of comedic-oriented works.

The show can dabble into serious topics, but it wishes to maintain a lighthearted tone throughout. Give it a shot if you’re looking for something cozy to watch.

The Place Further Than The Universe

A Place Further From The Universe

Similarities – Characters & Slice of Life

This is another anime series with a well-rounded cast. It has more of an adventurous atmosphere than Bocchi The Rock. However, fans will enjoy seeing how its female cast interacts with each other and their world. In it, we follow Mari, who can’t stop contemplating about what lies beyond the end of her world.

Despite her urge to explore, she’s overcome with severe anxiety. This prevents Mari from pursuing her dream. This all changes when she reaches her second year of high school. Mari meets Shirase, a girl who wants to visit Antarctica to locate her missing mother. With the help of other girls, these four will embark on a shivering journey of discovery.

In some sense, Mari and Bocchi’s group all have goals they hope to achieve. There will be many obstacles in their paths and fans will enjoy seeing how they defeat those hurdles. Viewers looking for another series about personal growth and discovery should look no further than The Place Further From The Universe.

Romantic Killer

Similarities – Characters & Comedy

Romantic Killer is a fun romantic comedy anime. It didn’t receive much attention from folks like other shows, but those that have watched it enjoyed the series for its likable protagonists, hilarious dialogue, and gaming aesthetics. It follows a high-school freshman named Anzu, who enjoys playing video games and spending time with her cat Momohiki.

While playing a video game one day, she meets a strange wizard named Riri. Riri confiscates Anzu’s precious belongings and promises to return them if she achieves romance. Not wanting to play by Riri’s rules, Anzu vows to defy any romantic opportunities Riri places in front of her and becomes a Romantic Killer.

Unfortunately, not every character shines bright in the show. The side characters do have phenomenal personalities and great chemistry with Anzu. The situations she gets roped into are downright amusing. It’s a great change of pace as far as romantic comedy series go. If you’re looking for a fun show to watch, consider checking this one out.

You can read our thoughts on Romantic Killer in our full-season reviews here!

Kids On The Slope

Similarities – Characters, Slice of Life, Music

This is an incredible coming-of-age narrative that blends romance and music well. It offers some form of comedy, but not to the degree as Bocchi The Rock. However, its handling of lighthearted and mature storytelling shouldn’t go unchecked. Our story follows Kaoru and Sentarou’s bond as bandmates and friends.

Their goal is to spread their love of music and make people’s days brighter. The series doesn’t have the best pacing, but when it gets going fans will find it hard to put it down. The chemistry between Kaoru and his bandmates will resonate with folks who enjoyed following Bocchi’s endeavors with Kita, Nijika, and Ryo.

If you’re looking for a fun music anime with a pinch of comedy, check out Kids On The Slope.

Welcome To The NHK

Similarities – Themes 

Welcome to the NHK is the epitome of mental health awareness anime. Where Bocchi The Rock takes a more comical route with Hitori’s social anxiety, Welcome to the NHK feels more serious. It’ll make viewers rethink how they handle their day-to-day operations and make them ponder about the grander things in life.

Our story follows Satou, who spends his time locked up in his home. He’s a college dropout, and hardcore conspiracy theorist, and finds it challenging to remove himself from his isolated environment. However, life throws him a bone with he meets a bizarre female that wants to help him turn his life around for the better.

Many people will find similarities between themselves and Satou’s character. The problems he endures will hit close to home and you can’t help but cheer him on. It addresses paranoia, peer pressure, and self-motivation with utmost respect and integrity. If you were disappointed by Bocchi The Rock’s comical approach to social anxiety, Welcome To The NHK should suffice.


Similarities – Themes & Art Style

Nana is an incredible romance anime that provides excellent commentary on fame, music, and romance. It has a unique gothic art style that helps it stand out and provides viewers with intruiging characters worth following. It follows two women named Nana who travel to Tokyo to accomplish something phenomenal in life.

One desires a romantic partner while the other craves popularity. The two meet and viewers witness their bond grow gradually throughout the series. The series has small instances of comedy but not to the degree as Bocchi The Rock. This show is for those who adored the music and performance aspect of Bocchi The Rock.

That said, viewers will adore the chemistry between the two Nana and their interactions with the world they inhabit. If you’re looking for an anime with stellar musical performances and wonderfully written characters, check this one out.

Carole & Tuesday

Similarities – Music & Characters

Carole & Tuesday features stellar comedy and awe-inspiring characters. This show offers more of a futuristic touch compared to the grounded environment Bocchi inhabits. However, viewers will adore seeing how Carole and Tuesday overcome their problems and become stronger friends toward the show’s conclusion.

As alluded to earlier, Carole & Tuesday occurs in a futuristic world where humanity has inhabited Mars and lives alongside AI. Carole lives in Alba city and is a fabulous keyboardist. Meanwhile, Tuesday isn’t living the best life as she chose to abandon her home to pursue music as an excellent guitarist. The two meet and make an oath to rekindle humanity’s love for authentic music playing.

While they come from different worlds, Carole, Tuesday, and Bocchi all have similar desires to impress humanity with their excellent musician skills. Carole and Tuesday deal with more external threats than Bocchi does. However, they have their own internal insecurities that try to prevent them from achieving their dreams. Fans looking for a music series with strong sci-fi elements should give this one a shot.

So there we have it, our 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch when you’ve caught up with Bocchi The Rock!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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